Sturm Genealogy and Family History
(The Decendants of Henry Sturm [1757-1832] with links to Garner)

Note: this material is in two separate web pages. Matthias Sturm's descendants comprise approximately 1,000 lines of text, this one aproximately 2,000.

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Henry Sturm, Sr.1 (1757-1832)
Henry Sturm, Jr.2 (1791-1868)
Matthias Sturm2 (1786-1862)
George Dalrymple Sturm3 (1816-1906)
Henry E. Sturm4 (1845-1903)
Oather Amos Sturm5 (1871-1946)
Family Histories
Further Anecdotes

Job Garner2 (1794-1879)
Samuel Garner3 (1823-1903)
Mathias Garner3 (1828-1915)

Note: Many are now convinced that Henry Sturm was born into the family of Johann Jacob Sturm, Jr. of Maryland. The family of Johann Jacob Sturm is well documented, mainly at the Hart family website. Henry's mother, then, would be Anna Maria Margaretha Dellinger. Brett Berry, Lawrence Weaver and others had long suspected this connection which is complicated by the fact that Henry was not included in the family will. Other coincidences, however, are persuasive. I leave it to others to document anything before Henry Sturm Sr..

(b. Rockingham, Virginia Col., 1757 (or Sharpsburg, Washington Co, Md.), d. Shelby Co., Ohio, 6/14/1832 [see Henry's will]) m. Elizabeth Weaver [daughter of Christopher Weaver (1731-1788) and Elizabeth Anna Lintzin] (b. Germantown, PA, 1765, d. 4/3/1840 Green Township, Shelby Co, Ohio) in VA in 1786. See family narrative and mention in history.
  1. Matthias Sturm2 (b. WVa 1786, d. 2/1/1862 Stark Co. Ill) m. Elizabeth Reilly (1781 [Va]-1866 Stark Co. Ill) Go to the Descendants of Matthias Sturm [Separate Page, only summarized here].
  2. Nicholas Sturm2 (b. Ky or Va. 1788, d. 12/22/1869, bur. Lasalle Cem., Peoria Co.) m#1 Rebecca Fey/Fee (1794-1/21/1846); m#2 Nancy
  3. Henry Sturm (Jr.)2(b. 1/29/1791, Mason Co, Ky, d. 1868) m. Catherine Dalrymple (b. 2/5/1795 in South Carolina, d. 1862 in Elmira, Stark Co. Ill.) in 1814. See complete lines below.

  4. Frederick Sturm2 (mentioned in Seely and in History of Shelby County, Ohio), no dates (J. H. Johnson has b. 1798, Mason Ky.

  5. Margaret Sturm2 (b. 23 Feb 1785 KY? m#1 Thomas ROBINSON (b 10 Dec 1773, d 1814-8, info from Barb Woodcock) m#2? John MURPHY ca 1817.)

  6. Elizabeth Sturm2 (b. 3/11/1793 [Ky, twin to Margaret] d. 11/4/1875 OH) m. Samuel Robinson (b. 3/3/1780, PA-3/31/1876 OH) on 12/21/1809 [both buried Old Pioneer Cemetery, Plattsville, OH]. See history.
  7. William Sturm2 (b. 1797 KY, d. July, 1858 age 61 [Allen, IN]) m. Nancy Reilly (1797-1850) on 13 Jul 1853 IN
  8. Jacob Sturm2 (b. ca 1799) m. Betsy Moore, Champaign Co. Ohio on 1/27/1829

  9. Ephraim Sturm2 (b. 1807 [Shelby, Co. Ohio], d. Sept. 1890) m#1 Anna Carver (ca 1805/13/1851); m#2 Ellen Judd (who, with son Wm. is in 1860 census).
  10. George Sturm2 (b. 1 Jan 1813 [Ohio], twin to John, d. 28 Sept 1883, bur. Glenn Cem. Port Jefferson, Ohio) m. Mary Ann Stout (b 1816) in Ill. on 14 Mar 1833. Note: George Sturm donated land for the Sturm cemetery in Shelby Co. Ohio, although few if any Sturms are buried there.
  11. John Sturm2 (b. 1/31/1813 [Ohio], twin to George d. 10/19/1884 see history and obituary) m. Rachel M. Barbee (8/28/1817-1898) on July 29, 1834

(b. 1/29/1791 Mason Co, KY, d. 8/9/1868 Elmira, Stark Co., Ill) m. Catherine Dalrymple (b. SC 2/5/1795, d. Elmira, Ill 1862). Catherine daughter of George Dalrymple and Ann Miller. See family narrative. Also, see Henry Jr.'s will.

(b. Shelby Co. Ohio, 9/11/1816, d. 7/29/1906 in Kansas) m. [2/25/1844] Francis Marion Jordan (b. 2/9/1828 [NY]-d. 12/20/1893 in Long Island, Phillips Co. Kansas). See family narrative and account of entry to Iowa. See also narratives of his early Franklin County days in Maynes Grove, submitted by Bret Berry)

(b. 18 March 1845 Blackhawk Co. Iowa, d. 3 Jan 1903) m. May 28, 1863, Waverly Iowa. to WINNIE E. GARNER (b. April 23, 1846 [Taylor Township, Howard Co.,Indiana, see photo], d. Dec. 18, 1911 in Finchford, IA)
See family narrative and headstone.