The Importance of Being Earnest: A Reconstructive Critical Edition
Act I: Interview Scene, Lady Bracknell and Jack


(Sitting down C.) You can take a chair, Mr. Worthing. (Looks in her pocket for note book and pencil)



Thank you, Lady Bracknell. I prefer standing.



(Pencil and note book in hand) I feel bound to tell you that you are not down on my list of eligible young men, although I have the same list as the dear Duchess of Bolton has. We work together, in fact. However, I am quite ready to enter your name, should your answers be what a really affectionate mother requires. Do you smoke?




mamma!] mamma. AD, HD · Exits R. . . . open] Exit LC; Exit R. Leaves doors open AD, HD · down C.] down LC · chair] seat AD, HD · Bracknell. I] Brancaster, I LC; Bracknell, I AD, HD · together,] together AD, HD · However,] However LC · your name,] AD, HD; your name LC, AF

Plate 91. Rose Leclercq as Lady Bracknell.
Sketch by Fowler in I
llustrated Sporting and Dramatic News 30 Mar. 1895. By permission of the British Library  






AD = Arents-Dolan typescript
AF = Arents-Frohman typescript
HD = Harvard-Dickens typescript
LC = Lord Chamberlain's typescript (licensing copy)