Thiago Teixeira

PhD Candidate
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Thiago Teixeira


Thiago holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Unisinos University . During his bachelor's, he received a scholarship from the Brazilian government to study at the College of Information and Communication Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University , in South Korea. Thiago is now pursuing his PhD degree in computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst , under supervision of Prof. Tilman Wolf and Prof. Michael Zink .

His main research area is computer networks, with focus on new Internet architectures and Internet economics. Thiago is also interested in network security and wireless communications.

For more information, please see his resume .


Thiago Teixeira
Knowles Engineering Building 204
University of Massachusetts
151 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003 USA

Google Scholar: Thiago Teixeira
LinkedIn: LinkedIn


    • Andres Marentes, Jie-Kai Yang, Thiago Teixeira , and Tilman Wolf. A Marketplace for Interdomain Routing and Its Economic Outcomes . In ACM CoNEXT Student Workshop. Seoul, KOR, December 2017.
    • Thiago Teixeira , Andres Marentes, and Tilman Wolf. Economic Incentives in Virtualized Access Networks . In IEEE International Conference on Communications ICC , Paris, FRA, May 2017.
    • Thiago Teixeira , Andres Marentes, and Tilman Wolf. Enabling Internet Economics Research of Future Internet Architectures using GENI . In GENI NICE Workshop of CoNext 2016 . Irvine, CA, December 2016.
    • Ahmed Abdelhadi, Felipe Rechia, Arvind Narayanan, Thiago Teixeira , Ricardo Lent, Driss Benhaddou, Hyunwoo Lee, and T Charles Clancy. Position Estimation of Robotic Mobile Nodes in Wireless Testbed using GENI . In Proc. IEEE Systems Conference SysCon , Orlando, FL, April 2016.
    • Thiago Teixeira , and Michael Zink. Evaluating Information-Centric Networks in Disconnected, Intermittent, Low-Bandwidth Environments . In ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems ANCS, Santa Clara, CA, March 2016.
    • Thiago Teixeira , and Syed Faraz Hasan. Assessing Electromagnetic Radiation in our Environment . In IEEE Potentials , March 2016.
    • Andres Marentes, Thiago Teixeira , and Tilman Wolf. Exploring Economic Dynamics in an Internet with Service Choices . In IEEE International Conference on Communications ICC , London, UK, June 2015.
    • Kekai Ku, Tilman Wolf, Thiago Teixeira , and Russel Tessier. System-Level Security for Network Processors with Hardware Monitors . In Proc. of the 51st Design Automation Conference DAC , San Francisco, CA, June 2014.
    • Sumana Das, Thiago Teixeira , and Syed Faraz Hasan. Research Issues related to Trilateration and Fingerprinting Methods: An Experimental Overview of Wi-Fi Positioning System . In IJRWS Wireless Advancements – Green Initiative , 2012.


Teaching Experience

  • Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL ) Associate
  • Teaching Associate (Instructor), ENGIN 191 - Freshman Seminar at UMass Amherst, Fall 2015.
  • Teaching Assistant, ECE 597/697 CR - Crypto Engineering at UMass Amherst, Spring 2015.

Work Experience

  • Raytheon BBN Technologies , Cambridge, Massachusetts. Summer internship from May 2016 to August 2016.


  • 50th Anniversary of the ACM Turing Award. San Francisco, CA. June 2017. ACM Sigcomm student travel grant.
  • ACM CoNext 2016 &GENI NICE Workshop. Irvine, CA. December 2016. ACM student travel grant.
  • ACM Sigcomm 2016. Florianopolis, Brazil. August 2016. ACM student travel grant.
  • ACM/IEEE ANCS. Santa Clara, CA. March 2016. Student travel grant.
  • ACM CoNext 2015. Heidelberg, Germany. December 2015. ACM student travel grant.
  • IEEE ICNP 2015. San Francisco, CA. November 2015. GENI student travel grant.
  • FED4FIRE-GENI Research Eexperiment Summit (FGRE 2015). Ghent, Belgium. July 2015. GENI student travel grant.
  • GENI Engineering Conference (GEC21). Bloomington, IN. October 2014. GENI travel grant.



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