Chapter 5 Vocabulary



cyning: king (nominative)

earan: ears (plural of eare; accusative)

Ifling: the River Ifling (nominative)

lar: teaching, doctrine (nominative)

mere: lake, body of water (dative)

Oswold: Oswold (nominative)

rod: cross, rood (nominative)

staþe: shore, bank (dative)

tide: time (accusative)

Truso: Truso (name of a city) (nominative)

weoruldhade: secular life (dative)

word: word (accusative)

wurþmynte: reverence, honor (dative)

ylde: old age (genitive)



arærde: erected (past 3rd person singular of aræran)

cwæþ: said (past 3rd person singular of (ge)cwe&æ134;an)

cymeþ: comes (present 3rd person singular of cuman)

gehyranne: hearing (inflected infinitive of gehieran)

gehyre: hear (plural imperative of gehieran)

geseoh: see (imperative sg of geseon)

geseted: set, placed, located (past 3rd singular of gesettan)

gyhyraþ: heard (present 3 plural of gehieran)

hæbbe: have (present 3 subjunctive of habban)

standeþ: stands (present 3rd person singular of standan)

stod: stood (past 3rd person singular of standan)



ylce: same

hwelc: of what sort

gelyfed: advanced

&æ149;ær: there

unscyldig: un-guilty, sinless, innocent



nu: now

siþþan: afterwards

þonne: then



ofer: over

oþ: until

to: for


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