Sadler's Well

Static Information
London Stage Code Diane Howard Code Address in London
0501 702 Rosemary Avenue, Finsbury
Theatre Names
Year Names
1683-1699 Sadler's Music Hall
1699-1718 Miles' Music Hall
1804 Aquatic Theatre
1842 The Royal Amphitheatre of Arts
1718-Present Sadler's Well Theatre

Cost of Building/Remodeling
Year Cost
1765 4225
Capacity at Sadler's Well
Year Capacity
1879 1600
1931 1650

Management at Drury Lane
Years Manager
1683-1699 Thomas Sadler and Francis Forcer
1699-1724 Francis Forcer and Mr. Miles
1724-1730 Francis Forcer
1730-1743 Francis Forcer, the younger
1743-1746 John Warren
1746-1772 Thomas Rosoman
1772-1782 Thomas King
1782-1817 Owned and Managed by Richard Wroughton, Henry Siddons, Charles Dibdin, and his sons
1817-1828 Joseph Grimaldi
1828-1832 A variety of Unsucessful Managers, including Mr. Egerton
1832 Mrs. Fitzwilliam
1833-1838 Honner
1838-1842 Honner and Greenwood
1842 Ducrow
1843-1844 Honner and Greenwood
1844-1846 Samuel Phelps and Mrs. Warner
1846-1860 Samuel Phelps and Greenwood
1860-1862 Samuel Phelps
1862 Captain Morton and Miss Lucette
1863-1871 Robert Edgar
1871-1879 Several unsuccessful managers
1879-1881 Mrs. Bateman
1881-1893 Isabel Bateman
1893-1901 George Belmont

The proceding data was found in the following sources: Baker 187-219; Mander and Mitchenson's Theatres of London 245; Howard's Theatres and Music Halls 702

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