Chapter 8 Vocabulary



blodgyte: bloodshed (strong, masculine)

bryne: fire, burning (strong, masculine)

earfoðnes: hardship (strong, feminine)

gafol: profit, taxes (strong, neuter)

gar: spear (strong, masculine)

gebytlu (nominative plural)building (strong, neuter)

gedreccednes: tribulation (strong, feminine)

here: war, battle (strong, masculine)

mæden: maiden, girl (strong, neuter)

teolung: tillage (strong, feminine)

werod: troop, company (strong, neuter)

woruld: world (strong, feminine)



becumað: happen, befall (present 3rd person plural of becuman)

berypð: plunders (present 3rd person singular of berypan)

dohte: availed (past tense 3rd person singular of dugan)

gymða: cares for (present 3rd person singular of gieman)

hæfde: had (past tense 3rd person singular of habban)

wagode: waved, shook (past tense 3rd person singular of wagian)



grædelice: greedily

lange: long, for long



micle: large

wanspedig: poor, destitute



eac: also neither...nor


New forms of pronouns:

hio: she

ðissere: this (gen feminine singular)

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