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If you have come to this page through a google search,you are now inside an archive list of vintage radio and television
broadcasts called the Aaron Mintz Radio and TV Archive. This archive is available only on hard copies such as DVD's,CD's,
Audio Cassettes and VHS Tapes and is not available through listening over the Internet or on MP3. For more information and 
links to the rest of the archive,please go to:

This Page Contains


-Back Talk WHAI Greenfield,Ma.1971? 40 s t10056 Michael+Members of Brotherhood of Spirit Commune
-Gay Liberation Show WBCN-FM Boston 12/3/72 60 u cd5432
-Houdini Seance 10/31/34 21m cd8948 seance held on 10th anniversary of Houdini's death
-Houdini Seance 10/31/36 28m m251 Last Seance held on anniversary of Houdini's Death
-Kaleidescope NBC-TV audio 39m m295 profile of Houdini
-Ralph Slater Show 30m m147 Hypnotist
-Harvard Law School Forum WHDH 11/4/66 57m f131 Timothy Leary and Dr.Norman Zinberg on LSD
-Drug Forum WJDX-FM 1971 27m f148 talk about drugs
-Repunzel(Michael Metalica) Renaissance Community(Brotherhood of the Spirit Commune,Montague,Ma)Lecture on Ether 1977 12m a539
-Repunzel(Michael Metalica) Renaissance Community(Brotherhood of the Spirit Commune,Montague,Ma)Meeting 5/8/77 24m a539
-Elwood Babbitt Talk at Renaissance Community(Brotherhood of the Spirit Commune,Montague,Ma 1977 11m a539
-Something to Think About 5/29/45 5m m141 about the lucky number 13
-History of the Hippies with Arnold Toynbee CBS 5/1/67 44m m270
-Nonviolence with Joan Baez and Others CBS 8/18/66 45 m270
-Carlos Castenada Interview Pacifica 1970 37m m277 Carlos Castenada
-Dunninger the Mentalist 6/14/44 30m m294 mind reader

-Telling it Like it Is-History of Blacks in Radio-13 Part series NPR 1996 29m each n432-38
   #1 In The Beginning 1920's+30's.-Amos and Andy,Beulah,early black shows n432
   #2 Pride and Enlightenment-early 1940's docudramas n432
   #3 Jack Cooper and Al Benson-2 Chicago black DJ pioneers n433
   #4 WDIA Memphis. the first all black station n433
   #5 Rappers and Rymers-40's to 60's black Dj's n434
   #6 Sounding Black-white DJ's who played R+B and sounded black n434
   #7 A Woman's Touch-black woman radio pioneers n435
   #8 In Control-black ownership of stations n435
   #9 Civil Rights-50's and 60's roles of black radio in civil rights movement n436
   #10 Let's have Church-black religious broadcasting n436
   #11 Music-survey of music played on black stations n437
   #12 More Music and Less Talk-Black radio DJ's from late 1960's thru 1970's n437
   #13 Other Voices-the various kinds of non-music black radio programs n438

    ONE OUT OF 7-civil rights show with Jack Webb 15m each all on m64
-Expose of Senator Bilbao 2/6/46 15m 
-Brotherhood Week 2/27/46 
-World War III 3/13/46 
-Free Men 3/20/46 

    THERE'S A NEW WORLD A COMIN'-civil rights show on WMCA NYC-20-30 minutes each
-First Show 3/5/44 m1
-The Negro Facism and Democracy 3/12/44 m1
-The Negro in early America 3/19/44 m1
-Negroes in Entertainment 3/26/44 m1 with Hazel Scott 
-Ghettos and the Black Belt 4/2/44 m1 
-Negro and Health 4/9/44 m1
-Negro and Humor 4/16/44 m1
-Story behind the Headlines 4/23/44 m1
-Negro Church in NYC 4/30/44 m1
-Arrangement in black and white 5/7/44 m1
-Colored Orphan Asylum 5/14/44 m1
-Story of James Pearson 5/21/44 m1
-Story of Ted Morgan 5/28/44 m1
-Life in the Ghetto 6/4/44 m1
-Negro Community's Statement on DDAY 6/11/44 m1
-Mammy Legend 6/18/44 m1
-The Story of Negro Music 6/25/44 m1
-The Vermont Experiment 10/22/44 m1
-Music at War 10/29/44 m1
-President's Committe on Fair Employment Practices 11/5/44 m1
-Barbara Latham Story 11/12/44 m1
-Tribute to WC Handy 11/19/44 m1
-Parachutes for Democracy 11/26/44 m1
-American Negro Theatre 12/10/44 m1
-We Deliver the Goods 12/17/44 m1
-Christmas Program 12/24/44 m1
-I teach Negro girls 12/31/44 m1
-Hot Spots for riots in U.S.Cities 1/7/45 m1 
-Freedom Road Pt 1 1/14/45 m1
-Freedom Road Pt 2 1 /2/45 m1
-They knew later 2/11/45 m1
-The story of blood plasma 2/18/45 m1
-Furlough Home 2/25/45 m1
-Negroes in Housing 3/4/45 m1
-Negroes and Health 3/11/45 m1
-Negroes in Labor 3/18/45 m1
-The Negro Reporter 3/25/45 m1
-Negro in early American History 4/1/45 m1
-White Folks do some funny things 4/8/45 m1
-Memorial to Franklin D.Roosevelt 4/15/45 m1
-Story of Negro Nurses 4/22/45 m1
-Report from the Western Front 4/29/45 m1
-The meaning of VE Day to Negroes 5/20/45 m1
-The Wind at My Back 5/27/45 m1

DESTINATION FREEDOM,1948-50 Civil Rights Anthology
        Knock Kneed Man-Crispus Attucks 6/27/48 m1 
        Railway to Freedom-Harriet Tubbman 7/4/48 m1
        Denmark Vesey Story 7/18/48 m1 
        Making of a man-Frederick Douglas 7/25/48 m1
        Key to Freedom-Frederick Douglas Pt.2 8/1/48 m1
        Heart of George Cotton 8/8/48 m1
        Arctic Biography-Matthew Henson 8/22/48 m1
        The Story of 1875-Senator Charles Caldwell 8/29/48 m1
        The Poet of Pine Mill-James Weldon Johnson  9/5/48 m1
        Shakespeare of Harlem-Langston Hughes 9/26/48 m1
        Little David-Joe Louis 10/10/48 m1
        Boy who traded for a horse-George Washington Carver 10/17/48 m1
        Echoes of Harlem-Duke Ellington 11/7/48 m1
        The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger-Jackie Robinson 11/21/48 m1
        Peace Mediator-Dr.Ralph Bunche 2/20/49 m1
        Black Boy-Richard Wright 3/20/49 m1
        Ballad Of Satchell Page 5/15/49 CD426,m1
        Anatomy of an Ordinance 6/5/49 m1
        Tales of Stackalee 7/17/49 m1
        Trumpet Talks-Louis Armstrong 7/31/49 m1
        Long Road-Mary Church Terrell 8/7/49 m1
        Segregation Inc.-Race Inequality in Washington,DC 8/29/49 m1
        Saga of Senator Blanche K Bruce 9/4/49 m1
        Father and Son 10/9/49 m1
        Man who owned Chicago 11/16/49 m1
        Birth of the Urban League 1/15/50 m1 
        Premonition of the Panther-Sugar Ray Robinson 3/12/50 m1
        Liberator Pt.1-William Lloyd Garrison 3/26/50 m1
        Buddy Young Story 4/9/50 m1
        Shy Boy-Fats Waller 6/11/50 m1
        Angel of Federal St.-Ruth Blue Turnquist 6/26/50 cd6708
        KC Phone Call-Nat King Cole 7/2/50 m1
        Mr.Jericho adjusts a claim-William Nickerson Jr. 7/9/50 m1 
        Last letter home-Wilbur Evans 8/13/50 m1
        Mathew Henson 8/22/50 t8529
        Freedom-Patriotic Format 10/15/50 m1

WVON Programming WVON Chicago 1/29/65-2/1/65 28 hours 51 minutes j640-667 Soul Radio Format
Pervis Spahn WVON 1-29-65 242m u j640-43 (M-4:05am) Soul
Doc Lee (Highway To Heaven) WVON 1-29-65 92m u j644-45 (4:34-5:50am) Gospel
Franklin McCarthy WVON  1-29-65 179 u j646-48 (5:50-9am) Soul
Ed Cook WVON  1-29-65 51m u j649 (9-9:40am & 11:45am-N) Soul
Lucky Cordell WVON 1-29-65 179m u  j650-52 (N-3pm) Soul
E. Rodney Jones WVON 1-29-65 241m u j653-56 (3-7pm) Soul
Herb Kent WVON 1-29-65 60m u j657 (7-8pm)  Soul
Herb Kent WVON 1-29-65 60m u j658 (10-11pm)  Soul
Webley South (Hot Line)  WVON 1-29-65 65m u j659 (11pm-M) Talk
Herb Kent(Oldies Show) WVON 1-30-65 63m u j660 (8-9pm & 11-11:13pm) R&B & Soul Oldies
Doc Lee(Gospel Open House)WVON 1-31-65 62 u j661 (10:30-11:30am) Gospel
Live Broadcast-Omega Baptist Fellowship Church WVON  1-31-65 64m u j662 (8-9pm) Gospel
Urban League News WVON 2-1-65 15 u j663 (M-12:15am) News
Catholic News WVON 2-1-65 16 u  j663 (12:15-12:30am) News
Everett Dirkson(Immigration Law) WVON 2-1-65) 14m u j663 (12:30-12:45am) Talk
Doc Lee(This Is Our Heritage  Featuring The Staple Singers) WVON 2-1-65 18m u j663 (12:45-1:10am) Gospel
Ed Cook WVON 2-1-65 120m u j664-65 (9am-N) Soul
Herb Kent WVON  2-1-65 130m u j666-67 (8-10:10pm) Soul

-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6003 Paul Robeson 
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6001-02 Civil Rights Movement of 50's and 60's
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd5994  Destination Freedom Radio Show
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6009 Black Broadway
-Mantan Moreland Compilation 75m j617 skits,broadcast excerpts,records and more
-Same Time Same Station Syndicated 1973 180 t4828 Amos and Andy
-Black Weddings taped by families on audio tape 9/24/99 15m t10385
-Remembering Jim Crow NPR 2001 52 u cd7505 interviews with older African Americans about segregation
-Plantation Echoes Program #13 1932 25m j615 Primitive musical set on plantation in south showing Negro life in the old south
-Former Slave Interviews 1935-1975 203m m107 8 different interviews
-Remembering Slavery:Live Recordings and dramatic readings of interviews with former slaves 120m SL
-An Imperfect Revolution:Voices from the Desegragation Era 9/13/07 60m a332 American Radio Works
-Radio Fights Jim Crowe:Radio shows during WW2 that fought racism 2/01 60m a333 American Radio Works
-Thurgood Marshall Before the Court:His Legal Campaign vs.Segregation 2/07 60m a336 American Radio Works
-FDR meets with Afro-American Leaders in his office 9/27/40 15m WH Phillip Randolph+Walter White
-Tales From Harlem with Joe Bostik,Palmer Bros,Helen Paige WMCA 1/7/38 15m m141 News and Music from Harlem
-John Henry Faulk Interviews former slaves 1941 42m t3275
-Freedom's People 9/41 30m m299 Negro's Contribution to Music
-Freedom's People 4/19/42 30m m299 The Negro and Christian Democracy
-Laguradia speaks on the Harlem Riots 21m j616
-House I live in with Frank Sinatra 9/19/45 F Frank Sinatra's plea for racial tolerance
-Harlem Hospitality Club #11 AFRS 1940's 30m cd9149 Willie Bryant,Little Miss Cornshucks,Amanda Randolph,Lou Mel Morgan Trio 
-Harlem Hospitality Club #14 AFRS 1940's 30m cd9149 Willie Bryant,Kirby Walker,Kitty Dechavez,Lou Mel Morgan Trio 
-Bee Baxter KSTP Minneapolis 1954 15m cd8523 Mary McLeod Bethume,black educator
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 8/5/56 30 u t11364 Roy Wilkins
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 4/14/57 30 u t11370 Jackie Robinson
-Barry Gray WMCA 3/10/60 45 u d1013 Malcom X
-Meet the Press NBC TV 4/17/60 30 t11162 Martin Luther King
-Meet the Press NBC TV 2/12/61 30 t11170 Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
-NBC News Special with Morgan Beatty 9/19/62 26m d2610 JFK Speech Mississipi Crisis and NBC Reporters evaluation
-Eric Goldman NBC-TV Audio 4/23/61 55 u cd1020 Malcolm X,James Baldwin,Dr.C.Eric Lincoln+George F.Schuyler
-Lavern McCummins WBAI NYC 4/25/61 65 u cd1019 James Baldwin and Malcolm X
-President and Mississippi Crisis with Charles Collingwood CBS 9/30/62 30 cd5394
-James Baldwin Speaks on living in a white World KPFA 6/23/63 32m m219
-The Great March-Civil right march DC CBS-TV news special 8/28/63 60 u t5476
-Freedom Now:History of the Negro in America +Reports on Civil Rights March DC 8/28/63 58m cd3102
-Negroes in New York City:A Report CBS 10/3/63 40m m270
-Meet the Press NBC 5/10/64 30 t11113 James Farmer
-Long John Nebel WOR NYC 6/19/64 180 u cd1010-12 fair-low volume Malcolm X+PJ Sidney
-Harvard Law School Forum WHDH 10/12/64 58m f128 ML King on Future of Integration
-The Negro Revolution in 1965 with Bayard Ruskin CBS 10/26/64 60m f544 
-Oh Freedom Over Me:Freedom Summer 1964 2/01 60m a335 American Radio Works
-Stan Bernard WINS NYC 2/18/65 90 u b827-828 Malcolm X,Gordon Hall and Aubrey Barnette
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 3/28/65 30 cd3023 Martin Luther King
-What Happened in Watts with Trevor Thomas CBS 9/65 56m m270
-Wesley South WVON 12/23/65 60 u cd1008 Hon.Elijah Mohammed
-Wesley South WVON 12/27/65 60 u cd1009 Hon.Elijah Mohammed
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 1/30/66 30 t11076 Julian Bond
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 2/13/66 30 t11077 Edward Brooke
-Meet The Press NBC-TV 6/19/66 30 t11073 James Meredith
-John Madigan WBBM-TV Chicago 7/28/66 72 u b895 first 40m ok then fair sound George Lincoln Rockwell,Nazi debates Stokely Carmichael
-King's Last March:Martin Luther King in 1968 2008 60m a334 American Radio Works
-Meet the Press NBC-TV 8/13/67 30 t11031 Martin Luther King
-Martin Luther King Memorial Service WHHM Memphis 4/68 30 t762  
-RH Darden KPFK L.A.4/1/68 60 u m219 James Baldwin
-ML King Assasination Reports CBS+NBC TV 4/4/68 20 t1977
-ML King Assasination Reports All TV Networks 4/4/68 360m cd2561-68
-Jerry Williams WBBM 4/68 15 t9897 Tribute to Martin Luther King+Chicago Riot Report
-Meet the Press NBC-TV 4/7/68 30 u t8746 Ramsay Clark on MLK Assasination
-White Response to Urban Riots WBAI NYC 4/19/68 24m m219
-Earl Anthony KPFK L.A. 1968 36m m219 Leroi Jones
-Black Affairs Show WBAI NYC 1968 30 u cd8703 Mohammad Ali
-Julius Lester WBAI 1968 30m m219 June Meyer on Black Americans
-Meet the Press NBC TV 7/16/68 30 t11035 Roy Wilkins 
-Of Black America Documentary pt 5 Heritage of Slavery CBS TV 8/13/68 60 u a572
-Of Black America Documentary pt.7 CBS-TV 9/2/68 60 b829
-Meet the Press NBC-TV 12/22/68 30 t8748 Whitney Young
-Soul Searching Documentary WAKY Louisville 1969 31m cd388 Race Relations in Louisville
-Radio Free Black America WPIX-FM 1970? 15m b829
-Ellis Haizlop-Soul WNET-TV audio 1971 60 u cd1017 Jessie Jackson+Merry Clayton
-Ellis Haizlip-Soul WNET-TV NYC 1971 120 u cd1014-15 James Baldwin+Nikki Giovanni
-Ellis Haizlop-Soul WNET-TV NYC 10/4/71 60 u cd1018 Georgia Jackson,Patti Labelle
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM 10/13/72 58m cd6687 interviews John D.Weaver on Brownsville,Texas Race Riot of 1906
-Ellis Haizlip-Soul WNET-TV NYC 11/29/71 60 u cd8537 Muhammed Ali,Miriam Makeba,Delphonics
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM Chicago 9/19/72 60 cd6686 Dennis Brutus,South African Poet
-Ellis Haizlop-Soul WNET-TV audio 1973 60 u cd1016 Stokely Carmichael 
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM 4/16/74 32 u cd1125 Toni Morrison
-Jerry Leitzer WHAS 1/14/76 14m m281 Dick Gregory Interview

-Bob Becker on Dogs NBC Red 12/7/41 15m cd6998,m177
-Hartz Radio Canaries 12/3/44 m42 Canaries Sing!
-Master Radio Canaries 2/48 14m m175

-Jack Kerouac reads stories and poems 120m u t986
-Sam Charters Lecture at Naropa,Boulder 1982 83m m278 Jack Kerouac and Jazz
-Poems read by Kerouac,Ginsberg,Burroughs,Rexroth,Nordine 35m t3929
-Footloose in Greenwich Village WNYC NYC 5/60 14m t3929 news feature on beats
-Howard K.Smith Report on the Beats-The Cool Rebellion CBS 4/5/60 21m t3929 
-Ben Hecht Interview with Jack Kerouace WABC-TV 10/17/58 16m t3929 
-Greenwich Village Poets with Charles Kuralt CBS-TV 6/9/59 2m t3929
-Allen Ginsberg in Performance 12/11/80 60m cd178
-Allen and Louis Ginsberg Read at Newark WBAI NYC 1/19/68 125m m225 Joint Poetry reading in Newark
-Howl KPFA 1957 33m a695 Allen Ginsberg reads Howl followed by panel discussion with Ferlinghetti,Lew Hill+Others
-Allen Ginsberg at the Loft,Munich Germany 12/6+12/7 1979 75m cd178
-Lenny Bruce Memorial Service WBAI-FM 8/12/66 90 u cd5424-25 Allen Ginsberg,Jean Shepherd
-The Beats of SF KFPK 1979 48m m271 survey of SF Beats
-Don Swain CBC 1985 45m m216 Allen Ginsberg Interview
-Don Swain CBC 1986 39m m216 Garu Snyder Interview
-Don Swain CBC 1988 29m m216 Lawrence Ferlingetti Interview
-Don Swain CBC 1984 25m m216 William Burroughs Interview
-Don Swain CBC 1986 48m m216 William Burroughs Interview

-History of Border Radio from Mexico NPR 1986 30m cd3733
-History of Border Radio Documentary 232m cd1816-19

-XERA Recording Tests+Dr.John Talk 1939 9m cd418
-Pickard Family 1939 18m cd419 Country music
-XERA Excerpts 1939-1941 30m cd419
-Dr.John R. Brinkley broadcast #1 1939 14m cd418
-Dr.John R. Brinkley broadcast #2 1939 17m cd418
-Dr.John R. Brinkley broadcast #3 10/1/39 14m cd418
-Dr.John A.Brinkley:A Message to Johnny Boy 8/23/33 cd418 Dr.Brinkley talks to his son on the radio

