[Normand photo] Mark D. Normand
EDP Programmer II

Department: Food Science
EMail: MDNmn.gif MDNs2.gif MDNfs.gif MDNpe.gif MDNum.gif MDNpe.gif MDNed.gif

Postal Address:
Department of Food Science
Chenoweth Laboratory
100 Holdsworth Way
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

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A page of links to download 21 FREE workbooks for Microsoft Excel®.

A page of links to download 154 FREE demonstrations from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project web site.

Additional Wolfram Demonstrations Project demonstrations (require Mathematica® or the FREE Wolfram Player® (formerly called "Wolfram CDF Player") to run):
Homeomorphism of a Disk Mapping the Origin to Another Interior Point
Plotting the Trivial and Critical Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function
Connectivity-Based Phase Transition
Disks Centered on Vertices of Regular Polygons
Effect of High Expense Charges on an Investment's Net Return
Fate of a Long Term Index Fund Investment According to the S&P 500
Model for the Formulation of Multilayered Emulsions
Plotting Collatz Sequences
Select, View and Compare Named Colors
Through Any Three Points

Four versions of a Mathematica® .nb or .cdf file to Select, View and Compare Named and RGB Colors (similar to the above-mentioned Wolfram Demonstration "Select, View and Compare Named Colors" but with additional features) and to Select, View and Compare Any Colors that compares any of Mathematica® 's named colors or colors specified in any of its supported colorspaces (RGB, HSB, CMYK, or GrayLevel) employing conversions between colorspaces.[NEW icon]

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