306 Guide


This course is designed in two parts: grammar and literature.

The first, grammar, requires a) that you read King Alfred's Grammar on-line, and complete the exercises provided for you. These can be found at UMass Old English and at the University of Virginia. And b) that you read the textbook very carefully, make notes, and ask questions about the material if you don't understand it.

The second part, literature, requires a) that you translate the assigned texts, and b) engage the texts in class as literature. This means making notes on your impressions of a text, its images, language, structure, contexts, and any issues you feel are pertinent to our understanding of it.

Your grade is assessed through the assignments. The bulk of these are integrated into your coursework, so you will encounter them as the term progresses. But the final project or paper requires extracurricular work. You will need to develop a paper topic during the middle of term, and begin research by the eighth or ninth week of class. I recommend that you consult with me as you develop your topic, and again as you conduct your research.

Finally, grammar and translation are time-consuming. Expect to spend at least an hour per day on these, likely longer.