Theatre Royal, Covent Garden

Static Information
London Stage Code Diane Howard Code Address in London
0404 182 Bow Street, Covent Garden
Theatre Names
Year Names
1732-1769 Theatre Royal in Covent Garden
1769-1847 Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
1847-1897 Royal Italian Opera, Covent Garden
1847-1897 Royal English Opera, Covent Garden
1897-1939 Royal Opera, Covent Garden

Cost of Building/Remodeling
Year Cost
1809 150,000
Capacity at Covent Garden
Year Capacity
1732 1879
1809 3000
1858 2299

Management at Covent Garden
Years Manager
1732-1761 John Rich
1761-1774 John Beard
1774-1803 Thomas Harris
1803-1809 Thomas Harris and John Phillip Kemble
1809-1817 John Phillip Kemble
1817-1832 Charles Kemble
1832-1833 Pierre Francois Laporte
1833-1835 Alfred Bunn
1835-1837 D.W. Osbaldiston
1837-1839 Charles Macready
1839-1842 Madame Vestris and Charles Mathews
1842-1843 Charles Kemble
1843-1847 Used as a meeting place for the Anti-Corn Law League
1847-1848 Michael Costa, Frederick Beale, and Giuseppe Persiani
1848-1850 Fredrick Delafield and Fredrick Gye
1850-1878 Fredrick Gye
1878-1884 Ernest Gye
1884-1888 Royal Italian Opera Covent Garden Limited
1888-1896 Augustus Harris
1896- Grand Opera Syndicate

The proceding data was found in the following sources:Mander and Mitchenson's Theatres of London 52; Sheppard's Survery of London 79-82; Howard's Theatres and Music Halls #182

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