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German 497: OLD SAXON


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Old Saxon Texts.

These are culled from an available book ( in the public domain: Johan Hendrik Gallée, Altsaechsische Sprachdenkmaeler, E. J. Brill, 1894. (And in English)

  1. Beichte
  2. Beschwörungsformeln (Wien)
  3. Glosses on Prudentius (Brussels)
  4. Glosses on Jerome (Carlsruhe)
  5. Prudentius Fragment (Düsseldorf)
  6. Heberolle (Essen)
  7. Heberolle (Freckenhorst)
  8. Glosses on capitulae (Hamburg)
  9. Glosses on Bede (Essen; Introduction)
  10. Glosses on Bede 2 (Essen)
  11. Namen von Hörigen (Corbie)
  12. Glosses on Isidore (Merseberg)
  13. Glosses on Prudentius (Paris)
  14. Glosses on Prudentius (Düsseldorf)
  15. Sermon on Psalms, fragment (Bernburg)
  16. ABCDerium (St. Gall) NB. All St. Gall mss. are now digitized. Here is 878, ABCD.
  17. Glosses on Isidore (Strassburg)
  18. Indiculus (Vatican)
  19. Credo (Vatican)
  20. Rune Alphabet (Vatican)
  21. Glosses on Virgil (Oxford)
  22. Glosses, fragments (Werden)
  23. Glosses (Lambspringe)

Studies on Old Saxon

Editions of Heliand


  • Tatian. Diatessaron. Ed. Hemphill. Hodder & Stoughton, 1888.

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