King's Theatre

Static Information
London Stage Code Diane Howard Code Address in London
0402 375 Haymarket SW 1
Theatre Names
Year Names
1705-1714 Queen's Theatre
1714-1837 King's Theatre
1837-1901 Her Majesty's Theatre
1901-1952 His Majesty's Theatre

Cost of Building/Remodeling
Year Cost
1869 50,000
1897 55,000
Capacity of the King's theatre
Year Capacity
1818 2500
1869 1890
1897 1261

Management at the King's
Years Manager
1705-1706 William Congreve
1706-1711 Owen Swiney
1741-1749 Lord Middlesex
1749-1750 Lord Middlesex and John Francis Croza
1751-1755 Domenico Paradies and Francesco Vaneschi
1755-1757 Mingottia and Giardini
1754-1766 Gordon, T. Vincent, and Crawford
1766-1769 Gordon, T. Vincent and Drummond
1769-1773 George Hobart
1773-1778 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Yates and Mrs. Brooke
1778 Richard Brinsley Sheridan
1778-1783 William Taylor
1783-1785 Board of trustees including Michael Novosielski, James Sutton, and Simon Slingsby
1785-1789 Giovani-Andrea Gallini
1803-1807 Francis Gould
1807-1812 William Taylor and Edmund Waters
1813 Dark due to dispute between William Taylor and Edmund Waters
1814-1820 Edmund Waters
1821-1823 John Ebers
1823 Benelli
1824-1828 John Ebers
1828-1842 Pierre LaPorte
1842-1853 Benjamin Lumley
1853-1855 Dark
1855-1858 Benjamin Lumley
1858-1860 Dark
1860-1862 John Mapleson (under E.T. Smith who owned the theatre and occasionally affected its management)
1862-1867 John Mapleson
1867 Theatre Burnt down
1868-1869 Rebuilt by Charles Lee
1869-1877 Little if any drama or opera were performed
1877-1879 Colonel Henry Mapleson
1879-1882 Carl Rosa
1897-1907 Beerbohm Tree

The proceding data was found in the following sources: Nalbach; Price--Introduction; Mander and Mitchenson's Theatres of London 103; Theatres and Music Halls #375

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