CHILDREN'S SHOWS (see old time radio section for more)
-Adventures of Babe Ruth 3 shows 15m each t6806
-Big John and Sparky 1 show 50m t4337
-Big John and Sparky 1 show from SF late 50's 30m cd2090
-Billie The Brownie WTMJ Milwaukee 12/24/54 14m m252
-Billie The Brownie Discussion WUWM Milwaukee 1999? 8m m252
-Certified Magic Carpet 1 show 9/21/39 15m t2857
-Children's Songs with Mrs.Richard Griffin WMAQ 1/18/49 12m t12170
-Douglas Edwards at the North Pole CBS 14m m358
-Heinz Hall of Fame with Walt Disney+His Gang 12/1/34 30m m140
-Howdy Dowdy Radio Show 8/9/52 60 u t5638 
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6008 Children's Radio
-Let's Pretend CBS Children's Theater Brother and Sister 7/5/47 t3657
-Let's Pretend CBS Children's Theater Mella Lot 8/23/47 BB
-Look What we Found 1940's 15m m41 Lighthouse Keeper
-Magic Key NBC 6/28/34 10m cd John B.Kennedy goes to Bunker Hill Boston 
-Magic Key NBC 9/20/35 30m m358 Mickey Mouse's Birthday
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 1/2/38 30m m358
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 1/9/38 30m m350 Snow White
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 2/13/38 30m m350 Mother Goose
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 2/27/38 30m m350 Cinderella
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 3/6/38 30m m350 King Neptune
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 3/13/38 30m m350  Pied Piper 
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 4/3/38 30m m350 Old Woman in the Shoe
-Mickey Mouse Theatre of the air 5/15/38 30m m350 Old MacDonald (Final Show)
-Mickey Mouse Magazine 9/25/34 10 t8724 fair and incomplete
-Minnesota School of the Air-Three Billy Goat Gruff 8/16/50 15m m30,m31
-NBC Story Shop with Donald Duck 8/23/47 30 t3744
-P.A.L.Show with Stan Lomax WOR 1/14/47 30m m147 Joe Dimaggio is guest
-Rainbow House with Bob Emery WOR 6/21/41 31m cd7059 Children's Show
-Rainbow House with Bob Emery WOR 9/16/41 30m cd7059 Children's Show
-Rainbow House with Bob Emery WOR 10/25/41 9m cd7060 Partial-Children's Show
-Rainbow House with Bob Emery WOR 11/29/41 8m cd7060 Partial-Children's Show
-Smilin'Ed's Buster Brown Gang NBC Pirate+Parrot 10/15/48 t345 fair
-Smilin'Ed's Buster Brown Gang NBC Chief Thundercloud 10/19/44 t345 fair
-Rod and Charles Show CBC 1970's 15m cd4269 last of series
-Timmy Discovers Christmas USAF 1946 29m m256
-Uncle Don WOR 8/31/38 27 u kids show a667
-Uncle Don WOR 8/10/45 15 u kids show t329

-ABC Salute to Comedy Writers 12/27/48 45m cd9618 Joke Competition
-The American Comedians BBC 30 t3012 Good documentary
-Bill Kemp Show AFRS 30m m379
-Bob Hope monologue at American Embassy,Moscow 1959 20m t5746
-Bob Hope Speech at Notre Dame 1962 20m t5746
-Chickenmania-Chicken Man Radio Shows 1960's 60m cd8471
-Chuckles in the News 6/25/45 5m m253
-Chuckles in the News 6/26/45 m253
-Club Car Special 1934 15m m379 Will Rogers
-Comedy Writers Show 7/11/48 30m m236 Writers for Abbott and Costello Show
-Comedy Writers Show 7/18/48 30m m236 Writers for Bob Hope Show
-First Draft BBC 4 4/5/00 60 f426 doc Story of Comedy Writing
-Frank Muir Goes Into Languages BBC 30m m84
-Home Fries WBAI NYC 5/30/97 170m f761-764 Fundraising show with many comedy records played
-Lexicon of Laughter BBC 10/27/87 30 t1295 Humor Anthology
-Lexicon of Laughter BBC 6/3/87 30 t1295 Jack Benny+Vaudeville
-Lexicon of Laughter BBC 4/15/87 30 t1296 Humor Anthology
-Lexicon of Laughter BBC 4/27/87 30 t1296 humor anthology
-Living 1949 1/30/49 25m m41 Fred Allen on American Comedy
-Men From the Ministry BBC 30 c13 Clocking On
-Men From the Ministry BBC 3/25/69 30m m31 A Rotten System
-National Lampoon Hour Synd. 6/8+ 6/15 1974 60 total u g032 The Vandals Took The Handle pt.1+2
-Radio Marania 1968 60m b920 parody of british offshore radio                     
-Robert Morgan/Howard Heath KPFA 1969 45 u f994 Political Comedy+Satire
-Sorry I'll read that again BBC 1/31/75 25m t3415
-Sorry I'll Read that Again BBC 7/176/67 29m m31 Ulysses 
-Sorry I'll Read that again BBC 2/7/75 25m t3415
-Sorry I'll Read that Again BBC 1976 30 c54 All Hands On Venus
-Sorry I'll Read that Again BBC 1976 30 c54 Doctor Why
-Sorry I'll Read that Again BBC 1976 30 c45 Lady Godiva
-Sorry I'll Read that Again BBC 1976 30 c45 Liverpool
-Sorry I'll Read That Again 30m 5/14/67 30m m84 Dr Clubfoot
-Sorry I'll Read That Again 30m m10 25th Anniversary Show
-Transatlantic Call 10/1/44 30m m142 exchange show from England about British Humor
-Watergate Comedy Hour 1973 Syndicated 45 t10029 Burns+Schreiber,Fannie Flagg,Ann Elder
-San Quentin Inside Out with Truman Capote ABC-TV 2/13/73 90 u cd4845-46
-Report on Juvenile Delinquency in Chicago WBBM 8/4/47 30 cd11
-I Confess 10/17/52 27m m145 confession+docudrama of narcotics addict with Paul Frees
-I Want to Come Back  NBC 1941 30m cd962 audition show from San Quentin with prisioners performing and telling their stories of how they ended up there                 
-I Want to Come Back NBC 1941 30m cd962 first show which was a reworked version of the audition show
-I Was A Convict 1946 m41 Story of Mr.R
-It's the Law WHAS Louisville 12/26/60 30 cd4268 acutal Louisville Policemen in action
-Signal 10 WGN Chicago 1960 30m cd4268 Actual Chicago Traffic Cops in action
-Unit 99 ABC 6/18/57 26m m94 Actual Sacramento Cops in action
-Nightwatch 1954-55 series-Police Reporter with Tape Recorder captures real Police Action-all 50 30m shows are on m104
-Somebody Knows 7/30/50 30m m139 The Unsolved Murder of Joseph P.Boha in Philadelphia in 1950
-Wanted NBC 7/28/50 30m t177 War of Fred Tanuto
-Wanted NBC 8/18/50 30m m139 Cop Killer of the West
-Wanted NBC Wanted for Armed Robbery 30m m142
-Phillip Morris Show at San Quentin Prison 32m m147 
-Police Recorder with Donn Reed-14 year old Burglar 15m m147 Actuality show
-Essay on the Mafia CBS-TV 6/72 60 u t8279
-The Underworld-Documentary on the Mafia ABC-TV 7/28/77 90 u f435-436

-Beyond Reasonable Doubt 15m t7490 drama
-Brotherhood Week Stories 1940's 30m m252 dramatized stories
-By the Pople-Civil Defense Dramas 47m m252 Forest Fire
-A Christmas Carol WGAR-FM 12/24/59 35 u a929 Drama
-Deacon Brown+his Peacemakers 6/10,6/17 1935 15 each t5525 blackface drama
-Death Calling Colorado Radio 4 15m shows 1950's t7488 drama 
-Document A-777 by Norman Corwin 3/26/50 60m cd9495 Political Drama with many stars
-Gold Coast 1960's 15m t4656 drama show
-Harvard Square Take 2-Landscape of Sound show WBUR-FM Boston 2/22/71 30m t3420 Drama
-It's Fun To Live in America Syndicated 1953? 20m m66 Kiwanis Show about J.C.Penney 
-King Kong 1938 37m m102
-Man Against the Crippler March of Dimes Polio Drama 8/53 29m m205
-Me and My Shadow BBC 2/6/89 90m Dramatization of life of Thomas Merton
-Medicine USA NBC 2/29/52 30 t4642 Docudrama produced by NBC on Alchoholism
-Men of Vision 7/26/37 14m m27 Drama about Scientist Thomas Young
-Men of Vision 8/2/37 14m m27 Drama about Benjamin Franklin
-Men of Vision 8/9/37 14m m27 drama about Roger Bacon
-Men of Vision 8/22/37 14m m27 drama about Gallileo
-News comes to Life 7/27/37 30 t4656 Docudrama on the Dalton Gang
-Not For Lady University Broadcasting Council Northwestern University 3/14/36 15 u t7490 1 act play
-Operation Nightmare United Jewish Appeal Documdrama Displacement Camps 4/3/47 29m m139 Al Jolson
-Operation Nightmare United Jewish Appeal Documdrama Nightmare Chapter 2 4/10/48 m139 Al Jolson
-Record Collectors CBS Workshop 4/27/56 30m t489 Drama about Record Collecting
-Reunion-a David Mamet Play WBUR Boston 5/2/81 60m t3411 very well done
-Shirley Temple Time 12/24/39 30 t4650 Drama with Robert Young       
-This is the Story WSAF 1951 30 t4653 Docudrama on Seatle with Raymond Burr
-Tomorrow ABC 10/17/56 60m m142,199 drama about Atomic Attack with Orson Welles
-War of the Worlds Docudrama Studio One CBS 10/30/50 60m t3479
-War of the Worlds WKBW Buffalo 10/31/71 60m u t3529 remake done with DJ's 
-We C.A.R.E Bimbo From Limbo 9/26/48 15m m139                        
-West End High School,Birmingham,Alabama School Play WAPI Birmingham 2/63 7m t9856 end of play+credits
-Women in Love BBC Radio Play BBC-1 1988 225m Tape 
-Wonderful World NBC Blue 1/14/45 30m m251 for Intantile Paralysis with Greer Garson 

-American Education-The Warning Bell CBS 12/20/55 60 u t5856 American Education and its problems
-Education in the News-Little Red Schoolhouse 3/9/39 15 p903
-Hank Moore-Student Cavalcade KUT-FM 4/17/68 30 b751 Documentary on U.Texas Student Grading Pt.1
-Hank Moore-Student Cavalcade KUT-FM 4/24/68 30 b751 Documentary on U.Texas Student Grading Pt.1
-Warning Bell 12/20/55 60m u cd5278 Documentary on Education in the U.S.
-Wright Jr.College Show WMAQ Chicago 9/10/49 10m t12167 end clipped-Chicago Industry and the College
-Living 1951 with Ben Grauer NBC 30m m129 Education in Hadden County NJ 
-Harvard Law School Forum WHDH 10/22/54 31m f130 State of Education with Nathan Pusey+Boston School Officials 
-Drivers License Discussion-Sisseton,South Dakota High School 1951 15m t1643 Priceless tape of class discussion
-Herb Graham NW Broadcasting School-snippets Chicago 1962 10m b752  
-West End High School,Birmingham,Alabama School Play WAPI Birmingham 2/63 7m t9856 end of play+credits

-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 11/26/49 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 4/29/50 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 10/14/50 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 7/29/51 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 6/14/52 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 8/16/52 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 10/18/52 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 6/12/54 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 7/3/54 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 10/13/56 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 11/24/56 R2
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 30m 12/1/56 R2
-What's New in Agriculture 9/50 5m m142 Lloyd Burlingham
-Man on the Farm with Chuck Avery 8/9/47 30m cd9697

-The American Dream-Interviews with Immigrants 1974 60m f877
-American's Answer 1942 15m m178 Wartime Propaganda show with Perry Woods
-American Forum of the Air 12/28/48 30m m292 Economic Forecast for 1949
-American Forum of the Air 1952 30m cd8516 The 1952 Democratic ticket
-American Forum of the Air 1956 30m cd8516 Rock and Roll Music is examined
-America Looks Ahead 9/2/40 30m m379 European Situation
-America's Town Meeting of the Air 30m each m334
  Will The Demands Of Organized Labor Promote Recovery 6/14/35
  Will The Demands Of Organized Labor Promote Recovery 6/14/35
  Has The New Deal Promoted Or Retarded Business Recovery 12/5/35
  Personal Liberty And The Modern State 12/12/35
  Should We Plan For Social Security 12/19/35
  The Supreme Court And The Constitution 3/19/36
  Will Unionization Promote Industrial Recovery 4/2/36
  Will The Machine Dominate Man 4/16/36
  Public Opinion And The Town Meeting Idea 11/5/36
  What Does The Public Want In Music 11/26/36
  What Does Democracy Mean 2/3/38
  Is An Economic Plan For World Peace Available 12/1/38 
  How Should The Democracies Deal With The Dictatorships 12/8/38
  Do We Have A Free Press 11/2/39
  Are The Schools Doing Their Job 3/2/39
  What Are The Real Issues In The European War 10/19/39
  Should We Ignore Racial Differences 11/16/39
  Can Business And Government Work Together Today 12/7/39 
  Does America Need Compulsory Health Insurance 1/18/40
  Should The President's National Defense Program Be Adopted 1/25/40
  What Should America Do For The Joads 3/7/40
  What Are The Essential Differences Between The Republican And Democratic Parties 4/11/40
  What Are We Preparing to Defend 12/12/40
  What Is Youth's Role In The Defense Of Democracy 12/26/40
  Should The U.S. Open It's Doors To Displaced Persons Now 10/31/46
  Should We Accept The New Fashions For Women 9/23/47
  What Can We Do To Improve Race And Religious Relationships In America 10/7/47
  Should The Presidents Civil Rights Program Be Adopted 3/23/48
  Are You Preparing To Grow Old Successfully 6/22/48
  Will A $100 Pension Provide Real SecuriNews with Glenn Warrath WGY Schenectady 6/2/68 10m n972ty 12/20/49
-Behind the Scenes 2/47 4m m15 Pocohontes story
-Behind the Scenes with Knox Manning 1947/48 6 5m shows cd3746 short documentaries-various subjects
-Between the Bookends with Ted Malone 9/14/45 m42,142 Poetry and Talk-The Star Spangled Banner+National Anthems
-Bill of Rights Anniversary Show All networks 12/15/41 60m m252
-Bob Hope USO Show Long Binh,Vietnam 1968 60 u cd203
-The Blacklist with John Henry Faulk CBS 11/66 30m m270
-Canada at War-NBC Roundtable NBC Red 12/7/41 30m cd6997
-Communism:US Brand ABC 8/8/48 60 a610 Documentary on American Communism with Norman Ruse and Joseph Julian
-Canada at War-NBC Roundtable NBC Red 12/7/41 30m t10347
-Citizen of the World 7/10/49 59m m253 Norman Corwin Production
-Close Shaves in History 15m m253 Thomas Payne
-Comedian Harmonists Documentary 58m m278 German Jazz Vocal Group during Nazi Era
-Conelrad Drill 1961 with JFK 27 b685 to be played if U.S. attacked
-Civil Defense Test KXOL Ft.WOth 1960's 16m g506
-Communism:US Brand ABC 8/8/48 60 t12112 Documentary on American Communism with Norman Ruse and Joseph Julian
-Dead Stop-Documentary on traffic accidents with Red Barber CBS 12/23/54 60 t6485
-Eleanor Roosevelt Show 12/7/41 15m m254
-5 Presidents on Presidency CBS-TV 4/26/73 60 u f703
-Fighting AAF 10/18/45 30m m304 Radar Defense
-Hiroshima Survivors NPR Journal NPR 1980's 30m t8252 
-Heard at Home 3/21/48 30m m177 Debate on whether a draft was necessary
-Heritage Over the Land 1954 30m each m279 Series about the changes in the American South
     A Time to Build
     The Land is New
     The Growth of the Timber Industry in the South
     Pattern For Tomorrow
     Bounty of the Sun
     Forge for the Future
     Doorway to the Future
     The Power and the Pride
     Legacy of the Centuries
     Lesson for Tomorrow
     Time for Beauty
     The Land is Bright
-Hiroshima Survivors NPR Journal NPR 1980's 30m t8252 
-Honor America Day CBS-TV 7/4/70 60 u f444
-Horizons West-To the Pacific 30m m84 Story of Lewis and Clark
-Howdy Mr.Lincoln WMAQ 5/10/48 15m t12168 A look at Chicago in 1904
-I am An American Day WOR 5/18/41 15m m146 read by Henry Hull
-If the Bomb Falls-Civil Defense Drill 1961 7m m94
-It's Our Turn WMAQ 10/23/48 30 u t12195 Teenage Show-The U.N.
-It's Our Turn WMAQ 10/30/48 30 u cd7076 Teenage Show-What the Election means to Teenagers
-Last Flight of Amelia Earhart CBS 7/2/60 60 f994
-Man Behind the Gun 1943-Something For the Girls 30m m44 docudrama about World War 2 Soldiers
-Marines Show with Paul Killian WOR NYC 1940's 15m t5327 Marine Purple Heart recipients
-Men At Work-The Story of the WPA 11/25/38 15 cd
-Men in the AAF 7/12/45 30m m296 interview with a bomb
-Men in the AAF 10/25/45 30m m296 Oxygen Test Device
-Men in the AAF 11/1/45/45 30m m296 Radar Compass  
-NASA Radio Shows with Willard Scott 1968 4 5m shows t6803     
-National Defense Test Day Program 9/12/24 90m m146 speeches and patriotic talk
-National Farm and Home Hour NBC 11/26/49 62m r697
-Navy Relief Show for Navy Relief Society Mutual 1/7/42 30m m146 Wlater Huston,Betty jane Rhodes,Don Dunphy,Joe Louis
-Non Violence Interviews with Joan Baez+David Harris with Bill Garroway KFPK L.A. 5/24/68 53m m271
-Pacific Story 4/23/44 35m m304 Japn,the Myth
-Passing Parade 7/13/43 30m m362 WW2 Leaders Lives
-Passing Parade 6/6/44 30m m362 June 6 in the year 2044
-Pearl Harbor Attack Man on the Street Interviews conducted for Library of Congress all on m169
    Man-on-the-Street 01 41-12-08 Washington-DC
    Man-on-the-Street 02 41-12-08 Washington-DC
    Man-on-the-Street 03 41-12-08 Washington-DC
    Man-on-the-Street 04 41-12-08 Washington-DC
    Man-on-the-Street 05 41-12-08 Washington-DC
    Man-on-the-Street 06 41-12-10 Bloomington-IN
    Man-on-the-Street 07 41-12-10 Bloomington-IN
    Man-on-the-Street 08 41-12-00 Nashville-TN
    Man-on-the-Street 09 41-12-00 Nashville-TN
    Man-on-the-Street 10 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 11 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 12 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 13 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 14 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 15 41-12-08 New York-NY
    Man-on-the-Street 16 41-12-08 Burlington-NC
    Man-on-the-Street 17 41-12-08 Burlington-NC
    Man-on-the-Street 18 41-12-08 Burlington-NC
    Man-on-the-Street 19 41-12-08 Burlington-NC
    Man-on-the-Street 20 41-12-09 Madison-WI
    Man-on-the-Street 21 41-12-09 Madison-WI
    Man-on-the-Street 22 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 23 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 24 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 25 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 26 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 27 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 28 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 29 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 30 41-12-09 Austin-TX  
    Man-on-the-Street 31 41-12-09 Austin-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 32 41-12-09 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 33 41-12-10 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 34 41-12-09 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 35 41-12-09 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 36 41-12-09 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 37 41-12-09 Dallas-TX
    Man-on-the-Street 38 41-12-00 Denver-CO
    Man-on-the-Street 39 41-12-00 Buffalo-NY
-People's Platform 3/21/48 m254 Should the Draft be Restored
-Real Estate-expert answers 8 5m daily episodes 10/12-10/19 1970 40m total t11015 Lorraine Day
-Robert Morgan/Howard Heath KPFA 1969 45 u f994 Political Comedy+Satire
-Small World with Edward R Murrow CBS-TV 2/28/60 30 u cd5668 Betrand Russel vs.Edwar Teller Debate on Nuclear Negotiation
-Something to Think About 5/30/45 5m m141 American Vice-Pres
-The Soviet Union Group W 1967 30m g143 The Soviet Press
-The Soviet Union Group W 1967 30m g143 30 Years of Soviet Terror
-The Soviet Union Group W 7/67 23m g506 Legacy of Stallin's Terror 
-This is Chicago WMAQ Chicago 2/6/55 30m t12167 Chicago in the 19th century
-This is War CBS 2/14/42 30m m354
-This Is War CBS 2/28/42 30m m354
-This is War CBS 4/4/42 30m m354
-This Nation At War with Jim Backus 8/3/42 19m m257 The Shipbuilders
-This Nation At War with Hal Patton 1942 12m m257 Victory Ships
-That was the Week That Was NBC-TV 60 cd5619 Compilation from about 1963-64
-That Was The Year That Was-Review of 1972 ABC-TV 1/3/73 65 u cd5620 comedy show 
-Trials of Alger Hiss NPR 2004 60m j619 documentary on the Alger Hiss case
-Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg NPR 2004 60m j620 Documentary on the Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg 
-Troman Harper Rumors Show 12/20/42 15m m143 Do GI's Eat Alfalfa
-Troman Harper Rumors Show 10/24/43 15m m143 Are all Chinese Communists
-University of Chicago Roundtable NBC 8/19/51 60 u cd5951 Jeffersonian+Americanism
-Vietnam GI's Bull Sesssion in Barracks circa 1968 45 u t3721 fair 
-Vietnam:A New Kind of War NBC 1968 30m n972    
-Wake Up Kentucky Docudrama on 1937 Flood WHAS Louisville 3/4/46 15 u t8499
-We Are Americans 29m m354 Americans from Africa
-We are Americans 29m m354 Americans from Austria
-We are Americans 29m m354 Americans from China
-We are Americans 29m m354 Americans from Norway
-WWII Stories from English Women 45m m143 true stories told by English Women
-World Security Workshop ABC 5/1/47 25m m303 Plea for world government
-Your Land and Mine with Henry J.Taylor 1/20/47 15m m143 Right To Strike
-Your Federal Rent Law WMAQ Chicago 4/3/49 15m t12169 public affairs show

