The following is a list of both Theatre and Non-Theatre Related Periodicals that were available in London between 1800 and 1810. Many thanks to Paul Buczkowski who complied these lists.

London Theatrical Periodicals Available from 1800-1810

The Artist. A collection of essays relative to painting, poetry, sculpture, architecture, the drama, discoveries of science, and various other subjects. Ed. by Prince Hoare. London. Vol. 1. Nos 1-21. 14 Mar-1 Aug 1807. Vol 2. Nos 1-20. 1809. Weekly (in Vol 1) (The issues are undated in Vol 2. The work was reprinted in 1810.)

Authentic Memoirs of the Green-Room. Involving Sketches, Biographical, Critical, and Characteristic, of the Performers of the Theatres-Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and the Hay-Market. London: Printed by and for J. Roache. Vols. 1-4, [1801] -1804. Annual.

Authentic Memoirs of the Green Room (For 1806). Involving Sketches, Biographical, Critical & Characteristic, of the Performers of the Theatres Royal, Drury-Lane, Covent-Garden, and the Haymarket. London: Printed by and for J. Roach, at the Brita nnia Printing Office. Vols 1-2. 1806. Annual. (This is another edition, with new title pages, of vols 2-4 of the 1801-1804 edition, with the addition of a new volume for 1806.)

The Covent Garden Journal. Published for J. Stockdale, London, 1810. (Stratman wrote, "Not considered as a periodical because I have not been able to find proof that the work was published in individual numbers. The postscript, p 815, although i t states that 'this Work was published in Weekly Numbers,' does not indicate where these weekly numbers appeared as a separate work.")

The Dramatic Censor; or, Weekly Theatrical Report. Comprising a complete chronicle of the British Stage, and a regular series of theatrical criticism in every department of the drama. By Thomas Dutton. London: J. Roache. Vols 1-5, Nos 1-52. 4 Jan 1800-Dec 1801. Weekly (4 Jan-21 June 1800) Monthly (July 1800-Dec 1801)

Examiner. A Sunday paper on politics, domestic economy, and theatricals. Ed. Leigh Hunt, A Fonblanque. London. Nos 1-1508. 3 Jan 1808-25 Dec 1836. Weekly. (Times adds this was published annually after 1881.)

The Man in the Moon, Consisting of Essay and Critiques on the Politics, Morals, Manners, Drama, etc., of the Present Day. Ed. by George Brewer. London. Nos 1-24. 12 Nov 1803-28 Jan 1804. Biweekly and weekly. (Stratman wrote, "Hope, No 564, sa ys this periodical is by Will. Smelly and not George Brewer.")

Mirror of the Stage. London. No 1, 1803. (Not mentioned by Stratman.)

The Monthly Mirror. Reflecting men and manners, with strictures on their epitome, the stage. London: T. Bellamy. Vols 1-22. Dec 1795-Dec 1806. New Series, Vols 1-9. Jan 1807-Feb 1811. Monthly.

The Public Reporter; or, Monthly Register of Events. Containing a faithful record of public and domestic occurrences: an impartial review of the drama; and an ample detail of our police, courts of law, the funds, markets, etc. London: Jan 1806. Monthly. (Stratman adds he could not identify "additional issues of this periodical.")

Stage; or, Theatrical Touchstone. To be continued every fortnight. By Pertinax Probe, Esq. London: G. Hayden and A. MacPherson. Vol 1. (Nos 1-4) 20 Jul-28 Sep 1805. Biweekly (irregular).

The Theatrical Recorder. Ed. by Thomas Holcroft. London: Printed by C. Mercier & Co. Vols 1-2. Nos 1-12. Jan-Dec 1805. Monthly. (There is an added issue following No 12 called "Supplement to Vol 2.")

The Theatrical Repertory; or, Weekly Rosciad. Containing criticism on the performances which were represented at Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden theatres, during the season 1801-1802. With occasional observations on other places of public entertainm ent. London. Nos 1-28. 19 Sept 1801-28 June 1802. Weekly.

