Study Guide: 201 MIDTERM


    First, you are responsible for the material on the quizzes.

    Second, for the content of the readings.

    Third, for class discussion about the various poems. (Don't forget to review each day's reading on the schedule.)


Useful Glossary (If you don't know these terms, then look them up in a good literary handbook, like Mikics' New Handbook of Literary Terms.):

    Motif and Theme, Myth, Symbol, Rhetorical Figures (apostrophe, metaphor, simile, irony), Alliteration, Hymn, Lyric, Ode, Eclogue, Pastoral, Epic, Lai, Allegory.

Summary: There will be ten one-word answer questions about names, settings, facts(like the quizzes). There will be five short answers (from the readings) from which you can choose three. And there will be one long essay that you bring to class with you.

Study time is about 6 hours.