-Almanac with Walter O'Keefe 12/9/62 75m m236 with Alan Young
-Art Baker's Notebook 9/8/49 30m m236 10th Anniversary Show
-Ask Eddie Cantor 7/61 15 4 minute shows 60 total t3933 Eddie Cantor give opinions+tells stories-ask for list
-Behind the Scenes with Knox Manning 1947/48 #1-12 5m shows t4674 Hollywood Stories 
-Behind the Scenes with Knox Manning 8/47 4m m91 Spotlight on Will Rogers
-Boris Karloff+Friends 25m t5236 excerpts from his movies
-Breakfast at Sardis 6/1/42 8m m196 with Lum and Abner 
-Breakfast at Sardis NBC Blue 6/23/44 44m m252
-Broadway Talks Back 12/9/46 30m m293 Review of the play 'Christopher Blake'
-Columbia Square Presentation 9/29/40 15m m253 news of Hollywood
-Daredevils of Hollywood 4/25/38 15m m358 Bob Rose,stunt man
-Daredevils of Hollywood 4/29/38 15m m358 Cliff Lyons,Stunt man
-Daredevils of Hollywood 1938 15m m358 Ion Reid,Stunt man
-Daredevils of Hollywood 1938 15m m358 Slim Talbot,stunt man
-Dorothy Kilgallen The Voice of Broadway 1/19/45 15 cd3261 with Bob Hope
-Dorothy Kilgallen's Diary 5m m379 with Dick Todd
-Eddie Cantor's Show Business 3/56 15m m168 Audition Show
-Erskine Johnson Hollywood Personals 1944 15m m196 Grace McDonald
-Erskine Johnson Hollywood Reporter 12/17/45 15m m236
-Gateway to Hollywood 12/31/39 30m m140,299 Gale Storm is named and discovered
-Gene and Kathleen Lockhart Hollywood Album 15m m140 Audition-Hot Dog Stand Interview
-George Fisher's Hollywood 15m m299 Monte Wooley
-George Fisher's Continental Closeup 1/21/50 15m m1196 Ida Lupino+Howard Duff
-George Jessel in Hollywood 6/2/38 10 u cd variety
-George Jessel Thirty Minutes in Hollywood 4/25/38 30m m299 George Raft
-George Jessel's Celebrity Show 7/6/39 30m m253 Burt Lahr
-Glamour Girl with Larry Keating 8/21/46 30m m140 Hollywood Costumers+Make up Artists transform women
-Hal Roach presents Laurel+Hardy to England 8/32 8m m254
-Heartbeat of Broadway 2/59 15m m44 Story Behind Guys and Dolls
-Heartbeat of Broadway 2/59 15m m44 Story Behind Kiss Me Kate
-Heartbeat of Broadway 2/59 15m m44 Story Behind My Fair Lady
-Heartbeat of Broadway 2/59 15m m44 Story Behind Oklahoma
-Hedda Hopper 12/3/40 15m m123
-Hedda Hopper's Hollywood-Interview and Gossip Show-30m-all on m129
    -Gossip 12/3/40 15m m347
    -Gossip 12/5/40 15m m347
    -Gossip 12/7/40 15m m347
    -Gossip 12/10/40 15m m347
    -Gossip 12/12/40 15m m347
    -Gossip 12/14/40 15m m347
    -Humphrey Bogart 2/7/50 15m cd8734
    -Humphrey Bogart 10/14/50
    -William Holden 10/21/50
    -Shelly Winters 10/28/50
    -Bob Hope 11/4/50
    -Barbara Stanwyck 11/11/50
    -Mr.+Mrs.Ronald Coleman 11/19/50
    -Bette Davis 11/26/50
    -Dinah Shore 12/3/50
    -Howard Duff 12/10/50
    -Irene Dunne 12/17/50
    -Frank Lovejoy 12/31/50
    -Gordon McRae 1/7/51
    -Gregory Peck 1/14/51
    -Loretta Young 1/21/51
    -Mel Torme 1/28/51
    -Burt Lancaster 2/4/51
    -Danny Thomas 2/11/51 cd3588 
    -Tony Martin 2/18/51
    -Rosalind Russell 2/25/51
    -J.Carroll Nash 3/18/51
    -Ethel Barrymoore 3/25/51
    -Agnes Moorehead 4/1/51
    -Andrews Sisters 4/8/51
    -Abbott+Costello 4/15/51 
    -Gregory Peck 4/22/51 ending clipped
-Hildegarde's Radio Room 29m m236 George Jesell
-Hildegarde's Radio Room 29m m236 Stu Irwin
-Hollywood Calling #114 3/23/50 6m cd5138 Claire Trevor
-Hollywood Calling 1950 7m m359 Wake Up Calls by Netty McGlaughlin
-Hollywood Calling-George Murphy Birthday Party NBC 7/3/49 60m cd5975 Ronald Reagan,Jimmy Durante,Audie Murphy,Jane Russell+
-Hollywood is on the Air-Love thy Neighbor Movie Premier 12/17/40 60m m2 Fred Allen,Jack Benny
-Hollywood Fights Back with Judy Garland 10/26/47 30m m41 Hollywood stars defend film industry against attacks
-Hollywood Fights Back with Frederick March 11/2/47 30m m41 Hollywood stars defend film industry against attacks
-Hollywood Fights Back 11/7/47 30m m359 Hollywood stars defend film industry against attacks
-Hollywood Roundup with Red Harper 1946 13m m164 Hollywood Western Gossip+Music with guest Kirk Bennett
-Hollywood Roundup with Red Harper 1946 13m m164 Hollywood Western Gossip+Music with guest Tim Holt
-Hollywood Spotlite Gossip Show with George Fisher 1940's 15m j855
-Hollywood Spotlite Gossip Show with George Fisher 1940's 15m j855 another show
-Hollywood Spotlite Gossip Show 15m m140 Monte Wooley
-Hollywood the Golden Years NBC-TV audio 11/9/61 50 t7961 history of movies
-Hollywood The Selznick Years NBC-TV Audio 3/21/69 60 u t7926
-Hollywood Tour with Cal York 3/11/47 15m m177
-Hollywood Tour with Cal York 4/18/47 15m m177
-Jimmy Fiddler 1943 8m m144
-Jimmy Fiddler 1/15/45 14m cd8083
-Jimmy Fiddler unknown date 15m m348
-Jimmy Fiddler 1940's 15m m295 Report on Marelene Dietrich
-Legends of the Screen TV audio 90m 1/1/83 t5029
-Let's Talk Hollywood with George Murphy 7/25/48 30m cd9697 Eddie Bracken,Francis X Bushman,Erskine Caldwell
-Love Thy Neighbor Movie Premiere with Henny Youngman 12/17/40 26m m41
-Louella Parsons 1940's 15m t4644 incomplete Spencer Tracy
-Louella Parsons 9/26/48 15 b813 George Raft and Mona Freeman 
-Louella Parsons 9/12/48 15 b813 Farley Granger and Edith Head 
-Louella Parsons 11/9/47 15 b813 Joan Crawford 
-Louella Parsons 3/9/47 15 b813 Jean Hersholt 
-Louella Parsons 11/3/46 15 t8169 Bebe Daniels+Ben Lyons 
-Louella Parsons 1/5/51 19m cd9264 John Wayne
-Marx Brothers Voice Tracks from their Movies 60m t4850
-Mitch Miller Show 45m 7/15/61 m175 Jonathan Winters,Al Morgan
-Mitch Miller Show 45m 7/20/61 m175 last show plays past shows
-National Library Week Spots Westinghouse 4/3/60 23m t7423 lots of movie stars
-Nate Gross WBBM Chicago 5/12/46 15m m146 Phil Harris,Alice Faye
-Nate Gross WBBM Chicago 6/9/46 15m m146 Jack Benny
-Paula Stone's Hollywood Digest WNEW 2/22/44 15m m147 Jimmy Starr
-Pauline Kael on Movies since WW2 1968 65m m217
-Point Blank with Nancy Terry 12/6/52 15m b507 Gossip plus interview with Anthrpologist Ruth Moore
-Radio Almanac 1/26/44 30m m111 with Groucho Marx first show
-Radio Almanac 3/8/44 30m cd5138 with Lucille Ball
-Radio Almanac 3/15/44 30 cd5138 with Charles Laughton
-Radio Almanac 5/24/44 30m m362 Wilde Twins 
-Radio Almanac 5/17/46 30m m362 Ann Sothern for President
-Radio Almanac 5/31/44 30m m362 Mercury Wonder Show
-Radio Almanac 6/7/44 30m m362 D Day Show
-Radio Almanac 6/21/44 30m m362 Quiz Kids,Ethel Waters
-Radio Almanac 6/28/44 30m m362 Lynn Bari
-Radio Almanac 7/12/44 30m t8724 with Groucho Marx+Susan Hayward
-Radio Almanac 7/19/44 30m t8724,m139 with Lionel Barrymore+Hans Conreid 
-Radio Almanac 6/7/44 30 AAW DDay Show with Orson Welles 
-Red Benson's Movie Matinee 9/28/48 30m m256 quiz show about the movies                     
-Russ Columbo/Jimmy Fiddler 7/15/34 15 cd3439
-Russ Columbo/Jimmy Fiddler 1/15/45 15 cd3439
-Seeing Stars in Hollywood 11/7/37 30m m256 Ralph Belamy,Ozzie and Harriet
-Show World with Dick Osgood 1/8/40 15m f734 with Edward Everett Horton
-Show Biz with George Jessel NBC 60m m131 history of show biz up to 1955 
-Star Program with Lorne Greene CBC 10/43 15m u t7486 Ingrid Bergman,Walter Houston,Joan Fontaine
-Stage Struck with Mike Wallace 4/18/54 30 g240 United Artists Pictures with Humphrey Bogart+Mary Pickford
-Stage Struck with Mike Wallace 4/25/54 30 g240 MGM Pictures with Bert Lahr,Walter Pidgeon+Van Johnson
-Tonight in Hollywood with Edward Martin 4/4/36 15 cd3439
-Trivia Show with Russ Butler YUSA Satellite Station 4 shows 1980's 25m each t3035
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 11/25/62 80m m302 George Burns
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 12/2/62 80m m302 Gloria Swanson
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 12/9/62 79m m302 Alan Young
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 12/16/62 88m m302 Eddie Cantor
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 12/62 80m m302 Bing Crosby
-Walter O'Keefe's Almanac KHJ L.A. 12/62 80m m302 Mary Martin
-We Present Hollywood 1940 15m m142 Preview of Northwest Mounted Police Movie with Cecil B.Demille
-What's New with Cecil B.Demille 1/1/44 60m m303 Talk/Variety
-Your Hometown Reporter Buffalo Radio 1/11/48 15m m303 Hollywood Gossip Show

-Adventures of the American Scene with Howard Culver 12/13/48 15 t5933
-A.I.Alexander Mediation Board 6/28/43 20m m236 Wife Walks out
-Alan Mowbray 5/26/50 15m m236 Human Interest Stories
-Americans At Work 9/21/39 30m m40 true stories of Auctioneers
-Americans at Work WCFL Chicago 9/29/42 15m m205 visit to work places in Chicago
-Americans at Work WCFL Chicago 10/12/42 15m m205 visit to work places in Chicago
-America's Most Interesting People Mutual 12/5/38 30 cd6708 unusual people are profiled
-Apple Picking Contest KGW Portland,Or 1951 15m b616
-Answer Man 11/23/44 13m m144 Questions about Thanksgiving
-Barracks Talk Vietnam Army Base 5/16/68 45m g622
-Behind the Scenes with Knox Manning 1947/48 6 5m shows cd3746 short documentaries-various subjects
-Being Single-Talk by Harry Tollar Woodward WBAI 1960 25m f592
-Biggest Heart 10/20/50 30m m111 Mrs.Archeleta's Story
-Blind Date with Arlene Francis 2/5/45 15m m292 Dating Game type show 
-Board of Missing Heirs 3/31/46 29m m252 Estate of John B.Fontaine
-Bride and Groom 9/18/47 30m m293 Marriage on the air
-Calling the World WMAQ 8/20/51 15m t12169 partial show-People can call who they want around the world
-Contact Dave Elman 2/15/41 15m m196 reunites people
-Court of Human Relations NBC 12/17/37 30m m196
-Court of Human Relations NBC 1939 30 r536
-Crossroads 8/21/47 26m m358 Jerry Belcher interviews people on the streets of San Francisco
-Dave Garroway Show 7/14/53 15m m358
-Day in the life of US with Charles Kuralt CBS-TV 9/8/70 80 u f622-623  
-Dick's Place Syndicated talk 1980's 45 t4895 with Dick Summer
-Don't You Believe it 1/4/47 15m m358 Believe it or not type show 
-Father Stories NPR 100m cd7394-95
-Facts about Life w.Curtis Springer 5/15/45 6m m196 About Hot Springs
-Galen Drake 1955 14m m196 Why Do Couples fight
-Goodwill Hour with John J.Anthony Episode 365 26m m140 Advice Show
-Goodwill Hour with John J.Anthony Episode 368 26m m140 Advice Show
-Goodwill Hour with John J.Anthony NBC Blue 12/7/41 60m t4249 Advice show interupted by bulletins
-Great American Funeral-CBS Reports 3/1/63 60 u f389 American Funerals
-Hobby Lobby with Dave Ellman 28m m140 Cooking with Cold;Collector of Paper:Indian Songs;Goats
-How To with Roger Price 11/8/51 45m m360 with Art Linkletter...panel decides how to do things
-Incredible But True 15m m303 The Playful Spirit
-In Your Own Words 4/14/55 30m m41 Ruth Kearns Story
-Island of Genius:Idiot Savants Minnesota PBS 1995 30 t4950
-I Was There BBC 1980's 60 f706 elderly Brits tell of meeting famous people
-JJ Anthony Advice Show Mutual 4/14/45 15m b507 advice show
-Life Begins at 80 12/24/49 20m m236 Panel Show
-Listen To Grandma 1950 30m m41 4 Grandothers give advice with Cliff Arquette
-Little Man Inside NBC Blue 5/25/41 15m m296 Psychology show 
-Mind Your Manners-Teen Discussion show with Allen Ludden 6/26/48 30m m45 Should Teens travel Alone
-Once Upon a Time with Jack Kilty NBC 1/11/47 15m m146 Salute to Jerome Kern
-Once Upon a Time with Jack Kilty NBC 2/22/47 15m m146 story of a long time marriage
-On The Road With Charles Kuralt CBS-TV 9/7/71 60 u f316
-Pacific Powerland 5m m304 Glass Floats
-Passing Parade,True Stories with John Nesbitt,1937-1951 15m each all m228
     12/2,12/16,12/17,12/20,12/31 1948 15m each m228
     1/3,1/5,1/10,1/24,1/25,2/10,2/11,2/14,2/17 15m each m228
     3/16,3/17,3/22,3/23,4/11,4/12,7/2,8/2 1949
-Real Story 8/14/47 15 t4639 Jack Moyles tells true human interest stories
-Raising a President NBC Blue 12/8/41 15m cd2694 child welfare show with dramatizations
-Strange as it may Seem 14 shows 11m each m300
-Strange But True 5m m256 Columbia Clock
-Strange but True 5m m256 Seatle Fire
-Tell Your Neighbors 1949 2 shows 15 each k363 Walter Mason reads human interest letters
-This is The Story-factual docudramas+Information shows 21 different from mid 1940's m201
-Tony Wons Scrapbook NB 2/11/41 29m m257 Tribute to those who fought hard
-Transatlantic Call 10/1/44 30m m142 exchange show from England about British Humor
-Upper Room 6 15m shows m301 Dramatized advice show
-We the People 2/6/40 30m m302 Lillian Russell's daughter
-We The People 6/11/47 30m m142 Woman of the Year Mrs.Cora O'Connor from Worcester,Ma.
-We The People 1/26/49 30m m302 Life on Mars
-We The People unknown Date 10m m392 incomplete Creators of Superman
-WW2 Stories from English Women 45m m251
-Your Friendship Bridge WMCA 10/26/41 30m cd7060 British children being housed in America talk about life in America
-Kiwanis Picnic Recording Billings,Montana 8/30/53 64m m67 recording made of the festivities 
-Vietnam GI's Bull Sesssion in Barracks circa 1968 45 u t3721 fair     
-United Way interviews with Service Providers Austin,Texas 1956 11m t5334   

