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Updated on February 20, 2015

The Vercelli Book

COURSE: We are pursuing an informal inquiry into the Vercelli Book: paleography, codicology, sources, arrangement, style, studies, and particular poems.

BOOKS: These will be essential:

1. Samantha Zacher and Andy Orchard, New Readings in the Vercelli Book (Toronto, 2009).

2. Donald Scragg, The Vercelli Homilies and Related Texts (Oxford, 1992), EETS 300.

3. George Krapp, The Vercelli Book, ASPR 2 (Columbia, 1932). (Text only via UMass)

BOOKS: These will be very useful:

4. Eamonn O' Carragain, Ritual and Rood (Toronto, 2005).

5. Samantha Zacher, Preaching the Converted: the Style and Rhetoric of the Vercelli Book Homilies (Toronto)


St Andrew in OE Legendary (Whately and Upchurch)


Vercelli 5 (in Old English)



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