The Theatrical Review. (Ed. by Thomas Holcroft?) London: Printed by D. N. Shury. Nos 1-3. 1 Jan-1 Mar 1807. Monthly. (Stratman points out The Folger Shakespeare Library copy attributes the periodical to Thomas Holcroft.)

London General Periodicals Available from 1800-1810

The Advisor; or, the Moral and Literary Tribunal. London. Vol 1. 1803. (First issue lacked subtitle.)

Albion, a New Weekly Paper. London. 1799-1809. Weekly. (Subtitles vary; one includes and Evening Advertiser.)

Alfred and Westminster Gazette. London. 17 Apr 1810-1833. (After 1811 continued as Alfred.)

The Ambulator; or, the Stranger's Companion in a Tour around London. London. Vols. 1-12. 1774-1820.

Annals of Philosophy, Natural History, Chemistry, Literature, Agriculture, and the Mechanical and Fine Arts. London. Vols 1-3. 1801-1804. Annual.

Annual Review and History of Literature. London. Vols 1-7. 1802-1808. Annual. (Also called "Aikin's Annual Review.")

Anticipation. London. 1808. (From the Times-not mentioned by Ward.)

Athenaeum; a Magazine of Literary and Miscellaneous Information. Ed. Aikin. London. Nos 1-5. 1807-1809. Monthly.

The Aurora; and British Imperial Reporter. London. 19 Jan 1807-29 Jan 1808. Daily.

Baldwin's London Weekly Journal. London. 1791-1836. Weekly.

Le Beau Monde; or, Literary and Fashionable Magazine. London. Vols. 1-5, 1806-1808. New series, Apr 1809-Apr 1810. Monthly. (New series bore subtitle and Monthly Register.)

La Belle Assemblée; or Bell's Court and Fashion Magazine. London. 1806-1832. Monthly. (Continued as the Court Magazine and Belle Assemblée, Ed. Mrs. Norton, 1832-1836; Court Magazine and Monthly Critic, 1837, afterward incorporated with the Lad ies Magazine and Museum.)

Bell's Weekly Messenger. London. 1 May 1796-1896. Weekly.

Boyle's Magazine. London 1807.

Britannica; or, the Sunday Fashionable Literary and Commercial Advertiser. London Nos 1-45. 1807-1808. Weekly. (Ward indicates the end date is uncertain.)

British Critic; a New Review. London, v. 1-92, 1793-1813. Vols 1-23, New Series, 1814-1825. Series 3, Vols 1-3 1825-1826. Monthly.

British Guardian. ?-1809-?. London. (Ward indicates both the starting and end dates are uncertain.)

British Magazine. London. Vols 1-2. Jan 1800-Jan 1801. Monthly.

British Mercury; or, Historical and Critical Views of the Present Times. London. Vols 1-5. 1797-1800. Semi-monthly.

British Press; or, Morning Literary Advertiser. London. 1 Jan 1803-31 Oct 1826. Daily.

The Briton's Friend; or, Moral and Oeconomical Register. London. No. 1-4. 5 Sep-26 Sep 1807. Weekly

The Burnisher. Nos 1-11. 20 Dec 1800-28 Feb 1801. Weekly. (Ward does not indicate "London" for this publication.)

Cabinet; or Monthly Report of Polite Literature. London. Vols 1-6. Feb 1807-Aug 1809. Monthly.

Caricature Magazine: A Monthly Hudibrastic Mirror. London. Vols 1-7. 1807-1821 Monthly.

The Censor. London. Jan-Dec 1803. Monthly.

Commercial Chronicle. London. 1805-1823. Tri-weekly. (Ward indicates the starting date is uncertain.)

Courier (and Evening Gazette). London. 1792-1842. Daily.

The Craftsman; or Say's Weekly Journal. London. 1758-1810. Weekly. (Absorbed by Baldwin's London Journal in 1810.)

Critical Review; or Annals of Literature. Vols 1-9, 1756-1790. New series, Vols 10-39, 1791-1803. 1804-1811. Series 3, vols 1-24. Monthly.

The Day. London. 2 Jan 1809-1817. Daily.