-American Jewish Caravan of Stars WMGM NYC 9/13/53 60 cd863,4766 Harry Hishfield,Mosche Oysher,Peter Howard,Mary Mayo
-Americans All 2/5/39 30m m236 Jews in American Society
-Behold the Jew:Rosh Hashona 5704 1944 30m cd4767 with Florence Eldrich
-Cable from Lisbon WOR NYC 5/7/41 30m cd Appeal for JDC Funds with Edna Ferber,George S.Kaufman,Raymond Grand Swing
-Eddie Cantor speaks for Elliya 1/9/43 15m m196
-The Eichman Trial and International Law CBS 4/11/61 60m f543 Center for Study of Democratic Institutions Show
-Eternal Light Jewish Religious Show 30m All on m130 unless noted
    45-08-05 Jeremiah 
    45-08-12 Joseph and His Brothers Part 1 - You 
    45-08-19 Joseph and His Brothers Part 2 - Day 
    45-08-26 Joseph and His Brothers Part 3 - Jos 
    45-10-07 Solomon Schechter 
    45-10-21 The Talmud 
    45-12-09 The Lantern in the Inferno
    45-12-16 A Chassidic Take
    45-12-23 A Sound of Music
    45-12-30 The Voice of Rachel
    46-01-06 Jonah
    46-01-13 The Parable of Reb Yisroel
    46-02-17 The Pastor
    46-02-24 Moses Mendelssohn
    46-03-03 The Ransom of Rabbi Meir
    46-03-10 My Favorite Assassin
    46-03-17 The Great Purim Scandal
    46-03-24 Rachel
    46-07-21 Job, Part 1
    46-07-28 Job, Part 2
    47-08-24 A Tale of Mendele the Bookseller
    47-08-31 The Passover Guest
    47-09-28 Wells of Salvation (1)
    47-09-28 Wells of Salvation (2)
    48-08-01 Special Performance
    48-08-15 The Head of the Table
    48-10-24 Josiah
    48-11-07 The Light from the Darkness
    49-05-08 The Second Sun
    49-05-15 Welcome Home
    49-12-04 Joseph and Benjamin
    49-12-25 How Uriel Got into Heaven
    50-01-01 Gandhi
    50-01-08 The Thief and the Hangman
    50-01-15 Brandeis
    50-02-26 A Song for Queen Esther
    50-03-05 The Promising Young Man
    50-05-28 The Man Who Changed His Mind
    50-06-04 The Lance of Justice
    50-09-17 Song of Berditchev
    50-09-24 Ecclesiastes
    51-01-21 The Camel and I
    51-2-12 The Lost Hiway with Carl Sandburg Poems about Lincoln cd9394
    56-5-20 Ben Franklin American t10696
    56-5-27 Guardian Angel of Genesseo County t10696
    56-6-3 Another June 3 t10717
    56-6-10 A Garden Eastward t10717
    56-6-17 The Man who Rode Like Revere t10718
    56-6-24 Rabbi with the Ink Stained hands t10718
    56-9-30 Synagogue on Wheels t10721
    56-10-7 A little More than the Angels t10721
    56-10-14 Candle in the Heart t10719
    56-10-21 A New Beginning t10719
    56-10-28 The Little Cork hat t10720
    56-11-11 Rosenblatt's Reply t10720
    57-2-24 Mystery on Belmont Ave t10722
    57-3-3 Word of Advice From the Zoo t10722
    57-2-17 The Man Who Laughed t10723
    57-3-31 A Banquet for the General  t10723
    57-4-21 One Man  t10724
    57-5-5 Gideon Goes to War t10724
    57-5-12 Degree of Freedom t10725
    57-5-19 Green Thumb in the City  t10725
    57-5-26 House with the Blue Curtains t10726
    57-6-2 A Present from the Hidden Valley  t10726
    57-6-9 Sparks Fly Upwards 6/9/57 (Ending Cut)
    57-6-16 Miracle from the Mellah t10774
-Forward Hour WEVD NYC 1968-69 360 u b535-542 various shows in Yiddish
-Harry Truman Speech NBC 12/3/53 30m cd6489 Survival of Israel
-Hollywood Bowl Holacaust Specail 7/4/44 98m m254
-Israel is Born Documentary with Arthur Holzman 45m p851
-Is Curly Jewish with Paul Jacobs CBS 8/25/65 59m m270 Jacobs is Jewish Labor Radical
-I've got a Million of them with Jimmy Durante 11/22/52 30m m254 Tribut to B'nai Brith
-First Jewish Religious Service in Germany NBC 10/29/44 6m j611 Rabbi Sidney Lefkowitz
-John L.Loeb Interview on Jewish Roots 66m cd7118
-Joys of Yiddish with Leo Rosten 45 u cd3030 Yiddish Language Instruction
-New Joys of Yiddish 5 hours JY Reading of Rosten's book
-Life in Old Palestine Pacifica 1972 60m cd9571 a look at life in Palestine before WW2
-Lives of our Greatest Jewish Artists
    12/31/40 15m t3710 In English Al Jolson
    2/7/37 15m cd3614 In Yiddish Maurice Swartz
-Message of Israel 2/12/38+2/19/38 NBC 30m j613 Rabbi Harry Levy of Boston
-Message of Israel 1/12/47 15m j613
-Michael Steinhardt Jewish Philanthopist Interview 36m cd7117
-Mirror,A Yiddish Soap Opera 4 episodes 10m each m350
-Never Again:the Holocaust with Elie Wiesel 60m cd7115
-Only In America:350 Years of the American Jewish Experience 420 minutes cd6325-31
-On the Road to Liberation NBC 4/43 32m t8728 United Jewish Appeal for European Refugees
-Operation Nightmare United Jewish Appeal Documdrama Displacement Camps 4/3/47 29m m139 Al Jolson
-Operation Nightmare United Jewish Appeal Documdrama Nightmare Chapter 2 4/10/48 m139 Al Jolson
-PSA's for S.O.S Supplies for European Jewish Refugees ABC 1948-49 9m j612 Eddie Cantor,Dick Powell,Henry Fonda
-Peter Geffen Interview 60m cd7116
-Radio and the Jews on Same Time Same Station 72m cd5003 Using Audio Excerpts,story of Radio and the Jews
-Rosh Hashanna Service WOR NYC 9/25/38 17m j612 Rabbi Jonah B.Wise and Sol Applebaum
-Red Runs the Vistula:Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 9/04 60m a329 American Radio Works Documentary
-The Sisters WEVD NYC  3/52 2 15m shows t12185 Yiddish Soap Operas
-Voices of the Shoah-Remembrances of the Holocaust 360m cd3173-76 Elliot Gould 
-We Will Never Die-Hollywood Bowl Holocaust Special 7/4/44 66m m145
-Yiddish Melodies in Swing
    11/24/40,1/3/41,8/25/40,2/18/45,3/4/45 10-15m each cd3427
    7/28/40,9/8/40,9/15/40 15 each t3710
    3/17/46,12/2/45,12/15/46 15 each t7473
-Yiddish Radio Project NPR 2002 120 u YY examples of Yiddish Radio from 30's and 40's
-Yiddish Vaudeville 75m cd9148 Best of Compilation
-The Yiddish are Coming! The Yiddish Are Coming! with Lou Jacobi 48m cd6916
-You Dont Have to be Jewish 41m cd6913

Albert Knopf On Literature in 1963 CBS 10/2/63 29m m270
Anthology-Poetry Show NBC 30m all on m134
       54-02-28 Theodore Sturgeon With Carl Sandburg, Edith Sitwell, Helen Hayes 
       54-03-14 Murder In The Past; Merriment From The Present With Noel Coward, Orson Welles, Joseph Holland, Martin Gabel, George Coulouris 
       54-03-21 Facade With Edith Sitwell, Agnes Moorehead 
       54-03-28 Poetry in Sound With Tony Schwartz, William Carlos Williams 
       54-04-04 Poetry of the Theater, by the Theater and For The Theater With Jose Ferrer, Norman Rose, Judith Anderson, John Carradine 
       54-04-18 The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere With Fredric March, Tamar Cooper, Stanley Tannen 
       54-04-25 Mine the Harvest With Edna St. Vincent Millay, Deems Taylor
       54-05-02 Thoughts and Stories of England With Lynn Fontanne
       54-05-30 Memorial Day 1954 With Bing Crosby, Frank Lovejoy, Agnes Moorehead, Walter Huston
       54-06-20 American Verse With Susan Reed, Tom Scott, Robert Blossom
       54-06-27 Shakesperian Festival Part 1 With Alan Baedle, Peter Finch, Claire Bloom, William Squire
       54-07-04 Special July 4Th Edition With Ronald Colman, Tyrone Power
       54-07-11 Shakesperian Festival Part 2 With Maurice Evans, John Barrymore
       54-07-25 Shakesperian Festival Part 4 With David Allen, David Allen, Margaret Ross
       54-08-01 Carl Sanburg Reads His Poetry
       54-08-08 French Poetry With George Gee, Racquel Ruiz, Linette Fisher
       54-08-22 Children's Poetry and Nursary Rhymes With Noelle Guarnieri, Iris Lynn Guarnieri, Jesse Guarnieri, Sandy Stewart, David Ross, Vera Lynn, Leonard Warren, Linda Sheldon, Aimee Sheldon
       54-08-29 Mine the Harvest
       54-09-05 The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus With Robert Culp, Elaine Carroll
       54-09-19 A Midsummer Night's Dream With Vincent Price, Moira Shearer, Stanley Holloway, Robert Helfman
       54-09-26 Casey at the Bat With Edith Evans, Mel Allen, Wallace House, William Carlos Williams
       54-10-03 Poetry Americana With Archibald MacLeish, David Meyers
       54-10-10 On Westminster Bridge With John Gielgud, Edith Evans
       54-10-17 Edna St Vincent Millay With Deems Taylor
       54-10-24 The Rubiat of Omar Khyam With Jim Ameche, William Faulkner, Carl Sandburg
       54-10-31 The Three Witches of McBeth With Alec Guinness, The Old Vic Company, Wallace House
       54-11-07 The Caedmon Story With Ogden Nash, Barbara Cohen, Marion Roney, Alfred Drake, Basil Rathbone, Dylan Thomas, Judith Anderson
       54-11-14 Poetry from Wales With Dylan Thomas), Peter John Stevens, Richard Davis
       54-11-21 The Story of Thanksgiving With Agnes Moorehead, The Fred Waring Glee Club, The New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus, James Pease
       54-12-05 The Brownings With Alec Templeton, Thelma Matesky
       54-12-12 Salute to Jewish Book Week With E. E. Cummings
       54-12-19 Poetry for Christmas With Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dylan Thomas
       54-12-26 The Old and the New With Peggy Ashcroft, John Gielgud, Johann Egglesrud
       55-01-02 Anthology 1954 With Carl Sandburg, Noel Coward, Andre Kostelanetz, Basil Rathbone, Gene Hamilton, Ogden Nash, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Deems Taylor, Laurence Olivier, Agnes Moorehead
       55-01-09 Poetry in Song With Flor Wendt, Leonard Warren, Mack Harrow
       55-01-23 Thomas Hornsby Ferrell With Basil Rathbone
       55-01-30 Hy Soloff and Wallace Edwards With Wallace Stevens, Hy Sobiloff
       55-02-06 When I Had Fears That I May Cease To Be With Tennessee Williams, David Allen
       55-02-13 A Salute to Lincoln With Orson Welles, Walter Huston, Carl Sandburg
       55-02-27 The Children's Hour With Donald Crisp, W. H. Auden
       55-03-06 The Shield of Achilles
       55-03-13 My Heart's in the Highlands With James McKeckney, Jo Stafford
       55-03-20 Thoughts and Stories of England With Lynn Fontanne
       55-03-27 Facade - Osbert Sitwell's Works
       55-04-03 Abraham and Isaac
       55-04-10 The Art of Ruth Draper
       55-04-24 Shakespear - Romeo and Julette
       55-05-01 Poets Gold - Volume 1
       55-05-08 Poets Gold - Volume 2
       55-05-15 Poets Gold - Volumes 3 and 4
       55-05-22 The Literature and Language of Learning
       55-05-29 Memorial Day 1955
       55-06-05 The Life and Times of Archie and Mehitabel
       55-06-12 Poems Most Requested
-Arnold Moss 13m m296 Man on the Line
-Art Gilmore Show 1/49 15m m292 story of the Valley of the Old Men
-Author Author with Ogden Nash and Ellery Queen 4/7/49 24m m27,144 first episode with Carl Van Doren
-Author Meets The Critics WHN NYC 1945-49 30m M81
     Author Meets the Critics 1/29/45 30m m81 John Gunther
     Author Meets the Critics 2/5/45  30m m81 Waverly Root
     Author Meets the Critics 2/12/45 30m m81 Anything Can Happen
     Author Meets the Critics 2/19/45 30m m81 incomplete-Herbert Best
     Author Meets the Critics 2/28/45 30m m81 Brainstorm
     Author Meets the Critics 8/3/47  30m m81 Gwen Davenport
     Author Meets the Critics 8/10/47 30m m81 Edmund Taylor
     Author Meets the Critics 8/17/47 30m m81 Bruce Marshall
     Author Meets the Critics 8/24/47 30m m81 Budd Shulberg
     Author Meets the Critics 8/31/47 30m m81 Frank Raymond Kelly
     Author Meets the Critics 9/7/47  30m m81 Edward J.Flynn
     Author Meets the Critics 9/28/47 30m m81 Irving Stone
     Author Meets the Critics 10/5/47 30m m81 Robert W.Johnson
     Author Meets the Critics 10/12/47 30m m81 Robert Ruark
     Author Meets the Critics 7/4/48  30m m81 Russell Janney
     Author Meets the Critics 7/11/48 30m m81 Norman Vincent Peale
     Author Meets the Critics 7/18/48 30m m81 Robert Smith
     Author Meets the Critics 7/25/48 30m m81 William Saroyan
     Author Meets the Critics 8/8/48  30m m81 Dr.Frederick Wortham
     Author Meets the Critics 8/22/48 30m m81 Betty Smith
     Author Meets the Critics 8/29/48 30m m81 Henry Morgan
     Author Meets the Critics 9/5/48  30m m81 w.D.Rogers
     Author Meets the Critics 9/12/48 30m m81 Corilla Otis Skinner
     Author Meets the Critics 9/19/48 30m m81 Stefan Heym
     Author Meets the Critics 9/26/48 30m m82 Robert Ruark
     Author Meets the Critics 10/3/48 30m m82 Pat Frank
     Author Meets the Critics 10/10/48 30m m82 Al Capp
     Author Meets the Critics 10/17/48 30m m82 Louis Bromfield
     Author Meets the Critics 10/24/48 30m m82 Lionel Shapiro
     Author Meets the Critics 11/7/48 30m m82 Burl Ives
     Author Meets the Critics 11/14/48 30m m82 Fred Hartley Jr.
     Author Meets the Critics 11/21/48 30m m82 Sol Bloom
     Author Meets the Critics 11/28/48 30m m82 The Whole of Their Lives
     Author Meets the Critics 12/5/48  30m m82 Eric Johnston
     Author Meets the Critics 12/12/48 30m m82 The Warlords of Washington
     Author Meets the Critics 12/19/48 30m m82 Morris Ernst
     Author Meets the Critics 12/26/48 30m m82 Walter White
     Author Meets the Critics 1/2/49  30m m82 H.Allen Smith
     Author Meets the Critics 1/9/49  30m m82 Ira Wolfert
     Author Meets the Critics 1/16/49 30m m82 Monty Stone
     Author Meets the Critics 1/23/49 30m m82 Phillip Bernsten
     Author Meets the Critics 1/30/49 30m m82 Arthur F.Wright
     Author Meets the Critics 2/6/49  30m m82 Eslanda Goode Roberson
     Author Meets the Critics 2/13/49 30m m82 Robert St.John
     Author Meets the Critics 2/20/49 30m m82 Jean Giraudoux
     Author Meets the Critics 2/27/49 30m m82 David Bradley
     Author Meets the Critics 3/27/49 30m m82 Arnold Moss
     Author Meets the Critics no date 30m m82 Francis Biddle
-Behind the Scenes 2/47 4m m15 Pocohontes story
-Behind the Scenes 12/47 4m m15 Charles Jones Story
-Behind the Story with Marvin Miller 15m m144 Modern Jonah
-Between the Bookends with Ted Malone 9/14/45 15m m42 Poetry and Talk-The Star Spangled Banner
-Between the Bookends with Ted Malone 1945 13m cd8083 poetry
-Books on Trial 12/20/49 29m m252 debate about new Joey Adams book
-Coronet Little Show 12/19/1942 12m m144 Gift of the Magi
-Fireside Tales 16m m299 Old Storm Along Deep Waters
-Lorne Greene CBC 1953 16m m296 Gift of the Magi
-Origin of Superstition 1935 15m m123 story behind Friday the 13th
-Passing Parade with John Nesbitt 
         12/24/43 15m t2831,m147 The Story of Christmas Seals
         6/6/44 15m m147 DDay Special  
         12/2,12/16,12/17,12/20,12/31 1948 15m each m228
         1/3,1/5,1/10,1/24,1/25,2/10,2/11,2/14,2/17 1949 15m each m228
         2/18,2/23,2/24,2/25,2/28,3/2,3/3,3/14,3/15 1949 15m each m228
         3/16,3/17,3/22,3/23,4/11,4/12,7/2,8/2 1949 15m each m228
-Readings of John Berrymore 8/3/50 m297 MacBeth
-Readings of John Berrymore 8/10/50 m297 Hamlet
-Readings of John Berrymore 8/17/50 m297 Richard the Third
-Readings of John Berrymore 8/24/50 m297 Twelfth Night  
-Stories of Light and Shadows of NY 14m m300 Stories of NY 
-Teller of Hawaiian Tales Program 1 The Ghost Dance on the Punch Bowl 15m m141
-Teller of Hawaiian Tales Program 2 One Ditch from the Menehune Built 15m m141
-Town Crier with Alexander Wolcott 10/6/33 23m m43 Literary Commentary
-Town Crier 1938 25m m257 Tribute to James Barrie
-Tribute to Robert Frost NBC-TV Audio 1/29/63 30m cd3449 fair 
-Walter Okeefe's Americana 5/6/53 15m cd8734 Author Paul Wellman
-With Book and Pipe WPEN Phil 1945 14m m303 The Graveyard Eats
-Words with Music 7/12/43 15m m143 Maureen O'Sullivan Reads Poetry
-Words with Music-Gift of the Magi 12/46 15m m143 Richard Wohr reads it
-Yankee Yarns 1944-52 with Alton Blackington all m105
        430308 Flower Show
        431013 The Ghost Of General Moulton
        440216 Coast Guard
        440323 Wreck At Widows Island
        440623 Indians In D Day
        440727 Carlisle Cat Club
        441212 Schooner Lawson
        450123 Burried Treasure
        450228 Lord Timothy Dexter
        450806 The Wreck Of The Mertie B. Crowley
        450811 Morey'S Steamboat
        450817 Coast County Pioneers
        451012 Fishing Boat Sunk
        460419 Mrs. Monmouth
        460816 Cleopatra'S Barge
        460830 Old Homestead
        470902 Needham & Wellsley
        470929 Bare Hermit
        470929 Passaconway
        471009 Langdon Moore
        500215 Barefoot Boy
        500315 Agnes Surrage
        500322 Wingate Brothers
        500329 April Fools
        500723 General Knox
        500730 Vacations
        500806 Dr. George Cobb
        500820 Bill Mcgreal
        500903 Darn Man
        500910 N. T. Hill
        500917 Ruben Smith
        500924 Lion'S Escape
        501108 Tealess Cut
        510624 Amos Fortune
        510701 Fourth Of July
        510718 Draft Riot
        510724 Weather
        510725 Petrified Indian
        510729 Joel Dunn
        510812 Amos Story
        510819 Ann Story And Children
        510825 President Grant'S Cigar
        510901 Dean Connor Pt 1 Of 2
        510908 Dean Connor Pt 2 Of 2
        510916 Tomatoes
        510923 Castle Clare
        510930 Mccormick
        511007 Americas' Cup

-Journeys NPR 4/81 110 u cd5804-05 Profile of Chicago TV News                      
-Journeys NPR 6/16/81 55 u cd5801 TV in its infancy
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd5803 Masters of Old Time Comedy-Laurel+Hardy mostly
-Journeys NPR 4/29/81 55 u cd5800 Ozzie and Harriet and other Situation Comedies
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd5798 Emergence of Broadcast Journalism 
-Journeys NPR 5/2/81 44 u cd5794 From Vampires to Slashers-American Taste for Horror
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6009 Black Broadway
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6004 Walt Disney
-Ken Mills NPR Discovery of Tape Recorder 2000 13m t6799
-TV News and Government WTOP-TV Washington DC 2/28/70 30 u t7391
-Turn off the Commericals CBS Reports with Charles Kuralt 4/26/78 35 t6625 incomplete
-Jukebox:Life and Times-History of the Jukebox Public Radio International 60m cd5883 Chuck Miller Production
-For Your Information WHAS Louisville 9/12/62 57m cd4267 Ray Cramer on Carnivals
-Hollywood:The Selznick Years NBC-TV audio 3/21/69 60m f440
-Newton Minow on Television CBS 1/63 29m m270

-Last Ride on the 6th Avenue El 12/4/38 15 t5629
-Christmas Tour of a Doll Factory WOR NYC 12/8/38 15 t5629
-Album of Manhattan-oral tour of NYC Mutual 2/21/40 15m t8730
-NYC:A Tapestry for Radio 5/10/44 30 t10592 with Orson Welles
-Stories of the Light and Shadows of New York 15m m141 with Ditto Dan
-Vox Pop 9/23/39 30m m257 1939 NY World's Fair
-Negroes in New York City:A Report CBS 10/3/63 40m m270
-Stories of Light and Shadows of NY 14m m300 Stories of NY
-Allen Prescott Show WMCA 4/20/46 25m m356 talk about New York in the Old Days 
-Allen Prescott Show WMCA 6/21/46 15m m356 what to do in NYC on the weekend
-Allen Prescott Show WMCA 10/15/47 30m m361 Happenings in NYC
-Out of the Frying Pan WOR NYC 8/3/42 15 n285 visit to NYC Butcher Shop to show how housewives turn kitchen fats into glycerine for WW2

