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Bede Net A resource about the Venerable Bede.

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages is a collection of essays.


General writing links

Dictionaries of all the world's major (and minor) languages.

Writing Guide What it says.

Resources for Writers Guides, disctionaries, style manuals, etc.

MLA Guide You will definitely need this for your papers.

The English Server

Bryon Grigsby's Excellent Advice Can't beat Grigs for good advice.

National Writing Center Lots of help files.

National Institute for Literacy Statistics, resources, etc.

Bartlett's Quotations The famous source for famous bons mots.

Research It General tool. Good place to start.


Digital Librarian

Center for Electronic Texts Lots of texts, searchable electronically.

Libraries General resource to find library catalogues.

Classics at Kentucky The best source for classical literature of any stripe.



Anglo-Saxon Studies Bibliography. Put together by Professor Simon Keynes, this is a remarkable and unparalleled introductory bibliography to the subject.

Poland Biblioteka Narodowa, AS Lectionary MS.