The Director: a Weekly Literary Journal. London. Vols 1-2. Nos 1-24. 24 Jan-4 Jul 1807. Weekly. (Times has this in publication until 1808.)

The Eclectic Review. Ed. S. Greatheed, T. Parker, and T. Williams. London. Vols 1-10, 1805-1813. Series 2, nos 1-30, 1814-1828. Series 3, vols 1-16, 1829-1836. Series 4-6, 1837-1868. Monthly.

E. Johnson's British Gazette and Sunday Monitor. London. 1784-1805. Weekly. (Preceded by British Gazette and Sunday Monitor, 1780-1783. Ward indicates the date of its change in title is uncertain. Continued as Johnson's Sunday Monit or and British Gazette. 29 Sept 1805- 20 Feb 1814. After that, it became the Sunday Monitor until 1829. The Times also omits the "E." in the title; Ward lists the title without the "E." as an alternative.)

English Censor; or, National Satirist. London. Vol 1, nos 1-3. Jan-Mar 1808. Monthly.

English Chronicle and Universal Evening Post. London 1781-1801. Tri-weekly. (Succeeded English Chronicle 1779-1781). Later became English Chronicle and Whitehall Evening Post. London. 1 Jan 1802-1893.

Englishman. London. 1803-1834. Weekly. (With varying subtitles. Merged with Observer of the Times and Constitution in 1823.)

Entertaining Magazine; or, New Elegant Extracts in Prose and Verse. London, No. 1-12. 1803.

European Magazine and London Review. Vols 1-87. 1782-1825. New Series, vols 1-2 1825-1826. Monthly. (After 1836 united with Monthly Magazine).

Evening Mail. London 1789-1868. Tri-weekly. (After 1868-present known as Mail.)

Family Gazette: A Weekly Register of Politics, Agriculture, Commerce, Literature, Miscellanies, & etc. London. Vols 1-14. 2 Jan-3 Apr 1809. Weekly.

The Friend: A Literary, Moral, and Political Weekly Paper. London. Nos 1-27. 1809-1810. Weekly.

General Evening Post. London. 1733-1 Feb 1822. Tri-weekly; later daily. (Ward does not specify when it became a daily. Merged with St. James Chronicle after 1 Feb 1822.)

General Magazine; or, Political and Literary Reporter. London. Vol 1. Nos 1-2. Jan-Feb 1810. Monthly.

General Review of British and Foreign Literature. London. Vol 1. No 1-6. Jan-Jun 1806. Monthly.

Gentleman's Magazine; or, Monthly Intelligencer. London. Vols 1-103. 1731-1833. Series 2-4, 1834-1868. Monthly.

Gentleman's Monthly Miscellany. London. No 1-5. Jan-May 1803. Monthly.

Globe. London. 1803-1822. Daily. (Globe and Traveller from 1822-1921; over many years absorbed Statesman, Evening Chronicle, Nation, and Argus. Became Evening Standard from 1922-present.)

Imperial Review; or, London and Dublin Literary Journal. London. Vols 1-3. 1804-1805. Monthly. (In 1805, vols 4-5 changed subtitle to London, Dublin, and Edinburgh Literary Journal.)

Imperial Weekly Gazette. London. 1804-1811. Weekly. (From some time in 1811-1823, carried subtitle of Westminster Journal. From 1823-1825, title was simplified to Imperial Gazette.)

Independent Review. London. No. 1-4. 1-22 Aug 1807. Weekly.

The Inspector. London. Ed. J Harris ("Simon Peeper"). No 1. 1807. Quarterly.

Instructor. London. 1808-1809. Weekly.

Instructor and Select Weekly Advertiser. London. 1807-1814 (?). Weekly. (Ward indicates the end date is uncertain.)

A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts. London. Vols 1-5. 1797-1802. New Series, vols 1-36, 1802-1813. Monthly. (Also known as Nicholson's Journal. Incorporated into the Philosophical Magazine after 1813.)

Lady's Magazine; or Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex. London. Vols 1-50. 1770-1819. New Series vols 1-10, 1820-1829. Series 3 vols 1-5, 1830-1832. Monthly. (Combined with Ladies' Monthly Museum in 1832 to become Ladies' Magazine and M useum of Belles-Lettres, 1832-1837.)