-Ask Eddie Cantor 7/61 15 4 minute shows 60m total g569 Eddie Cantor give opinions+tells stories
-Ashley Montague Speech WBAI NYC 1960 35m f608
-Elza Schalert 7/14/38 15 t4640 talk show on What is Art
-New Image of Man-talk by Ashley Montague WBAI NYC 1960 45m f593
-Uncle Ezra 1944 3 5m shows cd3255 homespun philosophies
-J.Krishnamurti Pacifica Radio 9/15/06 59m a694 A Show devoted to Jiddu Krishnamurti
-Documentary/Interview with Eric Hoffer with Eric Severeid CBS-TV Audio only 11/14/67 30 b671 Eric Hoffer
-The Friendly Philosopher with David Gilmore 6/13/47 13m m253
-Elza Schalert 7/14/38 15 t4640 talk show on What is Art
-Psychotherapy Discussion with Dr.Arthur Burton+3 Female Patients WBAI NYC 1960 50m f612
-Uncle Ezra 1944 3 5m shows cd3255 homespun philosophies
-Harvard Law School Forum WHDH 11/4/66 57m f131 Timothy Leary and Dr.Norman Zinberg on LSD
-Medium is the Massage with Marshall Mcluhan 1967 45m cd9407
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 5/12/53 15m m349 Present Perplexities
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 5/19/53 15m m349 Obsolete Ideas 
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 5/26/53 15m m349 Modern Mastery of Nature
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 6/2/53 15m m349  Limits of Human Power
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 6/9/53 15m m349  Conflict and Unification
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 6/16/53 15m m349 Achievement and Harmony
-Living in the Atomic Age with Bertrand Russell ABC 6/23/53 15m m349 Reflections on being 80 years old

-Archbishop Stitch Departs for Rome and elevation to Cardinal WMAQ Chicago 2/10/46 15m cd6160,r695
-Arrival of Cardinal Stitch in Chicago WMAQ 3/5/46 13m cd6160,r595
-Baptist Hour 2/9/41 29m m252
-Bible Week 12/7/41 30m m252
-Cannonization of Pope Pius X by Pope Pius XII from Vatican NBC 5/30/54 30 u cd6160
-Cardial Mundelein of Chicago Speech from Rome NBC 11/13/38 24m cd6161,r696 Celebrating Beatification of Cabrini
-Cardinal Stitch Speech from Rome NBC 2/22/46 10m cd6160
-Catholic Hour NBC Red 12/7/41 30m cd7002 Death and the Population
-Christopher Program 1950's 15m m253
-Community Action with Lillian Thomas WCFL Chicago 10/18/72 25 u cd7002 Dr.Preston Bradley,People's Church of Chicago
-Circle Arrow Show NBC 6/22/47 15m m253 religious
-Country Parson Show 6/23/63 30m m253
-Country Parson Show 7/28/63 30m m253
-Cowboy Church of the Air 5/10/53 30m m164 Stuart Hamblin
-Cowboy Church of the Air 5/13/53 30m m164 Stuart Hamblin
-Father Coughlin Christmas Message 1960 31m m110
-Father Coughlin reads from Cardinal Newmans Writings 1960 37m m110
-Father Coughlin's sermon on Vatican II and Pope John XXIII 11/7/71 67m m110
-Father Coughlin's Sermons at Old St Mary's Church June 1973 86m m110
-Father Coughlin Shows         
     -Primer on Communistm vs.Christianity 2/14/37 59m
     -Popular Front vs.Christian Front 2/21/37 61m
     -Easter Broadcast 3/28/37 30m
     -Still Paying for WWI 4/4/37 30m
     -Relief that fails to relieve 4/11/37 30m
     -Not Anti-Semitism but AntiCommunism 11/20/38 62m
     -Let us consider the Record 11/27/38 59m
     -The Jew,The Christan and Persecution 12/4/38 60m
     -Jews Support Communism 58m
     -Christian and Jewish Concept of the Messiah 12/18/38 58m
     -Christmas Message 12/25/38 58m
     -Americanism 1/1/39 59m
     -President's Message to Congress 1/8/39 60m
     -The Rightists go into action 1/15/39 45m
     -10 Million Unemplyed 1/22/39 58m
     -Bonds and Neutrality 3/13/39 63m
     -Nation Wide Anti War Context 3/19/39 61m
     -Czechoslovakia Problem is in 3/26/39 63m
     -History of Holy Week 4/2/39 62m
     -The Resurretion 4/9/39 63m
     -Mother's Challenge to Warmongers 5/14/39 60m
     -Where do we stand 5/21/39 61m
     -Government by Man 6/25/39 60m
     -Declaration and Washington Farewell 7/2/39 63m
     -An Appeal to the Laboring Man 7/16/39 62m
     -Response to Elliot Roosevelt 7/23/39 60m
     -A Living Wage  8/6/39 60m
     -To the Laboring Man 8/13/39 63m
     -The Popular Front 8/20/39 64m
     -8/27/39 64m
     -9/3/39 64m
     -Cash and Carry will evolve into credit and carry 9/10/39 62m
     -Strict neutrality and no cash and carry 9/17/39 61m
     -No Prosperity in Machinegunning our brothers 9/24/39 62m
     -Feast of Christmas 12/24/39 61m
     -Review of Past 10 Years 12/31/39 61m
     -FDR's Message to Congress inc.1/7/40 32m
     -I Take my Stand 1/21/40 inc.33m
     -Discussing a Christian Front 1/28/40 60m
     -No Father C Announcements 2/4/40 61m
     -The Cross and its Victims Sufferings 3/17/40 62m
     -The Story of the Resurrection 3/24/40 62m
     -Bonds Federal Reserve Bank 4/7/40 61m
     -More Bonds 4/14/40 64m
     -Blessed Virgin's Part in Man's History undated 23m
     -Decadence of the Catholic Chruch Undated 37m m110
     -Start of Flower undated 31m m110 
-For You Alone WMAQ Chicago 1/27/49 15m cd5182 Christian Docudrama
-Fullness of Time-A City Beautiful 1938 30m m27 Mormon Docudrama
-Garner Ted Armstrong Syndicated 1963 5m cd8084 religious
-Gems for thought with Ira Langston ABC 1947 5m cd8084 religious
-Heart to Heart with Rev.Fuller KNX L.A.12/22/35 57m m379
-Herbert W.Armstrong Shows 91 different Ones 1948-1964 30m each m240
-Hour of Decision with Billy Graham 12/25/60 30 cd8084
-Howard Miller Channel 7 Chicago 1978 45m m110 interview with Father Coughlin
-Letter from Richard Cardinal Cushing on Father Coughlin Boston Radio 1960 26m m110
-New Life Movement 1947 6 shows 15m each m361 Christian Sermons
-Old Fashioned Revival Hour 2/62 30 f136 #322
-Old Fashioned Revival Hour 2/62 30 f136 #321
-Old Fashioned Revival Hour 7/21/68 45m b904
-Old Fashioned Revival Hour 7/28/68 45m b904
-Old Time Revival Hour with Charles Fuller KNX LA 12/22/35 57 m233
-Old Time Revival Hour with Charles Fuller KNX LA 12/29/35 57 m233
-Old Time Revival Hour with Charles Fuller KNX LA 9/24/39 55 m233
-Old Time Revival Hour with Charles Fuller KNX LA 3/10/40 55 m233
-Pope Pius XII Speech from Vatican NBC 2/20/46 25m cd6161,r696
-Pope Pius XII Speech on World Peace NBC 2/20/49 14m cd6161,r696
-Reformation Sunday-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 10/31/48 28m Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
-Religion and the New World NBC Blue 12/8/41 15m cd2696
-Religion in the News with Ronald Bridges NBC 12/24/49 cd6161,r695 Religious News Reports
-Sermons Billings Montana Radio
    An Imperfect World-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 2/15/54 28m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Christmas-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 12/24/50 27m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Introducing You-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 4/10/49 13m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Necessary Evil-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 11/14/54 25m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Security-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 2/28/54 32m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    The True Church-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 2/21/54 21m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Truth-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 1950's 32m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    You and Life-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 1950's 12m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Youth and Today-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 1950's 24m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church
    Reformation Sunday-Sermon Billings Montana Radio 1950's 28m m67 Rev.Beale First Congregationalist Church\
-Story of the Bible 9/24/46 15m m300 story of Cain and Abel
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM 11/69 60 u cd6616 Discussion of Theological Satire with Martin Marty and Joe Wells
-The Master-Life of Christ in Art TV Audio 3/29/53 57 u cd6159
-The World Tomorrow with Garner Ted Armstrong 6/17/74 30m m143 The 4th World
-The World Tomorrow with Garner Ted Armstrong 6/20/74 30m m143 

-Adventures in Research 15m m10,m45 George Westinghouse
-Alchoholism with Harold Demone Jr. WBZ 1965 25m t9895 Talk
-Appolo 11 Dinner NBC-TV 8/13/69 105 u t6601
-Controlling Man Made Static 4/6/39 15 p903
-Dimensions on Health with Charles Kuralt CBS 2/14/67 5m u t9289
-Doctors Then and Now late 1940's 15m m616 pt.1 only AMA Docudrama about country doctors
-Don't You Believe it 10/5/46 13m m253 The Length of the Fingers
-Drug Forum with Stanley Einstein Syndicated 1971 30 u t8438
-Endless Frontier with Raymond Massey NBC 2/16/52 30m m196 medical show on the human heart
-Face to the Future 1960 11m m253 Science show
-How Life Begins ABC-TV 3/26/68 60 u f505 Eddie Albert
-Hospice Experiment NPR 4/05 60m a431 Story of Hospice Movement
-Human Exploration of Space-Fact or Fiction 9/00 50m f617
-Indiana School of the Sky 10/48 15m each m41 
     Darwin puts it into words
     Einstein Looks for a new answer
     Electricity begins to work
     Galileo passes a crucial test
     Greeks honor their thinkers
     The Atom Yields Power
     What are Men Made of
-In Our Town with Cloy Head WMAQ Chicago 6/26/49 15m t12167 Atomic Research in Chicago
-Medicine USA NBC 3/29/52 30m m379 Alchoholism narrated by Charlies Laughton
-Men Of Vision 7/26/37 15m m43 Thomas Young
-Men of Vision 8/2/37 15m m43 Ben Frnaklin
-Men of Vision 8/9/37 15m m43 Roger Bacon
-Men of Vision 8/22/37 15m m43 Galileo
-Hypnotism Can Be Fun with Ralph Slater WOR NYC 10/3/45 60m j605 Hypnotism Show
-Reporter of Odd Facts 5 shows 3-4 minutes each m297
-Quick and the Dead CBS 7/6/50 29m m379 Atomic Energy Documentary with Bob Hope
-Science Magazine of the Air 30m m30 200,000 Flyers
-Science Magazine of the Air 30m m20 Walter Abel
-Sexuality Debate-Albert Ellis+Harold Greenwald WBAI NYC 1960 30m s37
-The Traitor Within-Cancer 4/12/53 31m m256
-Then and Now 9/17/36 30m m256 Thomas Edison
-We Are Not Alone-Life on other Planets ABC-TV 10/21/66 60 u f455
-World We Live in 4/16/54 30m m44 The Ocean of Air
-World we Live in 4/23/54 30m m44 Age of Dinosaurs
-Charles Kuralt CBS Morning Show 1990's 6m cd6563 Jack Borden on the Sky
-The Space Story-NASA Weekly Show 1967 5m cd7245 Mariner 4
-The Space Story-NASA Weekly Show 1967 5m cd7245 Apollo 8
-The Space Story-NASA Weekly Show 1967 5m cd7245 Health and Welfare of men in space
-The Space Story-NASA Weekly Show 1967 5m cd7245 Communicating with the men in space
-Countdown to 2001 Look at future Space Program ABC-TV 12/4/72 30 f180
-Amazing World of Shortwave with Alex Drier 15m cd5831 For Hallicrafters Radios
-BJ Palmer,founder of Chiropractic Medicine,Recorded Speeches 360m cd675-680
-Out of This World-sound of Earthquakes,Ionospheric swishes,whistlers,tweeks from 1951-Record put out by Cook Labs.,Stamford,Conn.

-Welcome Travelers with Tommy Bartlett 8/29/50 30 t4192 interviews with people who just get off train in Chicago
-Welcome Travelers with Tommy Bartlett 1950's 10m t7624 incomplete with Mrs Frank Mullen
-Welcome Travelers with Tommy Bartlett 4/12/53 30m m142 Optometrist in small town
-Bob Elson On Board the Century Mutual 1948 15 m252 with Rin Tin Tin's Trainer
-Bob Elson On Board the Century Mutual 1948 15 m252 with Herbert Cogan,Author
-Bob Elson On Board the Century Mutual 1948 15 t4136 with an Oberlin Religious Professor
-Train Time with Hal Sawyer 30m m142 Human Interest Show taking place on Actual Trains as they travel
-Americana WMAQ Chicago 10/23/54 30m m236 Memoirs of a Railroad Century
-Dodge Motor Economy Day 7/15/35 30 t6685 Dodge sales program

-Bowman Field Air Shows WABE Louisville 1943 2 30 minute shows t8896
-Henry Ford Museum Shows 1968 4 5m shows cd7247 shows about the museum
-Oldsmobile Headliners 1936 5m t5521 Documentary on Oldsmobile cars
-Visit to Glenn Martin Airplane Factory Baltimore NBC WBAL Bal 8/12/37 30 t730
-Your Date with Tuesday WMAQ Chicago 9/3/49 15m t12167 Safe Driving in Chicago
-Dead Stop-Documentary on traffic accidents with Red Barber CBS 12/23/54 60 f795
-CBS Reports-The Great Holiday Massacre CBS-TV 12/26/60 55 u cd9328 car accidents
-Strange Stories of the Sea Mystery of Cabin 76 13m m141

-Vox Pop 3/14/46 30m m257 New Orleans Mardi Gras
-Vox Pop 9/23/39 30m m257 1939 NY World's Fair
-Portrait of a City-Nashville NBC 1951 30 cd3259 travelogue
-Armchair Traveler 1934 14m m236 Tour of South America
-Ports of Call 1936 30m m205 Travelogue-Persia
-Ports of Call 1936 30m m205 Travelogue-New Zealand
-Ports of Call 1936 30m m205 Travelogue-Sweden
-One World Flight with Norman Corwin CBS 1947 30m m229
   1.Introduction 1/14/37 
   2.Great Britain 1/21/47
   3.Western Europe 1/28/47
   4.Sweden and Poland 2/4/47
   5.Soviet Union 2/11/47
   6.Czechoslavakia 2/18/47
   7.Italy 2/25/47
   8.Egypt and India 3/4/47
   9.India,Shanghai+Far East 3/11/47
  10.Phillipines 3/18/47
  11.Australia 3/25/47
  12.New Zealand 4/1/47
  13.Summary 4/8/47

-Case For Flying Saucers with Edward R.Murrow 1950 4/7/50 30m cd9186
-CBS Reports with Walter Cronkite 1970's? 18m UFO's:Fact Or Fiction
-Great Balls of Fire CBC Canada 1968 4 30 minute documentaries on UFO's 1960's 120 cd4611-12
-Listening to Signals from Mars 7/27/39 15 t5629
-We Are Not Alone-Life on other Planets ABC-TV 10/21/66 60 u f455
-Jim Westover WEEI 5/28/64 65 s f924 some crosstalk Talk-UFO's with Walter Webb
-Bob Kennedy WBZ 5/18/64 54m g224 Walter Webb,Streeter Stuart+Donald Keyhoe on UFO's
-Joe Pyne KLAC L.A.1965 72m cd3592 Reverend Wilsey who rides on Flying Saucers
-Long John Nebel Flying Saucer LP excerpts of WOR shows 1950's 40m g116
-Long John Nebel WOR 6/21/57 196m m243,j35 flying saucers with Dan Fry,George Van Tassell,M.K.Jessup,Hans Stephan Santeson
-Long John Nebel WOR 2/5/58 172m m242 flying saucers with Arthur C. Clarke, Cortland Hastings, Charles Leedham, Major Wayne Aho
-Long John Nebel WOR 3/5/58 90 u j33-34 flying saucers with Jules St.Germaine
-Long John Nebel WOR 3/7/58 122m M242(cd4630-31)Arthur Aho, Domenic Luchezzi,Arthur Mosely, editor of 'Saucer News' talk about flying saucers
-Long John Nebel WOR 3/8-3/9 1958 350m f332-339 More Flying Saucers with Major Donald Keyhoe,Dan Luchesi,Augie Roberts,Ken Arnold 
-Long John Nebel WOR 4/19/58 181m m242 Otis Carr,the inventor of a Flying Saucer
-Long John Nebel WOR 5/30/58 172 u m242 Bob Ewing "Ambassador to Venus"
-Long John Nebel WOR 7/11/58 193m m242 Return of Otis Carr plus his biographer Margaret Storm
-Long John Nebel WOR 8/1/58 191m m243 George Van Tassel on his ride on Flying Saucer Plus Dan Fry,Elliot Lanier,Ben Isquith,Lester DelRey
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 179m m243 poor sound-John is in Oklahoma City to see Otis Carr's Flying Saucer take off
-Long John Nebel WOR 8/18/58 196m m242 man made ufos with Ivan T Sanderson,Lester Del Rey,Ben Isquith,Hans Stefan Santeson,Ben Ahman,Vyacheslav Vawalishcin,Jim Runyon 
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 267m m242(cd1615-19) with Andy Sinatra,"wacko mystic"
-Long John Nebel WOR 10/5/58 247m m242 The Straight Line Mystery with Ivan Sanderson,Isobell Davis,Lester DelRey,Hans S. Santeson,Ben Isquith
-Long John Nebel WOR 10/25/58 126m m242 Earth's Shifting Crusts with Charles Hapgood,Elliott Lanier,Ben Isquith,Ivan Sanderson.
-Long John Nebel WOR 11/15/58 272m m243 Flying Saucers with Otis Carr,Lester DelRey
-Long John Nebel WOR 11/16/58 66m m243 Jackie Gleason and Frank Edwards on Flying Saucers
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 180m m242 Saucer Talk with Jim Moseley,Isobelle Davis,Doug Dean,Warren Icpac
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 176m m243 Major Donald E. Keyhoe and his book "Flying Saucers From Outer Space"
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 203m m243 Major Kehoe,Irv Tunik and others discuss Kehoe's appearance on Armstrong Circle Theatr
-Long John Nebel WOR 1958 195m m243 fair-flying saucer convention at Howard Menger Farm,NJ
-Joe Pyne Show 74m d102 Guests talk about Flying Saucers and Vietnam War Metromedia 1966 on DVD only

