Astley's Theatre

Static Information
London Stage Code Diane Howard Code Address in London
0801 28 687 Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth
Theatre Names
Year Names
1791-1794 Royal Saloon
1794-1795 Royal Grove
1795-1804 Astley's Amphitheatre of Arts
1804-1823 Royal Amphitheatre
1823-1825 Davis' Royal Amphitheatre
1825-1842 Royal Amphitheatre
1842-1862 Batty's Amphitheatre
1862-1863 Theatre Royal, Westminster
1862-1863 Theatre Royal, New Westminster
1863-1867 Astley's Theatre
1867-1883 Theatre Royal, Astley's
1883-1893 Sanger's Grand National Amphitheatre

Cost of Building/Remodeling
No Information Available
Capacity at Astley's
Year Capacity
1862 3780
1882 2407

Management at Astley's
Years Manager
1780-1814 Phillip Astley
1814-1817 Astley the Younger
1817-1823 Davis
1823-1842 Andrew Ducrow
1842-1862 Batty
1863-1864 Dion Boucicault
1864-1873 E.T. Smith
1873- George Sanger

The proceding data was found in the following sources: Baker 220; Howard's Theatres and Music Halls #38

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