Lady's Monthly Museum; or Polite Repository of Amusements and Instruction. London. Vols 1-16. New Series 1-17. 1798-1814. Monthly. (Under shortened title until 1832, after which merged as described in above entry.)

The Library Newspaper and Musical Journal. London. Nos 1-6. 1 Nov-6 Dec 1806. Weekly.

The Literary Journal. A Review of Literature, Science, Manners, Politics. London. 1803-1806. Monthly. (Subtitle changed to A Review of Domestic and Foreign Literature, etc. in 1806.)

Literary Leisure; or, the Recreations of Solomon Saunter, Esq. London. Vols 1-2, Nos 1-60. 26 Sep 1799-18 Dec 1800. Weekly.

Literary Mirror; or British and Continental Magazine. London. No 1. Nov 1802. Monthly.

Literary Panorama. London. Vols 1-15, 1806-1814. New Series vols 1-9, 1814-1819. Monthly. (Absorbed Literary Annual Register in 1809. After 1819 part of New Monthly Magazine.)

Lloyd's Evening Post (and British Chronicle). London. 1757-1808-[1815?] Tri-weekly. (Ward indicates this paper may have been published into 1815, but that he found no definite evidence.)

London and Provincial Sunday Gazette. 1810-1823. Weekly. (Ward indicates this paper may have first been published in 1809, but that he found no definite evidence.)

London Chronicle. London. 1765-1823. Tri-weekly. (Previously with subtitle and Universal Evening Post from 1757-1765.)

London Evening Post. London. Nos 1-8553. 1727-1806. Tri-weekly.

London Gazette. 1666-present. Daily. (In 1665-1666, known as Oxford Gazette.)

London Gazette Extraordinary. 1681-1817. Irregularly. (Ward indicates end date is uncertain.)

London Packet; or, New Lloyd's Evening Post. London. 11 Nov 1776-30 Dec 1836. Tri-weekly. (Later incorporated with St. James's Chronicle.)

London Recorder and Sunday Reformer. London. 1796-1809. Weekly. (Formerly London Recorder and Sunday Gazette, 1783-1796.)

London Review. Ed. R. Cumberland. London. Vols 1-2, Feb-Nov 1809. (Ward claims this was quarterly, although the dates do not suggest a quarterly publication.)

London Star. London. 1805-1810. (Ward indicates both start and end dates are uncertain.)

Medley. London. Vol 1, Nos 1-12. 4 Jan-12 Feb 1805. Semi-weekly.

Microcosm of London. London. Vols 1-3. Jan 1808-Jan 1810. Monthly.

Microscope; or, Minute Observer. London. Vols 1-2, 1799-1800. Monthly.

Mirror of the Times. London. Nos 1-1391. 1796-1823. Weekly.

Monthly Literary Advertiser. 1805-1831. Monthly. (Originally A Monthly List of New Publications, from 1802. Continued as Bent's Monthly Literary Advertiser until 1860.)

Monthly Literary Recreations; or Magazine of General Information and Amusement. London. 1806-1807. Vols 1-3. Monthly. (Times has this in publication until 1808.)

Monthly Magazine and British Register. London. Vols 1-63, 1796-1825. Monthly. (Continued with different subtitles to 1843; the Times gives the dates as 1796-1845.)

Monthly Mirror; Reflecting Men and Manners. London. Vols 1-22, 1795-1806. New Series vols 1-9, 1807-1811. Monthly.

Monthly Register and Encyclopedian Magazine. London. Vols 1-3. Apr 1802-Oct 1803. Monthly.

Monthly Review. London. 1787-1809. Monthly. (Ward states this is erroneously cataloged as London Monthly Review in many libraries.)

Monthly Review; or, Literary Journal, Enlarged. London. 1790-1825. Monthly. (Originally published from 1749-1789 without a subtitle. From 1826-1845, bore subtitle New and Improved.)