-Abroad with the Lockharts 1932 In Paris 13m m84
-Adelaide Hawley WEAF  6/7/44 15 u talk show about DDay
-Allen+Jean WJZ 4/20/46 25 u t2060,m144 talk about NYC
-Art Linkletter's House Party CBS 2/14/67 30 u t9289
-Art Linkletter's House Party CBS 10/13/67 20m cd4181 last one on radio
-Barbara Wells Show 7/31/47 30 cd5032 Jimmy Stewart
-Barbara Wells Show  6/13/47 30m cd5139 Robert Walker
-Benny Walker Show 5/29/48 15m m282 Cooking Show-Tillamook Kitchen Hot Potato Salad
-Betty Crocker-Our Nation's Rations NBC 5/7/45 15 u cd8695 A look at wartime food situation
-Betty Crocker Cooking Show 8/10/45 15m cd397 cooking show
-Betty's Fashion Notework 4/4/46 4m n285 Hats on Ladies
-Bill Goodwin Show 3/18/57 30m m292 
-Breakfast in Hollywood NBC 30 different 30m shows from 1945-48 m120 Tom Brenaman and Others
-Breakfast in Hollywood Audition Show 10/7/54 37m m126 with George Jessel
-Breakfast in Hollywood 7/14/47 30m cd8083
-Breakfast with Binnie and Mike 11/18/46 30m m111
-Breakfast with the Johnsons 4/24/52 15m m252 The Rummage Sale
-Breakfast with the Johnsons 4/25/53 15m m252 Buying a Savings Bond
-Breakfast with Pritchet+McCullough WOR 4/26/47 30m u cd1186 substitute for Dorothy+Dick
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 5/9/47 25 u cd1186 Leo Durocher
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 24 cd6657 Review of R+R Concert they went to
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 24m cd6657 Cabs in NYC
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 24m cd6657 Clothes for Dogs
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 24m cd6658 Traffic Tickets
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 13m cd6658 skunks
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 10m cd6658 air travel
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 12m cd6658 No Time for Sargeants
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 10m cd6659 Dinner Jackets
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 23m cd6659 Food Prices
-Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick WOR 1956 23m cd6659 Camping
-Capt.Tim Healy & wife WMCA 1/28/45 & 9/26/45 15m each u t1131 talk 
-Constant Bennett Calls on you 1945 15m m253 talk
-Cooking School of the air CBC 1/28/46 12m m253
-Dorothy Kilgallen and Dick Killmer 25m m379 breakfast type show
-The Early Birds with Ed and Dolores Allen WMAQ 10/4/50 10m cd5182 women's show
-The Early Birds with Ed and Dolores Allen WMAQ 4/6/51 10m cd5182 women's show
-Evangeline Baker Show KGO SF 9/22/47 15m m253 Women's news show
-Food Magician WMAQ 11/24/48 20m t12170 cooking show
-For Women Only with George Thomas WCAU Philadelphia 9/58 2 segments 30 total t5106,5107 fair-lots of skips,low volume
-Gene and Kathleen Lockhart 14m m196 Women's show audition
-Gerber Program 6/10/34 15m m299 women's show
-Glamour Girl 8/21/46 30m m41 beauty show
-Great Moments in the Lives of Great Woman 1938 12m m253 Anna Pavlova's life is dramatized
-Happy Homes and Homemaking with Norma Young KHJ Los Angeles 5/4/49 30m m146
-House Party with Art Linkletter 1949 26m m145 Man Married Circus Fat Lady
-How To 11/8/51 49m m196 Audition-Women's audience participation show
-Ida Bailey Allen and the Chef 5/10/47 15m m145 Homemaking Show
-Irene Castle 1/1/30 15m m145 docudrama about her life
-Jane Powell Show 5/4/45 15m m145 Frederick March
-Jean Abbey Notes WSJV Washington DC 9/21/39 15m m40 food shopping show
-Kate Smith Speaks 6/6/44 15m t2824 talk 
-Kate Smith Speaks 6/7/44 15m cd8059 talk 
-Leave it to the Girls 7/6/46 30m m143 Panel Discussion-Lucille Ball
-Leave it to the Girls 11/9/46 30 m355 how can I tell my family about my fiance
-Leave it to the Girls 11/16/46 30m m143
-Leave it to the Girls 1946 30m m349 Do Men Like Helpless Womaen
-Leave it to the Girls 12/8/45 30m m349 Paula Stone
-Leave it to the Girls 11/16/46 30m m349 Should she return the ring
-Leave it to the Girls unknown date 30m m355 Who has best position in or women 
-Listen American with John B.Kennedy 30m cd6999 talk
-Luncheon at Sardis WOR 5/17/47 30 u cd5033 talk
-Lunch at the Conrad Hilton with Tony+Dorothy Weitzel NBC 3/17/52 30m cd6034 Debut Show-Alan Jones,Mimi Benzel,Leon Ames
-Lunch at the Conrad Hilton with Tony+Dorothy Weitzel NBC 5/6/52 30m cd6029 Arnold Toynbee
-Lunch at the Conrad Hilton with Tony+Dorothy Weitzel NBC 9/22/51 30m cd6029 Blossom Seeley,Benny Fields,Ann Bancroft,Herb Philbrook
-Mary Lee Taylor 9/21/39 15m t2858,m27 cooking show
-Mary Lee Taylor 10/30/48 30m m379 women's show
-Mary Margaret McBride NBC 6/7/44 45m t1336 talk with author Ben Ames Williams
-Mary Margaret McBride NBC 6/23/44 30 cd8694 talk
-Mary Margaret McBride NBC 8/10/45 45m cd396 talk 
-Mary Margaret McBride NBC 8/14/45 30m t2879 incomplete talk 
-Mary Margaret McBride NBC 11/2/45 12m m45 incomplete-with Carole Landis
-Martha Meade Society 5/16/53 15m m379
-Martha Meade Society 10/12/33 15m t4325 talk-women in India
-Martha Meade Society 10/19/33 15m t4325 talk-halloween parties
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #2 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #9 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #91 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #92 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #179 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Meet the Menjous show 1950 #180 11m m45 syndicated talk
-Mystery Cheff 1944 15m m146
-Norma Young Happy Homes Show 5/4/49 30m m361 Homemaking Show
-Our Daily Food 1931 15m m146 We Want Hot Lunches with Frank Singiser
-Out of the Frying Pan WOR NYC 8/3/42 15 n285 visit to NYC Butcher Shop to show how housewives turn kitchen fats into glycerine for WW2
-Palace Personalities SF Radio 12/27/49 30m m147 women's interviews show 
-Paul Killian WOR 1940's 15 t5327 with Purple Heart Marines
-Stearns Coffee Clatch WMAQ 9/21/50 15m t12169-70 morning show
-Tex and Jinx Show 9/3/47 30m m215 Talk-Nancy Walker,Jack Kramer
-Tex and Jinx Show 11/4/47 30m m139 Talk-Suicide of former Ambassador to England
-Tex and Jinx Show 1/12/53 30m m301 Talk
-Tex and Jinx Show 11/24/54 57m m139 Talk-with Fred Allen
-Tilamook Kitchen 5/29/48 15m m257 Potato Salad
-Travels of Mary Ward 15m m123 show for Montgomery Ward Stores
-The Tremaynes WOR 9/21/49 30 u cd5139 talk
-Vanessa Brown Show WCBS 5/13/52 30 u m196 talk-Shakesperean Theatre
-Vanessa Brown Show WCBS 5/14/52 30 u m196 talk-a Hollywood Plastic Surgeon
-Wes Battersee Breakfast Show 1940's 15m cd5139 composer Johnny Green
-What's Doing Ladies with Jay Stewart 12/10/46 25m m196 Women's audience Participation show

-Air Force Night-40th Anniversary Show ABC 6/31/47 30m m144 Cpt.Rex Marshall,Skitch Henderson,Ted Malone
-AFRS Christmans Show 12/25/46 30m m256
-America salutes the President 1/30/43 30m cd3170
-America Salutes the President's Birthday CBS 1/29/44 60 u cd3164,F,m65 Conrad Nagle
-American Red Cross Program 2/21/53 15m m178 Phil Harris and Alice Faye
-Armistice Day Ceremony 11/11/42 26m m236
-Army Hour 25th Anniversary AFN 7/68 25m m251 
-Ampol Show Australia 1950 30m m58
-Bob Hope and Bing Crosby for Defense Bonds 1944 15m m58
-Bob Hope USO Show Long Binh,Vietnam 1968 60 u cd203
-Canadian Red Cross Benefit Show CBC 9/29/40 60 m253 many stars
-Cancer Crusade 1951 "Can Baseball be Made Even Better" 30 t8359
-Can You Tie That KLAC L.A.4/21/46 56m m253
-Care Special 9/26/41 15m m253
-Celebrity Flood Relief Special syndicated 7/22,7/23 1972 90 u f624-25 fair with Bob Hope,Steve Allen+++
-Chase and Sanborn 100th Anniversary NBC 11/15/64 60 u m66 Edgar Bergen
-Chase and Sanborn 101th Anniversary NBC 11/14/65 60 u t8058 Edgar Bergen               
-Chicago Sun Times Harvest Moon Festival WMAQ Chicago 11/18/50 30 t5264 Irv Kupcinet
-Christmas Eve at the Front CBS 12/24/43 75 u m163 Bing Crosby,Bob Hope,Lionel Barrymore,FDR
-Christmas Day in American 12/25/46 60m m175 Proctor and Gamble Variety show
-Christmas on the Blue Network NBC Blue 12/24/44 120m m232
-Christmas Seal Show 1955 15m m345 Frank Sinatra
-Cliche Club 6/21/50 29m m253 Bing Crosby,Gypsy Rose Lee
-Coca Cola Top Notches 3/19/30 30 cd8556 Ty Cobb
-Coca Cola Top Notches 3/26/30 30 cd8556
-Community Chest Special from Hollywood NBC 10/12/46 110m t12187-88 incomplete with Groucho Marx,Jack Benny,Red Skeleton+++
-Dairy Industry Tribute 1950? 15m m257 Bob Hope,George Burns
-Democratic National Committee Get out the Vote Show 11/0/44 56m b253 with many stars
-Dimes for Invasion 10/2/43 15m m177 Morton Downey,George Tucker
-Don Lee Mutual Special Dedicatory Program Mutual 12/30/36 16m m358
-Eddie Cantor looks at Entertainment 1956 60m m2 Jack Benny,Jimmy Durante,Al Jolson 
-Elgin Watch Thanksgiving Special 11/25/48 120m m294 Mario Lanza,Jimmy Durante,Jack Benning,Barbara Whiting,Red Skelton+
-Elgin Watch Christmas Special 12/25/48 120m m294 Al Jolson,Danny Thomas,Jo Stafford,Edgar Bergen,Ozzie+Harriet+
-Federal Theatre Special 6/29/39 29m m163 many stars appear to support Federal Theatre
-Fingerlakes Salute WFVA Geneva NY 2 shows 30 each 1950 t7478 variety
-Gary Moore Show CBS 12/25/63 12m t6390 with Durward Kirby  
-Gary Moore Show 1959 25m m253
-G.I.Christmas Present-The Christmas Package 12/25/43 30m m140 Andrews Sisters,Ginny Simms,Bob Hope,Lena Horne,Fibber McGee+Molly
-Greasepaint for Soldiers Variety Special NBC 11/42 45m t3956 incomplete with Bob Hope
-Greek War Relief on America Calling all 3 Networks 2/8/41 90m m356 Many stars appear
-Guest Star CBC 1943 15m cd4765 Lorne Greene Hosts Pleas for WWII Bonds with Ingrid Bergman,John Fontaine+Walter Huston
-Heart Fund Program with Johnny Mercer 1953 15n m359
-Hines Hall of Fame Show with all the Disney Characters 12/23/34 30m m27.m41
-Hollywood Canteen 1st Anniversary Show 10/31/43 29m m254
-Hollywood March of Dimes on the Air 1/24/42 53m t7130 many stars
-Hollywood Fights Back Part 1 10/26/47 30m m143 Judy Garland,Gene Kelly,Lauren Bacall,Humphrey Bogart,William Holden
-Hollywood Fights Back Part 2 11/2/47 30m m143 Danny Kaye,Peter Loree,Richard Rodgers,Rita Hayworth
-Homage to Gershwin 7/5/42 60m m177 Paul Whiteman,Bing Crosby,Dinah Shore,Kingsmen
-Honor America Day CBS-TV 7/4/70 60 u f444
-House I live in with Frank Sinatra 9/19/45 F Frank Sinatra's plea for racial tolerance
-Housewarming NBC Blue Special 4/10/43 63m Paul Whiteman,Burns and Allen,Gracie Fields,Lum+Abner++++
-Keep Em Rolling War Effort Show 4/19/42 30m m295 John Garfield
-Kraft Music Hall 75th Ann. NBC 2/12/78 60 t5235 Ed Herlihy+Eddie Alpert                
-Laff Parade 2 shows 1930's 15m each t5523
-Listen America-Women's Variety Show NBC Red 12/7/41 30 t10348
-Little Old Hollywood 12/5/39 30m t4642 Ben Alexander,Will Rogers Jr,Cliff Edwards
-Los Angeles War Bond Rally 6/30/43 30m m254
-Love Thy Neighbor Premier with Henny Youngman 12/17/40 26m m2 Fred Allen,Jack Benny
-March of Dimes Show CBS 1/25/41 30m m42 with Eddie Cantot
-March of Dimes Show 1/27/48 15 n285 Gene Autry 
-March of Dimes Special 1/24/42 60m m296
-March of Dimes Special 1/29/44 55m m296 
-March of Dimes is on the Air 1949 30m m175 Dennis Day
-Millions For Defense 7/30/41 60m m163 Don Ameche,Tyrone Power+
-Movie Theatre War Bond Drive 5/29/42 27m m252 Red Skelton,Edward Arnold,Harriet Nelson
-Mutual 300 Party Mutual 4/27/46 m42 celebration of Mutual's 300th Station with many Mutual Stars
-Mutual Christmas Special 12/24/49 5m m254
-NBC War Bond Parade 2/7/44 60 AAW Raymond Massey,Red Skelton,Kay Kyser,Ronald Coleman
-Navy Relief Show for Navy Relief Society Mutual 1/7/42 30m m146 Walter Huston,Betty jane Rhodes,Don Dunphy,Joe Louis
-NBC Mileage Rationing Show 1945 15m m2 Burns and Allen,Eddie Cantor,Jack Benny,Dinah Shore
-NBC Studio Opening NBC 12/7/35 120m t6395
-NBC War Bond Parade 2/7/44 55m m175 Raymond Massey,Dr.IQ,Kay Kyser,Red Skelton,Ronald Coleman
-The Nutcracker Suite WGN Chicago 12/19/38 31m m251
-Opportunity Knocks for US Saving Bonds 5/16/49 60 f506,F Bob Hope,Bing Crosby,Jack Benny,Frank Sinatra, Al Jolson+++
-Our Hour of Sorrow NBC 4/15/45 120m m48 Hollywood tribute to FDR on his death
-Panorama Spirit of Christams 55m m362
-Polish Day Program WMAQ Chicago 7/22/48 15m t12169 music and talk
-Question of Pianos WNBC NYC 4/18/49 30 cd5262 Catholic Charities drive with Crosby,Hope,Durante
-Proctor and Gamble Christmas Show 12/25/46 60m m254
-Radio Guide 10th Anniversary Show 1938? 30m m252
-Raleigh Radio Rally late 1930's 30 r65-This is your Life 2/15/49 30 t4651 Kathryn Edilmani lvor Ken Griffin,First Nighter,Dale Evans (her first appearance on radio)
-Red Cross Show with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart circa 1950? 15m m256
-Red Cross Special 1/21/42 30m m297 Kate Smith
-Rexall Parae of Starst 1942 30m m297
-RKO Presents Bells of St Marys 23m m118
-Salute to the 3 Chimes of NBC NBC 9/53 20 t5385 Dave Garroway presents 5 compositions based on the NBC Chimes
-Saturday Night at the Shamrock 1950's 30m t4649 Rudy Valee
-Saturday Night at the Shamrock 1950's 30m t4649 April Stevens and Humphrey Bogart
-Shriners Special 1947 28m m58 Bob Hope,Roy Rogers,Spike Jones,Dinah Shore
-Show Biz with Georgie Jessel 1954 60m t5230 look at 50 years of entertainment history
-7th War Bond Drive Salute to Glenn Miller WNEW NYC 6/5/45 240m u t4251
-Soldiers in Greasepaint 11/25/43 45m m298 many stars in Thanksgiving salute
-Stars in the Afternoon NBC 9/22/46 105m cd5433-34 with Frank Sinatra,Dinah Shore+many NBC 1946-47 stars
-Star Spangled Vaudeville 7/5/42 59m m256
-Talulah Bankhead Baseball Show for the Cancer Fund NBC 1955 30 u t4135
-Thanksgiving Show AFRS 11/23/44 29m m256
-Thank You America KPO Seatle 11/23/44 14m m251 War Drive Show with Rudy Valle
-Tomorrow Calling KNX LA 10/30/48 30 u t7490 talent show  
-UJA Appeal Spots with Jack Benny,Burt Lancaster,Jimmy Stewart 6m t201
-USO Special-Soldiers in Greasepaint 11/25/43 45m m2 Bob Hope,Jack Benny,Judith Anderson,John Garfield+
-USO Special-Farewell Salute to USO Camp Shows 1/11/48 31m m2 Bob Hope,Jack Benny,Dinah Shore,Eddie Cantor+
-VFW Golden Jubillee Show 1949 30m m142 Bing Crosby,Dinah Shore
-Voices of Vista 10/17/65 15m m142 Woody Allen
-Voices of Vista 10/24/65 15m m142 Mabel Mercer and Alec Wilder
-Walgreens 44th Birthday Party 6/10/45 60m m142 Many Stars
-Walgreens:Radio's Biggest Show 6/18/46 60 g040 many stars
-War Bond Drive for Oregon 444 29m m257 Knock at the Door
-War Fund Show early 1940's 78m t7602 Plea for money with many stars telling their life story
-War Bond Drive KPO SF 11/23/44 15m m139 Thank you America with Rudy Vallee
-What's New:RCA Variety Special 1/1/44 60m m251 Cecil B.Demille,Lena Horne,Jim Ameche,Evelyn Keyes,Jack Douglas
-We Deliver the Goods CBS 7/9/44 30m m142 show devoted to the U.S.Martime Services
-We Hold These Truths 12/15/41 60m m142 Bill of Rights Day with Lionel Barrymore,Orson Welles,Walter Brennan,Edward G.Robinson+ 
-We The People 6/11/47 28m m251 Jack Benny,Mary Livingstone,Hank Greenberg
-What will be in 1960 ABC Documentary 9/8/47 60 u m144 with the Disney Characters

