Select, View and Compare Named and RGB Colors with Mathematica® and Wolfram CDF Player®

Below is a screenshot (photograph) of the file's user interface:


If Mathematica is not installed on your computer you should download and install the free Wolfram CDF Player application.

If you have Mathematica (version 8 or newer) installed, click here to download the Mathematica notebook .nb file: Select, View and Compare Colors.nb (516 KB).

If you have Wolfram CDF Player installed, click here to download the Wolfram CDF Player .cdf file: Select, View and Compare Colors.cdf (516 KB).

When you click on either of the above download links don't be alarmed if a lot of text suddenly appears in your browser's window. Just choose 'Save Page As...' from your browser's 'File' menu to save the text to a file whose name is the same as the link you clicked on above. Either the .nb or .cdf file may be opened and run using Mathematica while only the .cdf file may be opened and run with Wolfram CDF Player. The .cdf file may not be modified by either program whereas the .nb file may be modified with Mathematica but not with Wolfram CDF Player.

Note that the "copy to clipboard:" feature works only in the Mathematica .nb file but not in the Wolfram CDF Player .cdf file. If you are using the .cdf file in either Mathematica or Wolfram CDF Player, leave the "copy to clipboard:" control set to "nothing" to avoid seeing an error message.

If you previously downloaded the Mathematica Player application to use with Select, View and Compare Colors.nbp you should download and install the new Wolfram CDF Player application that replaces it. The latest Select, View and Compare Colors programs now also display Crayola, a seventh named color collection that was newly added in Mathematica 8.

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