Monthly Visitor and Entertaining Pocket Companion. London. Vols 1-11, 1797-1800. Monthly. (As Monthly Visitor and New Family Magazine, New Series, vols 1-8, 1801-1804.)

Morning Advertiser. 8 Feb 1804-on.

Morning Chronicle. London. 1769-1862. Daily. (Bore subtitle and London Advertiser until 1789 or 1790; date of change is indicated by Ward to be uncertain.)

Morning Herald (and Daily Advertiser). London. 1780-1869. Daily. (Subtitle varies.)

Morning Post; or, Cheap Daily Advertiser. London. 1772-1937. Daily.

Morning Star. London. ?-1806. Weekly. (Ward indicates the start date is uncertain.)

Musical Magazine; Review and Register. London Vols. 1-2. 1809-1810. Monthly.

National Register. London. 3 Jan 1808-12 May 1823. Weekly.

The Nettle. London. 1809-1810. Fortnightly.

New Annual Register; or General Repository of History, Politics, and Literature. London. Vols 1-46, 1781-1826. Annual.

New Conjuror's Museum. London. Vols 1-2, 1803.

The New Journal. (Ed. J. P. Smith.) London. 1804-1897.

New London Gleaner; or, General Repository. London. Vols 1-2, nos 1-29. 1809. (Ward indicates the end date is uncertain.)

The New Magazine of Choice Pieces; or, Literary Museum, &c. Ed. J. Perry. London. Vol 1-2. 1810.

New Wit's Magazine and Eccentric Calendar, Consisting of Original Bon-Mots, Anecdotes, Puns &c. of Living Public Characters. London. Vols 1-3. Nos 1-24. 1805.

News, a Weekly Paper. London. 1805-1835. Weekly. (With subtitle and Sunday Herald, 1835-1837. With and Sunday Globe, 1837-1839.)

The Nose. A periodical publication . . . with plates. (By Caraqualifa.) London. Jan-Jul 1800. Monthly.

The Oglio. London. 1807-1808. Every eighth day.

Oracle and Daily Advertiser. London. 10 Sept 1798-24 Mar 1802. Daily. (Continued as Daily Advertiser and Oracle, 25 Mar 1802-25 Dec 1803. Daily. (Published with subtitle Bell's New World, 1789-1794. With Public Advertiser, 1794-1798.)

Philosophical Magazine. London. Vols 1-42. 1798-1832. Monthly. (As London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine, 1832-1840)

Phoenix. London. Nos 1-46. 14 Feb-25 Dec 1808. Weekly. (Published with subtitle and Patriot in 1808, with and Albion, 1808-1810.)

Pic-Nic: A Literary Newspaper. London. Nos 1-14. 8 Jan-9 Apr 1803. Weekly.

Picture of London; Being a Correct Guide to All the Curiosities, Amusements, Exhibitions, &c. London. 1802-1829.

The Pilot. London. 1807-1815. Daily.

Poetical Magazine; or, Temple of the Muses. London. Vols 1-2. Nov 1803-Oct 1804. .

Poetical Magazine, Dedicated to the Lovers of the Muse. Ed. R. Ackermann. London. Vols 1-4, 1809-1811. Monthly. (Also called Ackermann's Poetical Magazine.)

Poetical Register, and Repository of Fugitive Poetry. London. Vols 1-8. 1801-1811. Annual.

Porcupine. London. No 1, 30 Oct 1800-1801. Daily. (Later incorporated with True Briton.)

Practical Magazine; or, Temple of the Muses. London. Vols 1-2. 1804. (Ward indicates the start date is uncertain.)

Preceptor. London. 1809.

The Projector; a Periodical Paper. (Ed. A. Chalmers.) London. Vols 1-3. 1802-1809. (This reprints material from The Gentleman's Magazine.)

Public Characters. London. Vols 1-10. 1798-1810. Annual. (Also known as British Public Characters.)

Public Guardian. London. Vol 1. 1806.

Public Reporter, or Monthly Register of Events; Containing a Faithful Record of Public and Domestic Occurrences; and Impartial Review of Drama &c. London. 1 Jan-23 Jan 1806. Monthly.

