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Dr. Micha Peleg
Title:      Professor
Specialty:  Food Engineering
Office:     Room 315, Agric. Eng. Bldg.
Off. Tel.:  (413) 545-5852
Lab(s):     Room 105, Agric. Eng. Bldg.
Lab. Tel.:  (413) 545-5848
EMail:      micha.peleg@foodsci.umass.edu
Research Interests:
Mathematical and computer-aided modeling and analysis of rheological behavior of solid foods. Mechanical testing of food materials. Mechanical aspects of the tactile sensory system. Texture and texturization. Viscosimetry. Physical stability of powders. Particle size distributions. Microbial population dynamics.

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A page of links to download 3 free files containing 4-, 5- or 6-parameter probabilistic growth and mortality models in either Mathematica® .nb or Adobe Reader® .pdf format.

A page of links to download 5 free files for predicting nutrient degradation in storage from two successive concentration measurements in either Mathematica® .nb, Wolfram CDF Player® .cdf or Adobe Reader® .pdf format. [NEW icon]

A page of links to download 2 free files to estimate the kinetic degradation parameters of compounds in stored and thermally processed foods in Mathematica® .nb, Wolfram CDF Player® .cdf or Adobe Reader® .pdf format. [NEW icon]

Selected Recent Publications:
Peleg, M. 2006. Advanced quantitative microbiology for food and biosystems: Models for predicting growth and inactivation. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL. (Click to download a 452K PDF file containing contents description.)

Peleg, M., Normand, M. D., Corradini, M. G., van Asselt, A. J., de Jong, P. and ter Steeg, P. F. 2008. Estimating the heat resistance parameters of bacterial spores from their survival ratios at the end of UHT and other heat treatments. Crit. Reviews Food Sci. Nutr. 48:634-648

Peleg, M., Normand, M. D., Horowitz, J. and Corradini, M. G. 2007. An expanded Fermi solution for microbial risk assessment. International Journal of Food Microbiology 113:92-101.

Corradini, M. G. and Peleg, M. 2006. Prediction of vitamins loss during non-isothermal heat processes and storage with non-linear kinetic models. Trends Food Science & Technology 17:24-34.

Peleg, M. 2006. On fundamental issues in texture evaluation and texturization. Food Hydrocolloids 20:405-414.

Corradini, M. G. and Peleg, M. 2005. Consistency of dispersed food systems and its evaluation by squeezing flow viscometry. J. Texture Studies 36:569-589.

Peleg, M., Normand, M. D. and Corradini, M. G. 2005. Generating microbial survival curves during thermal processing in real time. Journal of Applied Microbiology 98:406-417.

Corradini, M. G. and Peleg, M. 2005. Estimating non-isothermal bacterial growth in foods from isothermal experimental data. Journal of Applied Microbiology 99:187-200.

Complete list of publications.

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