London Stage Project 1800-1900

The London Stage 1800 - 1900: A Documentary Record and Calendar of Performances is a growing compilation of essential information on English drama and theatre of the nineteenth century. The focus is the professional stage in London - theatres, play s, performances, and audiences. Sources of information include playbills and programs, printed texts, promptbooks, licensing copies, acting editions, the periodical press, and a further range of documents and pictorial evidence.

Under the direction of its General Editor, THE LONDON STAGE 1800 - 1900 RESEARCH PROGRAM serves to collect this evidence systematically and make it available to scholars. A long-term goal is a daily calendar of performances on the nineteenth-century London stage, detailing production information for every theatre, music hall, and other places of theatrical entertainment.

Current resources affliated or produced by the Project include:

Contributions of information to the project are welcome. Scholars may participate through full association with one of the projects or occasionally, in ways relating to their own research. The structure of the project allows the addition at any time of an y coherent information, ranging from no more than the scholar's name and subject of research to large-scale lists or other records. All contributions to this collective enterprise will be acknowledged, and all contributors can expect to share in the benef its of the information. Scholars currently at work are cordially invited to inform the General Editor of their subjects. Inquiries from prospective participants and other interested persons are welcome. Please contact the General editor:

Joseph Donohue
Professor of English
Box 30515
University of Massachusetts
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Telephone (413)-545-0498