Quarterly Review. London. Ed. Ed. W. Gifford, Sir J. T. Coleridge, J. G. Lockhart, W. Elwin, Sir William Smith, R. E. Prothero, and G. W. Prothero. 1804-on. Quarterly.

The Reasoner and Statistical Journal; an Independent Weekly Publication. London. Nos 1-15. 2 Jan-16 Apr 1808.

Records of Fashion and Court Elegance. London. Vol 1. Nos 1-10. Mar-Dec 1807. Monthly.

Reflector; a Collection of Essays, on Miscellaneous Subjects of Literature and Politics; Originally Published at the Commencement as a Quarterly Magazine and Written by the Editor of the "Examiner" with the Assistance of Various Hands. London. Vo ls 1-2. Nos 1-8. 1810-1811. Quarterly.

The Reformer. London. Nos 1-22. 18 May-28 Jul 1810. Semi-weekly.

Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions, and Politics. London. Vols 1-14, 1809-1815. New Series, vols 1-14, 1816-1822. Series 3, vols 1-12, 1823-1828. Series 4, vols 1-9, 1829. Monthly. (Also called Ackermann's Re pository.)

The Satirist; or, Monthly Meteor. London. Vols 1-14. 1807-1814. Monthly. (Ward states that vols 11-14 are also known as new series, vols 1-4.)

Selector; or Say's Sunday Reporter. London. 1799-1808. Weekly.

The Sentinel; or, British Miscellany and Review. London. 1804.

The Sharpshooter. London. Nos 1-31, 1808-1810. Every eighth day.

Spirit of the Public Journals. Being an Impartial Selection of Essays, Jeux d'esprits, &c. London. Vols 1-18. 1797-1814, New Series vols 1-3, 1823-1825. Annual. (Suspended 1815-1822.)

Star. London. 6 Dec 1788-15 Oct 1831. Daily. (First published with subtitle and Evening Advertiser. Later incorporated into Albion.)

The Statesman. London. 26 Feb. 1806-18 Feb 1829. Daily.

The Sun. London. 1793-1876. Daily.

Sunday Advertiser. London. 1807-1823. Weekly. (Published as Weekly Register, 1823-1827; Sunday Herald 1828-1829.)

Sunday Review. ?-1797-1815-? Weekly. (Formerly Review and Sunday Advertiser, 1789-1797. Ward indicates the date of transition is uncertain and that the paper may have been in publication later than 1815.)

Surrey, Southwark, Middlesex, Sussex Gazette. London. 1809-1820. Weekly.

The Times. London. 1788-present. Daily. Originally Daily Universal Register, 1785-1787.

Traveller. London. 1800-1822. Daily.

True Briton. London. 1 Jan 1793-1803. Daily. (Merged with Porcupine in 1803. Times this as merging with Daily Advertiser and Oracle-contradicting not only Ward but its own statement under the True Briton entr y.)

Union Magazine. Aug 1801-Dec 1802. Subtitles vary. Monthly.

Universal Magazine. Vols 1-113, 1747-1803. New Series v. 1-21, 1809-1814. Monthly. New Universal Magazine 1814-1815.

The Warbler. London. 1808.

Weekly Dispatch. London. 27 Sep 1801-1928. Weekly.

Weekly Register. London. Nos 1-193. 11 Apr 1798-23 Dec 1801. Weekly. (Ward indicates end date is uncertain.)

Weekly Register and Political Magazine; Including a Digest of Politics, Literature, and Fine Arts. London. Vols 1-3, Nos 1-70. 1809-1811. Weekly.

Westminster Journal and Old British Spy. London. 1794-1812. Weekly. (Ward indicates the start date is uncertain. Published as London Political Miscellany, 1764-1794; bore other titles from 1741-1764. Published as Imperial Weekly Gaz ette, 1813-1814; as Imperial Weekly Gazette and Westminster Journal, 1814-1825.)

Whitehall Evening Post; or London Intelligencer. London. Nos 1-8487, 1746-1801.

The World. London. 1787-1832. Daily. (Ward indicates the end date is uncertain.)

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