NOTE. This course was taught in Spring 2003 to undergraduates, and scheduled accordingly. The graduate-level work is above and beyond my expectations of undergraduates.

The model for this course is a series of Old English courses taught through the Chicago Consortium of Universities. The Consortium organized an annual Old English course at the Newberry Library on "Bughouse" Square in downtown Chicago. The classes are still taught by faculty from throughout the city, and both undergraduates and graduates can take part.



502 Schedule

KA Old English Grammar
Grammar Chart
Harris Grammar Exercises

Problems downloading the font? Get Wessex for Windows or Mac. Then put them in the font directory (that's in the system folder for macs; in the windows directory for windoze).

Old English Aerobics (UVa) will be part of your exercises.
Extra help from Calgary.

We meet MWF 10:10 am - 11:00pm in Bartlett Hall.

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WEEK 1 Onginnath

    W 8 Sept.
    • Introduction.

    F 10 Sept.

    • Inflected languages

    Please ensure you have the books for class.


Please make sure you have Liuzza, Old English. Any assignments specific to graduate students will be listed, as here, below the day's general work.