If you are enrolled in English 412 or in an independent study which requires you to attend English 412, you are welcome to make an appointment to meet with me, or to drop by my office. I can be reached at <sharris at english dot umass dot edu> or at 545-6598.

Otherwise, your UMass course supervisor should be able to offer you help.

For terminology a good resource is the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics.

For linguistics, there are a number of good introductions, including Fromkin and Rodman, An Introduction to Language; Andrew Radford et al., Linguistics: An Introduction; or any one of dozens of introductory textbooks you can find in the library.

For grammar (in the prescriptive tradition), the standard reference is Quirk and Greenbaum, A Concise Grammar of Contemporary English; other such resources include Huddleston, English Grammar: An Outline; Wardhaugh, Understanding English Grammar.

For grammar (in the Chomskian tradition), a good introduction is Andrew Radford, Transformational Grammar; and anything by or about Chomsky (these won't be easy to understand).

for internet resources, see the Links section.