Arnold Trehub


Department of Psychology
University of Massachusetts
  Amherst, Massachusetts 01003





Image of Trehub

I am interested in the theoretical formulation and empirical validation of neuronal brain

mechanisms and systems that can explain the workings of all aspects of human cognition

and phenomenal content.



  Publications available online

        The Cognitive Brain (1991)


               Table of contents (pdf)


               Chapter 1
                  Introduction (pdf)


               Chapter 2
                  Neuronal Properties (pdf)


               Chapter 3
                  Learning, Imagery, Tokens, and Types:
The Synaptic Matrix (pdf)


               Chapter 4
                  Modeling the World, Locating the Self, and
Selective Attention:
                  The Retinoid System (pdf)


               Chapter 5
                  Accessory Circuits (pdf)


               Chapter 6
                  Building a Semantic Network (pdf)


               Chapter 7
                  Analysis and Representation of Object Relations (pdf)


               Chapter 8
                 Composing Behavior: Registers for Plans and Actions (pdf)                            

               Chapter 9
                  Set Point and Motive: The Formation and
Resolution of Goals (pdf)               

               Chapter 10
                  Learning and Recalling Canonical
Visual Patterns (pdf)

               Chapter 11
                  Learning and Recalling Objects With Naturally
Varying Shapes (pdf)

               Chapter 12
                  Self-Directed learning in a Complex Environment (pdf)

               Chapter 13
                  Narrative Comprehension and Other Aspects of the Semantic Network (pdf)

               Chapter 14
                  Illusions and Ambiguous Shapes: Epiphenomena
of Brain Mechanisms (pdf)

               Chapter 15
                  Other Experimental and Clinical Evidence (pdf)

               Chapter 16
                  Overview and Reflections (pdf)

               Bibliography (pdf)

               Index (pdf)  


        Sparse Coding of Faces in a Neuronal Model:  Interpreting Cell Population
           Response in Object Recognition
(1997) (pdf)

        Space, Self, and the Theater of Consciousness (2007) (pdf)

        Review of Revonsuo's Inner Presence (pdf)

       Two Arguments for a Pre-Reflective Core Self (pdf)

        Where Am I? Redux (pdf)



  §      Rotated Table 2 (pdf)