Chapter 9 Vocabulary



beorhtnys: brightness (strong, feminine)

earn: eagle (strong, masculine)

hræfn: raven (strong, masculine)

hraw: corpse (strong, neuter)

land, lond: land, country (strong, neuter)

laðgenižla: foe, enemy (weak, masculine)

leoht: light (strong, neuter)mona: moon (weak, masculine)

sunne: sun (weak, feminine)

tungol: star (strong, neuter)

wop: weeping (strong, masculine)

wracu: suffering, pain (strong, feminine)



bryttigean: to share (infinitive )

letan: left (past tense 3rd person plural of lætan )

styredon: stirred, moved (past tense 3rd person plural of styrian)



eal: all

gemæne: common to

hasopad: grey-coated

hean: poor

hyrnednebb: horn-beaked

rice: rich

salowigpad: dark-feathered

sweart: gloomy, dark, black



behindan: behind

on: in

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