Bacteria and Viruses Unit

Ken Bateman, Sue Bros, and Becky Lederman


Table of Contents





Day 1: The differences between a Virus and a Bacterium

Day 2: The history of discovery of viruses and bacteria

Day 3: Science in the Community (research on viruses and bacteria)

Day 4: Experimentation: culturing of bacteria from school grounds

Day 5: Experimentation: culturing of bacteria from school grounds, continued

Day 6: Introduction to Bacteria

Day 7: Pathogenic/Beneficial Bacteria

Day 8: Pathogenic/Beneficial Bacteria Independent Research

Day 9: Continuation of Bacterial Culture Lab, Debate

Day 10: Student Presentations

Day 11: Anatomy and Structure of Viruses

Day 12: Viral Replication and the Common Cold

Day 13: Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Four Scientific Story Types

Day 14: Research on their Chosen Virus

Day 15: Presentation of Research and Intro to day 16

Day 16: Differences Between DNA, RNA, and Retroviruses and Vaccinations

Day 17: End of Bacterial Culture Lab

Day 18: Lab Presentations

Day 19: Unit Test

Day 20: Community Service Learning