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Office: Bartlett 259
Office Hours: Wed and by appointment.
545-6598 | sharris@english.umass.edu

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W 1:00pm - 3:30pm

WEEK 15: Wrap-up
13 December - 20 December

Class at my house.

This class is dedicated to a discussion of critique as a professional activity. What are the current lines of demarcation in departments? How have they changed since the 80's? How does publishing direct your interests and critique? What do demographics and polls indicate about the changing face of university life? How do you leverage your effort in grad school to your best advantage?

Your final papers are due to me by Monday, 15 December. My grades are due on the 20th, and there are a lot of papers to read. Please do not turn them in late, or I may exercise my right not to accept them.

POSTPONED. Due to an absurd amount of snow trecherously coated in ice, your papers can be turned in Tuesday, 16 Dec., by 4pm.



Whatsoever you like.