-Variety Show/Talk Show Clip Compilation early 1960's 90 cd7913-14
-Variety Show Clips 1963-1964 120m a937+b067
-Steve Allen+Jack Parr compilation from their shows NBC-TV 1960-61 7 hours s t6941
-Accent with Howard Miller WNBQ-TV Chicago 12/15/53 30 t5261 tryout live music show with june valli
-Alan King Monologue on Kraft Music Hall NBC-TV 11/26/69 8m g215
-Alan Sherman's Funnyland with Lorne Greene CBS-TV 1/18/65 50 u f932
-Andy Williams Show NBC-TV 9/20/69 60 f317
-Andy Williams Show NBC-TV 12/6/65 60 u cd6952 Don Adams,Vince Edwards
-Bing Crosby in London ABC-TV 12/11/61 60 u f325 Bob Hope,Shirley Bassey
-Bing Crosby Special CBS-TV 11/7/63 16m u m67  
-Bob Hope Show NBC 1950's 42m m58 Dorothy Lamour
-Bob Hope Show NBC 1950's 29m m58 Anne Baxter,Les Brown,Margaret Whiting
-Bob Hope Show NBC 1950's Glenn Flord,David Niven,Corien Calvet 60m m58
-Bob Hope Show NBC 1950's Frank Sinatra 24m m58
-Bob Hope Bicentennial Special NBC-TV 7/4/76 90 t3180
-Bob Newhart Looks at Comedy in the 60's CBS-TV 1970 40 u g359
-Burt Bacharach Special CBS-TV 3/14/71 20 u t7573 incomplete
-Closeup with Howard Miller WNBQ-TV Chicago 12/16/53 30 t5265 live music with June Valli
-Closeup with Howard Miller WNBQ-TV Chicago 1/14/54 30 t5265 with June Valli
-Club Oasis with Spike Jones NBC-TV 8/16/58 30 u f327 college songs
-Club Oasis with Spike Jones NBC-TV 8/30/58 30 u f327 R+R salute to the comic strips
-Club Oasis with Spike Jones NBC-TV 9/6/58 30 g141 last show
-Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 1968? 60 u f594 Jonathan Winters,Frank Sinatra Jr. 
-Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 1970's 60 u f313 Howard Cosell,Art Carney                       
-Dean Martin Special CBS-TV 1973? 60 u f621 Jonathan Winters,Kris Kristoferson
-Dinah Shore Show NBC-TV 4/19/57 30m t2893 incomplete-Dean Martin
-Dotto with Jack Narz CBS-TV 1/58 30 u cd6340 quiz show
-Ed Sullivan CBS-TV audio Spring,1958 25 s k36 Maurice Chevalier+Sophie Tucker,Ogden Nash
-Ed Sullivan CBS-TV Audio 1958 35 u cd5547 Incomplete-Elvis Presley,JP Morgan,Joe E.Lewis,Tommy Edwards
-Ed Sullivan CBS-TV audio 1/28/62 15 u g139 Connie Francis,Sid Caesar
-Ed Sullivan CBS-TV Audio 6/17/62 20 u t7927 Robert Goulet,Nipsy Russell,Dave Brubeck
-Frank Sinatra Timex TV Show 5/12/60 50 cd4103 Elvis,Nancy Sinatra,Sammy Davis Jr.
-George Burns Sings WPIX-TV NYC Syndicated 7/2/69 30 u g139
-Hee Haw 1974 TV Audio 45 u t8274
-Howard Cosell Saturday Night Live ABC-TV 10/18/75 60 u cd8288 Cassius Clay,Johnny Cash,Mason Reese
-Jackie Gleason Show CBS-TV 12/1/56 50m cd1829 Tribute to Tommy Dorsey
-Jackie Gleason Show CBS-TV 12/30/67 30 u g141 incomplete-Louie Armstrong,Kate Smith,Milton Berle
-Jackie Gleason Show CBS-TV 3/29/69 52m f441 incomplete-Jack Benny
-Jerry Lewis Show NBC-TV 6/8/57 60m cd9968
-Jerry Lewis Show NBC-TV 1963 10m cd8703 Cassius Clay
-Jonathan Winters Show CBS-TV 3/18/68 24 t7961 
-Judy Garland Show CBS-TV 1963 33m t5231 incomplete-solo show
-Juke Box Jury with Peter Potter ABC-TV 4/12/54 30 u g057
-Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs BBC-TV 11/60 30 u t7248
-Kraft Music Hall 74th Anniversary Show NBC 2/12/78 60m f315
-Lilly Tomlin Special ABC-TV 2/75 60 u t3249
-Match Game NBC-TV Audio 9/10/65 18m t7960 Mantle,Tresh,Ford,Garagiola,Maris,Pepitone
-Milton Berle Buick Show NBC-TV 11/24/53 60 g078 George Raft,Steve Allen,Patrice Munsel
-Milton Berle Wide World of Comedy ABC-TV 11/21/74 60 u f320
-Mitch Miller Show NBC-TV 11/10/61 30 u g020
-Music From Shubert Alley TV Audio 11/13/59 45m f312 Andy Williams,Lisa Kirk,Adolph Green,Betty Comden
-Perry Como Show NBC-TV 3/23/57 28m cd9966 incomplete Ed Wynn
-Perry Como Show NBC-TV 6/8/57 30m cd9966 incomplete
-Pick a Show with David Allen WRGB-TV Schenectady 1973 60 s LP segements from local variety/quiz show
-Red Skeleton CBS-TV 3/1/60 30 u cd5667 Mae West
-Sid Caesar Show NBC-TV 3/23/57 60m t2893
-Smothers Bros Show CBS-TV 10/22/67 40m cd7067 Byrds,Moms Mabley
-Sonny+Cher TV Reunion CBS-TV 1976 10m t4568 incomplete
-Sonny+Cher Show CBS-TV 2/8/76 40m t4568 incomplete
-Swing Into Spring Jazz Special with Dave Garroway NBC-TV 4/9/58 42 f670 Benny Goodman,Ella Fitzgerald,Jo Stafford
-Those Happy Days-variety Special about 1930's CBS-TV 8/13/7060 u f442 Bob+Ray,Bob Crosby,Helen Oconnell
-Those Happy Days-Look at the 1930's CBS-TV 8/20/70 60m f39 Louis Nye,Duke Ellington,Cuck McCann,
-Timex All Star Jazz Show NBC-TV 12/30/57 60 f304 Duke Ellington,Louie Armstrong,Dave Brubeck,Gene Krupa,Charlie Ventura,Jack Teagarden,Bobby Hackett,Carmen McCrae
-Trini Lopez Special TV Audio 1968 35 u f305 Nancy Ames,Ventures
-Voice of Firestone 25th Anniversary Show NBC-TV 11/30/53 60 u t5379
-What's My Line CBS-TV 1950 30m m142
-What's My Line CBS-TV 1951 30 g077
-What's my Line CBS-TV 1/67 30 g132
-Who Do You Trust with Johnny Carson ABC-TV 8/62 30m f237 quiz show
-Your Hit Parade ABC-TV 4/20/57 30 u t3937

-Friars Roast of Lucille Ball+Desi Arnaz 11/23/58 65 u cd4870
-Friars Roast of Jack Benny 2/14/57 155m cd4873-75
-Friars Roast of Humphrey Bogart 1955 73 u cd4871
-Friars Dinner Salute to Burns+Allen 1/23/55 121m cd4878-79 George Jessel Toastmaster
-Friars Dinner Salute to Gary Cooper 1/8/61 101m cd283-84
-Friars Dinner salute to George Jessel 4/4/48 113m cd4876-77 Jack Benny Toastmaster
-Friars Roast of Sammy Davis Jr. ABC-TV Comedy Hour 3/29/72 45 g213
-Friars Roast of Dean Martin 11/8/59 104m cd5453-54
-Friars Roast of Jerry Lewis 1967 53m cd5498 Johnny Carson Toastmaster

-Jack Benny Roast Kraft Music Hall NBC-TV 1/21/70 60m g583 Johnny Carson Toastmaster               
-Johnny Carson Roast Kraft Music Hall NBC-TV 10/23/68 60m u g731 
-Johnny Carson Roast Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 1973 62m cd9984
-Jackie Gleason Roast Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 2/27/75 45 g750
-Bob Hope Roast Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 10/31/74 43 g215
-Ronald Reagan Roast Dean Martin Show NBC-TV 1970's 30 t6394 

-Academy Awards 1943 Blue Network 3/2/44 54m cd9280,m356 Jack Benny MC George Jessel Radio Host
-Academy Awards 1944 Blue Network 3/15/45 67m cd9263,m356 Bob Hope MC Buddy Twiss,Radio Host
-Academy Awards 1945 ABC Radio 3/7/46 60 cd5136 Bob Hope MC Buddy Twiss,Radio Host
-Academy Awards 1946 ABC Radio 3/13/47 180 cd827-30 Jack Benny MC Buddy Twiss+Francis Tully,Radio Hosts
-Academy Awards 1948 ABC Radio 3/24/49 75m cd5137 Robert Montgomery,radio host
-Academy Awards 1949 ABC Radio 3/23/50 105m cd5140-41,m356 Ronald Reagan+Eve Arden,radio hosts 
-Academy Awards 1955 ABC Radio 3/21/56 106m cd823-824 Jim Backus is radio host,Jerry Lewis MC
-Academy Awards 1956 ABC Radio 3/27/57 90m cd825-826 Robert Wagner,Radio Host
-Academy Awards 1960 ABC Radio 4/17/61 140m u n352-53 Edith Head Cohost
-Academy Awards 1962 4/8/63 135m cd815-818 TV Audio Frank Sinatra MC
-Academy Awards 1963 4/13/64 25m t4364 fair-TV audio with MC Jack Lemmon Major awards only
-Academy Awards 1964 4/5/65 27m t4366 fair-TV audio Bob Hope MC Major awards only
-Academy Awards 1965 4/18/66 t4364 fair-TV audio Bob Hope MC Major awards only
-Academy Awards 1966 4/10/67 41m t4564 fair-TV audio Bob Hope MC-most awards
-Academy Awards 1967 4/9/68 40m t4366 fair-TV Audio Bob Hope MC Major awards only
-Academy Awards 1968 4/14/69 101m t4365 fair-TV audio Frank Sinatra MC
-Academy Awards 1969 ABC-TV 4/7/70 75m f502 TV audio Bob Hope Host
-Academy Awards 1978 4/21/79 180m cd818-22 TV audio Bob Hope MC

-21st Emmy Awards CBS-TV 6/8/69 90 u a598-99 Merv Griffin+Bill Cosby MC's
-23rd Emmy Awards NBC-TV 5/9/71 120 u a602-603 Johnny Carson MC

-14th Annual Grammy Awards 3/13/72 90 u a600-601
-21st Annual Grammy Awards 2/15/79 160m b965-968 John Denver MC

-1993 Radio Hall of Fame Induction WABC NYC 11/7/93 60 u f618
-1994 Radio Hall of Fame Induction WCBS-FM 11/6/94 60 u g264
-1995 Radio Hall of Fame Indcution WABC NYC 10/29/95 90 u f503-504
-1996 Radio Hall of Fame Induction WMAL Wash.DC 10/27/96 50 u f332
-1997 Radio Hall of Fame Induction WGN Chicago 10/19/97 60 u f310 
-1998 Radio Hall of Fame Induction WWRC Wash DC 10/11/98 60 u f588 fair-static

-Tony Awards 3/28/48 15m m163 partial
-Entertainer of the Year Awards NBC 1/18/78 90 f437-38 Jackie Gleason MC
-Photoplay 11th Annual Gold Medal Awards NBC 2/10/55 30m t2070,8251,m362
-10th Annual Salute to Movie-Radio Guide 1940's 30 u cd6656,m47 with Don Wilson
-One World Award for 1948 NBC 5/11/49 30m cd5964 Award to John Huston presented by Norman Corwin

-Tonite Show WNBC-TV NYC 9/27/54 30m cd8434 His first national Tonite show 
-Tonite Show NBC-TV 8/25/55 90 u s87-88 Steve in Hollywood with Milton Berle and Errol Garner
-Tonight Show NBC-TV 10/11/71 18 s t6847 1st Tonite show in 14 years
-Jay Leno NBC NBC-TV 1980's 15m s t4812 Steve Allen 
-Manhattan Melodies AFRS 1950's 30 t5858 DJ Show-Steve Allen guest
-Smile Time Mutual 2/5/46 15 t5858 Steve Allen
-Smile Time Mutual 2/8/46 15 t5858 Steve Allen
-Steve Allen KNX LA 10/26/49 48m cd6956 Al Jolson
-Steve Allen KNX LA 1/24/50 30m cd6917 Clarence Nash
-Steve Allen KNX LA 6/4/50 25m m2,m94 Jack Benny+Groucho Marx+Eve Arden
-Steve Allen KNX LA 7/2/52 30m cd6956 Theresa Brewer
-Steve Allen AFRS Hollywood 6/21/52 30 u cd8434 his first variety show
-Steve Allen AFRS Hollywood #76 1952 15 g257 Theresa Brewer
-Steve Allen+Jack Parr compilation from their shows NBC-TV 1960-61 7 hours s t6941
-Steve Allen Show syndicated TV audio 10/2/63 18 g246 Jimmy Mchugh
-Steve Allen Show syndicated TV audio 11/5/63 17 g246 Gloria Swanson
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3389-90 Attila the Hun,Galileo,Emily Dickinson,Charles Dickens
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3391-92 Francis Bacon,Zapata,Socrates,Susan B.Anthony
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3387-88 Frederick Douglas,Emerpress Tzu-Hsi,Marquis Desade
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3383-84 St.Augustine,Thomas Jefferson,Bertrand Russell,
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3381-82 Martin Luther,Voltaire,Florence Nightingale,Plato
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3385-86 Aristotle,Machiavelli,Sun Yet Sun,Elizabeth Barrett Browning
-Meeting of Minds PBS 1970's 120 u cd3379-80 Adam Smith,Gandhi,Margaret Sanger
-Best of Steve Allen Routines Pt.1 60m f314
-Steve Allen More Funny Fone Calls 40m b577
-Steve Allen Syndicated 10/12/87 90 u cd6559-60 Jayne Meadows
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5020-21 Richard Lewis,Eddie Lawrence,tapes of Jerry Lewis/M.Berle
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5024-25 Shelley Berman+George Gobel
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5022-23 Buck Henry,Shecky Greene,Sid Caesar
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5028-29 Orson Bean,Wil Shriner,Pat McCormack
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5026-27 Barry Farber
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5018-19 Richard Lewis+Tim Conway
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd1355 stories about NYC
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5936-37 Richard Lewis,Dean Brenner,Jan Marshall Richard Belzer
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5932-33 Bob Goldwaite,Jessie Levy,Jay Potter,Jim Morris
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5938-39 Susie Essman,Herb Sergant,Bob Einstein Bill Dana,Pat McCormack
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 45m cd833 Mel Brooks,
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 45m cd833 Bill Mahar
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5930-31 Hyram Kastin,Bob Einstein Mike Rowe,Stanley Myron Handleman
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5934-35 Murray Horowitz,Richie Gold,Bob Einstein
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5072-73 George Gobel,Pat Buttram
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5070-71 Jimmy Walker,Mel Torme
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5076-77 Mort Sahl,Richard Belzer
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5074-75 Abe Burrows,Tom Dreese,Bob Einstein
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5102-03 Tim Conway,Mort Sahl,Pat McCormack
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1988 90m cd5100-01 Herb Gardner,Shelly Keller
-Steve Allen Syndicated 1980's 150m cd2323-26 Herb Sargeant+Irving Caesar,Bill Mahar

-Jack Parr Show NBC-TV 12/14/62 29m b574 Woody Allen
-Merv Griffin Show NBC-TV 12/31/62 35m b573 Woody Allen
-Merv Griffin Show NBC-TV 2/8/63 20m b573 Woody Allen
-Merv Griffin Show CBS-TV 8/18/69 90 u b578-579 Woody Allen,Moms Mabley,Hedy Lamar,Leslie Ughams
-Clubhouse with Phil Foster WOR-TV NYC 9/22/6464 5m b573 Woody Allen
-Woody Allen Hosts Tonight Show NBC-TV 6/7/64 69m b698 Edie Adams,Count Basie
-Open End with David Susskind NET-TV 12/24/61 90m t3225 Woody Allen,Johnny Carson,Mickey Rooney,Jack Carter+
-Woody Allen Interview WBAI? NYC 1976 75 u cd1831
-Woody Allen Interview Unknown Station 1970's 15m CD 285 Woody Allen
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM 6/65 25 u cd 1125 Woody Allen
-Voices of Vista 10/17/65 45m m251 Woody Allen

    BOB AND RAY (see Boston+NY local shows in aircheck list for more)
-Bob and Ray NBC 9/5/51 15m cd5134
-Bob and Ray NBC 5/20/52 15m cd5134
-Bob and Ray CBS 2/13/59 15m m28
-Bob and Ray CBS 20 15m shows from June+July 1959 m28 includes first show
-Bob and Ray CBS 8/10/59 12m m8
-The Best of Bob and Ray Vol.2 4 tapes 45m each BR
-Record Factory circa 1969 14 t3141 Bob+Ray play blues records
-Bob and Ray Routines on Monitor NBC late 50's 29m cd6175  
-Bob and Ray on a Platter-Annual TV Awards Spoof 40m t8992           
-Wally Balou at a Connecticut Race Car Event 1950's TT  

-Who Do You Trust with Johnny Carson ABC-TV 8/62 30m t2218
-Dean Martin Show Roast of J.Carson NBC-TV 1973 62m cd9984
-Best of NBC Comedy NBC 11/21/82 105m t3955 narrator Johnny Carson
-Open End with David Susskind NET-TV 12/24/61 90m t3225 Woody Allen,Johnny Carson,Mickey Rooney,Jack Carter+

-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 2/15/58 30 u t3544 Fair-first show Jerry Lee Lewis,Pat Boone,Connie Francis,Chuck Willis,Johnny Ray,Royal Teens,
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 2/22/58 30 u t5156 Fair-Chuck Berry,Danny+Jrs,Bill Justis,Billie+Lillie,Johnny Carson
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 3/1/58 30 u t5244 poor-Chantels,John Zacherle,4 Dates
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 3/29/58 30 u t5471 fair-Fats Domino,Voxpoppers,Don Gibson,Joni James
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 4/5/58 30 u t5472 fair-Tommy Sands,Paul Anka,Everlys,J.McCracklin,Shirelles
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 4/12/58 30 u t5476 fair-Dale Hawkins,Robert+Johnny,4 Preps,Lou Monte,Monotones
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 5/3/58 30 u t5244 fair-Jimmie Rodgers,Champs,Vicki Carr,Ersel Hickey
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 5/10/58 30 u t5471 fair-Dickie Doo,Link Wray,Jan+Arnie,Mickey+Sylvia
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 6/28/58 30 u t6192 fair-Fabian,Diamonds,Danleers,Paul Anka,Kalin Twins 
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 7/5/58 25 u t6192 fair-Bobby Freeman,Upbeats,Johnny Cash,Don Cornell,Jan+Arnie
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 7/12/58 30 u t6191 fair-J.Clanton,D.Seville,J.Butler+Impressions,Don Gibson
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 7/19/58 30 u t5767,6191-fair Bobby Darin,Jack Scott,Duane Eddy,George Hamilton IV,Dejohns
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 9/13/58 30 u t5767 fair-Fabian,Tune Rockers,Something Smith,Johnny+Joe
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 8/29/59 30 u t5768 fair-Tab Hunter,Connie Stevens,Johnny Horton
-Dick Clark Beechnut Show ABC-TV 9/19/59 20 u t5768 fair-Paul Anka,Neil Sedaka,Bobby Rydell
-Fats Domino on Dick Clark Beechnut Show 3/59 2m t480
-Fats Domino on American Bandstand ABC-TV 12/58 5m t480
-American Bandstand ABC-TV 12/18/57 60 u t5475
-American Bandstand ABC-TV 4/68 10 s t10549 Beatle Day
-American Bandstand ABC-TV 10/22/77 60 u t6038 tribute to Elvis
-American Bandstand 20th Anniversary ABC-TV 1/1/74 90 u t6767
-American Bandstand 25th Anniversary ABC-TV 2/4/77 90 u cd5037-39
-Sounds of the 60's ABC-TV 1/30/74 90 u t6766
-Good Old Days of R+R II NBC-TV 11/25/78 90 u t6621  
-Rock Roll and Remember with Dick Clark 12/19/76 60 u t6623
-Dick Clark Radio Syndicated Show Dave Johnson CHUM 6/14/63 110 u t6790 live in Toronto
-Dick Clark interview snippets 1962 15m t6825
-Radio's uncensored bloopers with Dick Clark 35m t1264
-This is your life 6/59 30 t8390 tv audio-open mike Dick Clark
-Jerry Blavat interviews Dick Clark 1994 10m t8154 Dick Clark
-Hank Moore Phone Interview 11/28/76 30m t4369 Dick Clark

-7/14/57,7/21/57 CBS each 30 m72
-7/28/57,8/4/57,8/11/57 CBS each 30 m72
-8/18/57 CBS 30 m72
-8/25/57,9/1/57 CBS each 30 m72
-9/8/57,9/15/57 CBS each 30 m72
-9/22/57 CBS 30 m72
-9/29/57,10/6/57,10/13/57 CBS each 30 m72
-10/20/57 CBS 30 m72
-Stan Freberg Show NPR 11/28/91 60 u t2284
-CBS Radio Workshop-Analysis of Satire with Stan Freberg 8/31/56 30 u t3277
-Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America t1122-23
-Tonite Show NBC-TV 7/4/68 90 u t3938 Stan Freberg guest
-Monitor NBC 8/19/66 51m cd3163 interview with Freberg
-Journeys NPR 1980's 55 u cd6015 Stan Freburg

 THE GOON SHOW BBC with Peter Sellers all m202
   520122 The Goon Show 
   520205 The Goon Show
   560103 The Mighty Wurlitzer
   560124 The Jet-Propelled Guided Naafi
   5601/31 The House of Teeth
   560313 Scradge
   561004 Burami Oasis
   561011 Drums Along the Mersey
   561018 The Nadger Plague
   561025 Macreekie Rising of '74
   561101 The Spectre of Tintagel
   561108 The Sleeping Prince
   561115 The Great Bank Robbery
   561205 What's My Line
   561213 The Telephone
   561220 The Flea
   57103 Emperor of the Universe
   570110 Wings Over Dagenham
   570117 The Rent Collectors
   570131 The Moon Show
   570207 The Mysterious Punch-In-the-Conker
   57214  Sleeping
   570221 Around the World in 80 Days
   570228 Insurance - The White Man's Burden
   570307 The Africa Ship Canal
   570314 Ill Met By Goonlight
   570321 The Missing Boa Constrictor
   570328 The Histories of Pliny the Elder
   570930 Spon
   571006 The Mummified Priest
   571007 The Junk Affair
   571014 The Burning Embassy
   571021 The Great Regents Park Swim
   571028 The Treasure In the Tower
   571104 The Space Age
   571111 The Red Fort
   571117 The Giant Bombardon
   571125 The Policy
   571202 King Solomon's Mines
   571209 The Stolen Postman
   571223 The Plasticine Man
   571229 The Ink Shortage            


