Prince of Wales' Theatre

Static Information
London Stage Code Diane Howard Code Address in London
0407 717 Charlotte Street & Tottenham Street, St. Pancras
Theatre Names
1772-1780 The New Rooms in Tottenham St
1780-1786 King's Concert Rooms
1786-1802 Rooms for Concerts of Ancient Music
1786-1802 Hyde's Rooms
1802-1808 Cognoscenti Theatre
1808-1815 New Theatre in Tottenham St
1808-1815 Tottenham St. Theatre
1815-1820 Regency Theatre
1820-1831 West London Theatre
1831-1833 Queen's Theatre
1833-1835 Fitzroy Theatre
1835-1837 Queen's Theatre
1837-1839 Fitzroy Theatre
1839-1865 Queen's Theatre "The Dust Hole"
1865-1886 Prince of Wale's Theatre/Prince of Wale's Royal Theatre
1886-1903 used as Salvation Army Hostel

No Data available for the cost of building.

Capacity at Prince of Wale's
Year Capacity
1865 600

Management at Prince of Wales'
Years Manager
1772-1786 Francis Pasquali
1786-1802 "The Directors of Cocerts and Ancient Music"
1802-1808 Captain Caulfield
1808 Sauders
1810-1814 J. Paul
1814-1815 Harry Beverly
1815-1820 A number of unsuccessful managers (including Mr. Penley and Mr. Cobham) and then closed
1820-1826 Brunton
1826-1829 French Companies
1829-1830 Tom Dibdin, Watkins Burroughs and Harriet Waylett
1830 Fanny Fitzwilliam
1831 Macfarren
1831-1837 Louisa Nisbett
1837-1838 Madame Vestris and Charles Mathews
1839-1865 C.J. James
1865-1867 Marie Wilton (later Bancroft) and H.J. Byron
1867-1880 Marie and Squire Bancroft
1880-1882 Edgar Bruce
1882-1886 Dark
1886-1903 Salvation Army Hostel

The proceding data was found in the following sources: Mander and Mitchenson's Theatres of London 180; Howard's Theatres and Music Halls #717

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