-Arthur Godfrey Sundial Show WJSV 9/21/39 120m u t2855
-Arthur Godfrey CBS 6/45 12m cd5288 incomplete-first network show
-The Warning Bell Documentary on Education CBS 12/20/55 60 u t5856 narrated by Godfrey
-Arthur Godfrey 50th Anniversary Special WNET-TV NJ 8/18/79 90 u cd5553-54 Steve Allen,Art Carney,Annette,Julie Anthony,Roberta Palmer,Ellis Levinson

-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 60m cd5552 compilation of debut performances including Wally Cox,Jose Mellis,Lenny Bruce
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 9/3/46 30 cd3727
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 3/11/47 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS-TV 4/4/49 30 cd6706
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS-TV 4/18/49 30 cd3727 Lenny Bruce debut
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 4/24/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 5/8/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 5/16/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 5/22/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 5/29/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 6/5/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Talents Scouts CBS 10/2/50 m9 George Sawtell
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 7/8/46 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 7/9/46 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/17 1946 30 b821
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/18 1946 30 b821
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/23/46 30 each cd9960
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/24/46 30 each cd9960
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/31 1946 30 t5506
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 11/5 1946 30 t5506
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 11/6 1946 30 b820
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 11/7 1946 30 b820
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 9/8/47 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 9/28/49 30 t5507
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 6/12/50 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 9/9/52 32m m66
-Arthur Godfrey Time AFRS 1953 8m cd5288
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/5/53 32m m66
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 6/23/53 63m m66 Robert Q.Lewis subs
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 9/25/53 33m m66 Robert Q.Lewis subs
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/53 60 u cd9961
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/21/53 13m g665
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1953 30m m66
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1953? 30m m66
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/53 8m cd5288,2408,m9 just the part where he fires Larosa
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/19/60 24 g077 incomplete with Jack Benny
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 12/63 30 u cd8433
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 5/64 8m g257 Carol Channing
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1964 32 u g378 incomplete with Paul Whiteman
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/20/64 50m m9 30th Anniversary show 
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/21/64 49m m9 30th Anniversary show 
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/22/64 44m m9 30th Anniversary show 
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/23/64 50m m9 30th Anniversary show 
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/13/65 68m m9 
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 10/14/65 69m m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 12/29/67 15 u g379 incomplete
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 1/31/71 30 u g377 Nipsey Russell
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 2/1/71 30 u g377 Nipsey Russell
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 2/2/72 30 u cd8433
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 2/26/72 30 f256 Richard Hayes
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/11/72 30 f256 Erroll Garner
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/21/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/22/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/23/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/24/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/25/72 30 m9 Teresa Brewer
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/26/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/28/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/29/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/30/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 3/31/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/1/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/2/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/3/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/4/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/5/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/6/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/7/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/8/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/9/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/10/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/11/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/12/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/13/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/14/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/15/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/16/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/17/72 30 m9 Remembering 1956
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/18/72 30 m9 Remembering 1955
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/19/72 30 m9 Remembering 1954
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/20/72 30 m9 Remembering 1953
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/21/72 30 m9 Remembering 1952
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/22/72 30 m9 Remembering 1951
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/23/72 30 m9 Remembering 1950
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/24/72 30 m9 Remembering 1949
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/25/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/26/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS 4/27/72 30 m9
-Arthur Godfrey Time CBS from KLRA Little Rock 2/7/73 30 u b235 last show of long radio career
JIM HAWTHORNE-Wild DJ similar to later Dr Demento
-Jim Hawthorne KXLA LA 6/9/47 30 u cd1921
-Jim Hawthorne KXLA LA 6/10/47 30 u cd1921
-Jim Hawthorne KXLA LA 8/15/47 30 u cd1924
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS 1948 30 u cd cd1918
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS #9 12/25/48 30 u cd1918
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS #10 1948 30m cd1920
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS #13 1948 30m cd1920
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS #16 1948 30m cd1919
-Jim Hawthorne AFRS #18 1948 30m cd1919
-Jim Hawthorne ABC 1951 15m m145 The Hogan Song
-Jim Hawthorne KNX 4/30/53 30m cd1924 Nick Lucas
-Jim Hawthorne KNX 3/19/53 60m cd1923
-Here's Hawthorne's Adventures ABC 1949 30m cd1922 Dennis Day

JOURNEYS-NPR SHOW-Wonderful,Intelligent Show using radio clips 
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd831  Nite Life in America 1900-1930
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5802 Search for an American Hero 
-Journeys NPR 4/1/81  55 u cd5793 Celebrate US Women in History
-Journeys NPR 4/11/81 55 u cd5797 Concentration Camps in U.S.-Internment of Japanese Americans
-Journeys NPR 5/4/81  55 u cd5796 Democratic Presidents of the Twentieth Century
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5993 Republican Presidents of the Twentieth Century
-Journeys NPR 5/9/81  55 u cd5795 The Generation Gap in the Age of the Jitterbug
-Journeys NPR 3/31/80 55 u cd5792 Camelot Revisted:The JFK Presidency
-Journeys NPR 1981    55 u cd5799 Presidential Election of 1948
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6007 Documentary on Grand Old Opry
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5999 Judy Garland 
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6003 Paul Robeson 
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6012 Pop Music at War
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5991 R+R in 1955
-Journeys NPR 1980's  60 u cd9480 fair-Elvis Presley,the King of Rock and Roll
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5992 Pop Culture during the Depression
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5995 Spirit of 1942
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6001-02 Civil Rights Movement of 50's and 60's
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6014 Anti Communism
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6015 Stan Freburg
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5798 Edward R.Morrow
-Journeys NPR 5/4/81  55 u cd5996 Emergence of Broadcast Journalism and Radio News
-Journeys NPR 5/4/81  55 u cd5997 Richard Nixon
-Journeys NPR 5/4/81  55 u cd5996 Korean War
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6004 Walt Disney
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6010 Marilyn Monroe
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6011 Chicago
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6015 1950's Youth Culture
-Journeys NPR 4/81   110 u cd5804-05 Profile of Chicago TV News Pts 1+2                      
-Journeys NPR 6/16/81 55 u cd5801 TV in its infancy
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5803 Masters of Old Time Comedy-Laurel+Hardy mostly
-Journeys NPR 4/29/81 55 u cd5800 Ozzie and Harriet and other Situation Comedies
-Journeys NPR 5/2/81  55 u cd5794 From Vampires to Slashers-American Taste for Horror
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd6009 Black Broadway
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u cd5994 Destination Freedom Radio Show
-Journeys NPR 5/4/81  55 u cd6000 Vic and Sade
-Journeys NPR 1980's  55 u f580   Joe Louis

       DICK LAWRENCE REVIEW 1981 60m each-documentaries about 1900-1940 era 
-The Cherry Sisters 60m cd1731
-Broadway 1900 cd2874
-Movie Music 1927-31 cd2869
-Emperor Norton cd2870
-Girls,Gorgeous Girls cd2873
-Pearl Harbor cd2871
-Coon Sanders cd2872
-George Hall+Dolly Dawn cd2868
-Hollywood 1929 cd2875

-Best of 1 NPR 11/10/00 120 u n320-321
       1.Tony Swartz and his 30,000 recordings
       2.The Man who heard Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
       3.Readers who entertained Cuban Cigar Makers in Tampa
       4.Scott Carpenter's call on helium to LBJ
       5.Sounds picked up by North Pole Transmitters
       6.Tennessee Williams's 1946 Penny Arcade records
-Waiting for Joe Dimagio NPR 1999 30 cd3167
-The Rise+Fall of Thomas Edison NPR 1999 30 t4001
-Tony Swartz+his 30,000 Recordings NPR 1999 30 cd3171
-3 short segments NPR 1999 15m t4001
-CKLW,The Hits Just Keep Coming 8/27/99 60m CD
-Profile of Sam Phillips:Recording Weddings+Funerals 9/17/89 25m t10385
-Black Weddings on audio tape 9/24/99 15m t10385
-Voice of Fred Friendly from 1941 7m t10385
-Don Hunter's Recordings of long gone sounds from Chicago Museum 10/8/99 15m t10385
-Phil Gries-Obsessed with TV Shows sound Recordings 11/19/99 30 r166
-Art Chimes+his audio tapes of THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS off the TV 10m r166
-Vincent Voice Library of Sound 5/21/99 13 t10463
-The Woman Who Saw Lindbergh Land in France 5/21/99 10 t10463
-The sounds of space 3/26/99 8 t10463
-Ma Bell Telephone Archives 4/21/99 17 t10463
-Morse code 9m t10463
-Telephone Answering Machines 14m t10463
-Norman Corwin 8/13/99 15 t10463 
-NPR Best Driveway Moments 120m d8760-61

-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 12/8/41 60 u cd9331 many news bulletin interuptions as war has begun
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 12/10/41 60 u m351
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 1943 30m t3552,m123 
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 6/21/45 15m t4924,m15,m356
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 6/22/45 15m t4924,m356
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 6/23/45 15m t4924
-Breakfast Club WLS Chicago 6/24/45 15m t4924
-Breakfast Club ABC 8/2/57 15 u t7927
-Breakfast Club ABC 9/57 30 u cd3367
-Breakfast Club AFRS 9/2/60 30m m356 Christmas in September show
-Breakfast Club ABC 5/61 15 u b506
-Breakfast Club ABC 8/62 25 u t8904
-Breakfast Club ABC 12/29/67 13m g379
-Breakfast Club ABC 9/17/68 60 60 u t8747
-Breakfast Club ABC 9/27/68 60 u f324
-Breakfast Club ABC 11/28/68 60 u t8879 Thanksgiving Show
-Breakfast Club ABC 11/29/68 60 u t8747
-Breakfast Club ABC 12/68 60 u f443 last show
-Don McNeil Story with Dennis James ABC 6/22/53 30 u t2975 20th Anniversary Special
-Golden Days of Radio profile of Breakfast Club 1980's 60m t4516
-Best of the Breakfast Club-best segments from shows 40's-60's 65m cd2027

-Monitor Sales Presentation+Preview NBC 4/26/55 41m cd6738
-NBC Monitor Tribute Syndicated 11/16/02 60 u j639 fair-hiss Jim Lowe
-Stan Kenton 8/27/55 30 u cd7891 live broadcast
-Bob and Ray Routines late 50's 29m cd6175

-Morgan Beaty 6/12/55 18m u m160 first 18 minutes of Monitor ever
-Dave Garroway 6/17/56 14m u m160
-Bob Wilson/Monte Hall 6/6/59 60 u m160
-Hugh Downs/Peter Roberts 6/6/59 59 u m160
-Morgan Beatty/Ted Bond 6/6/59 45 u m160
-Old Time Radio Christmas 6/24/61 16 u cd6357
-New Years Eve Special 12/31/61 85 u b529-530 Frank McGee
-Johnny Weismuller 3/62 11 u cd8654
-Mel Allen 3/3/62 30 u m160
-Bob Hope Tribute 3/11/62 28m g749
-Jimmy Durante Tribute 2/9/63 55m m160 Jim Lowe
-Groucho Birthday Tribute 10/5/63 42 u m160 Jim Lowe
-Frank Sinatra Birthday Tribute 12/14/63 45 u cd6358 Barry Nelson
-George Burns Birthday Tribute 1/18/64 45 u m160
-Raymond Gram Swing Tribute 3/22/64 23m g749
-Barry Nelson 9/26/64 51 u m160
-Frank Blair 2/14/65 14 u m160
-HV Kaltenborn Tribute 6/16/65 cd6357
-A Christmas Carol 12/25/65 23m m143
-Henry Morgan 3/19/66 30 u m160
-Frank Blair 5/22/66 35 u m160
-Henry Morgan 6/4/66 22 u m160 Long John Nebel
-Interview with Stan Freberg 8/19/66 51m cd3163
-Gene Rayburn 6/66 30 u t3141 
-Henry Morgan 11/20/66 16 s m160
-7 straight hours of Monitor 2/26/67 420 u a789-795 a portion is fair sound 
-Ed McMahon 1967 28 u g748
-Gene Rayburn 8/67 75 u a407-408 fair-low volume
-Bert Parks,Gene Rayburn,Ed McMahon 9/23-24,1967 80 s m280
-Ted Steele 11/67 27m u m160
-Great Radio Heroes with Jim Harmon 12/9/67 12m cd8654
-Henry Morgan 12/17/67 24 s m160
-Brad Crandall 6/16/68 45 u m160
-Gene Rayburn 2/22/69 120 u cd9923-24 fair-hiss
-Joe Garagiola 2/22/69 60 u m162
-Henry Morgan 2/23/69 60 u m162
-Gene Rayburn 3/25/69 60 u t11562 Eisenhower dies 
-Durward Kirby 9/21/69 20 s m162
-Henry Morgan,Gene Rayburn,Murray the K,Joe Garagiola 11/69 60 s m280 discontinuous
-Murray the K,Gene Rayburn,Robert W.Morgan 12/69 70 s m162 discontinuous days 
-Murray the K 4/25/70 30 u cd8653
-Murray the K 10/31/70 30 u cd8653
-Ted Brown 2/21/71 30 u m162
-Bill Cullen 5/16/71 30 u m162
-Tribute to David Sarnoff 12/12/71 24m cd8654
-Jim Lowe 1/30/72 60 u m162
-Ted Brown 4/30/72 40 s m162
-Bill Mazur 9/23/72 60 u m162
-Art Fleming 10/22/73 12m g180 with Garagiola WS report
-Frank Sinatra Jr.12/2/72 60 u m162
-Salute to the Big Band Era 4/15/73 180m j141-44 with Art Ford
-Bill Cullen 7/21/73 34 u m162
-Bill Cullen 8/11/73 60 u m162
-RW Morgan 11/3/73 60 u m162
-Don Imus 11/10/73 82 s m280
-John Bartholemew Tucker 1/25/75 180 u m161 next to last day
-Big Wilson  1/25/75 180 u m161 next to last day
-John Bartholemew Tucker 1/25/75 180 u m161 last 3 hours of last day

5/20/66 40m t10423 Chuck Connors
6/10/66 45 g665 Shelly Berman
6/17/66 25 t10372
7/8/66 50m a256 Ralph Nader
8/12/66 75 t10425
8/19/66 92 t10423-24
8/26/66 10m g359
9/2/66 85m a921-22
9/9/66 50m cd9158 Mark Lane
9/23/66 71m f584
1966 45m t10373
10/29/66 85 t10383
11/4/66 60 t10380
2/24/67 60 t10381
3/3/67 40 t10181
3/10/67 10 t10181
3/17/67 30 t10382
3/31/67 20 t10382
4/28/67 10 t10382
5/5/67 30 t10382

     WILL ROGERS 1930-35 Show Segments 
-3/31,4/14,4/21,5/5,5/19,5/26,6/2-all 1935 t1995
-Best of Will Rogers 49m m91 Clips of speeches
-Behind the Scenes 8/47 4m m91 profile of Will Rogers
-Calvacade of America-Story of Will Rogers 12/19/38 30m m91
-Calvacade of America-Story of Will Rogers 1/1/41 30m m91
-Will Rogers Show  1933 30m m91 back after hiatus
-Will Rogers Show 4/30/33 30m m91 on New President
-Will Rogers Show 8/30/33 30m m91 with Al Goodman Orchestra
-Gulf Headliners 4/7/35 14m m91 Will Rogers Monologue
-Fred Stone 8/13/33 t1995
-Adress on Young Plant Unemployment 10/18/31 t1995
-Address at Democratic Convention 1932 t1995
-Radio Comedians 7/8/34 t1995
-Speech to Traffic Cheifs t1995
-Rogers Plan t1995
-Hitler+Mussolini t1995
-Dust Storms t1995
-Will Rogers Philosophizes 1935 10m m91
-Sacramento 5/19/35 t1995
-Rogers Plan 4/21/35 9m t1995,m91
-Gambling+Lotteries 5/5/35 t1995
-Dionne Quints 5/26/35 t1996
-Garbo 6/2/35 t1996
-Last Broadcast 6/9/35 t1996

     JEAN SHEPHERD (See WOR NY Shows in aircheck list 1 for more)
-Jean Shepherd Syndicated 1976 30 u t1835 Practical Jokes
-Jean Shepherd Chatauqua Lecture 1980's 60 u t1743 Discovering God in Algebra Class 
-Lenny Bruce Memorial Service WBAI-FM 8/12/66 80 u cd5424 Allen Ginsberg,Jean Shepherd
-Ann Liquori WFAN 9/28/96 60 u t1194 Jean Shepherd
-Alex Bennett WPLJ 9/13/74 60 s t1622 Jean Shepherd
-Alan Colmes WMCA 1/12/89 41m m5 Jean Shepherd
-Alan Colmes WEVD 10/21/99 45m m5 Jean Shepherd
-Barry Farber WOR NYC 6/25/76 122u cd2237-38 with Jean Shepherd
-Long John Nebel WNBC 1/68 93 u cd2235-36 with Jean Shepherd
-Long John Nebel WOR 1975 225 u t1740 Jean Shepherd
-Long John Nebel WMCA 1976 62m m5 with Jean Shepherd
-Tom Snyder WNBC-TV NYC 7/23/74 27 u cd2239 with Jean Shepherd
-Jean Shepherd Big Broadcast of 1975 WBZ Boston 7/4/75 220m u t2300-01
-Jean Shepherd American Scene Comments PBS 1983 45 t6597 collection of a bunch of short shows
-Studs Terkel WFMT-FM 2/21/72 60 cd3426 Jean Shepherd
-3 Worlds of Jean Shepherd PBS TV Audio 1968 29m m5
-Tribute to Jean Shepherd WBAI 1999 134m m5
-Tribute to Jean Shepherd NPR 1999 9m m5
-Tribute to Jean Shepherd WOR 1999 67m m5
-Jean Shepherd-A Voice in the Night NPR 2000 120m m5 Tribute to Jean Shepherd
-Max Schmid WBAI 2000 46m m5 interview with Barry Farber and Shepherd's Engineer about Jean Shepherd

YOUR ARMY AIR FORCES SHOW,WW2 Actuality Broadcasts and Music
7/14/44 30m m65
Night Rader 8/9/45 30m m65
Doolittle Flier 9/6/45 30m m65
Firefighting Paratroops 9/13/45 30m m65
Blind Landings 9/20/45 30m m65
Hydroponics 9/27/45 30m m65
GI Bill 10/4/45 30m m65
Wright Patterson Fair 10/11/45 30m m65
Radar Defense 10/18/45 30m m65
Oxygen Test Device 10/25/45 30m m65
Radio Compass 11/1/45 30m m65
Farewell Broadcast 11/8/45 30m m65

-Blooper Collection from Networks and Chicago Radio 60m b817 Actual Bloopers
-Bloopers:X-Rated from Radio and Put-ons 90 g055-56
-Celebrity Cussing 150m cd2317-19 snippets of various celebrities losing their cool
-Celebrities At Their Worst Pt.2 cd2320 more snippets of various celebrities losing their cool
-Celebrities at their worst Pt.3 cd281 Still more celebrity snippets
-First International Crepitation Contest 16m u cd3424,m205 Mythical Farting Contest
-Frank Sinatra 42nd Birthday Party 12/12/57 63m cd229
-Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin Hollywood Party 1959 69m cd230
-Jonathan Winters L+M after dark 1953 15m b130 private recording
-Martin+Lewis Private Recording-obscene ads 7m b130
-Martin+Lewis Argument on Donna Reed Special Rehearsal 1955? 10m b130
-Martin+Lewis Private Recordings 14m b897 mostly songs
-Prank Phone Calls 1971 70m t3645 Pre-Jerky Boys phone call spoofs privately made in Boston
-Radio Marania Short Wave Parody 1968 60 t5398 parody of a short wave station  
-Woody Allen Standup Comic 120m cd8651-52 best stand up routines 

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