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El Mina

History is a weapon. Studied and interpreted wisely, it can help defend, inspire, protect, and unify. If history is ignored, forgotten, or misconstrued, it can be part of the miseducation of a people that will have a them going to the back door even without being told.  Of all our studies history is so very important not only because it is a vital means to the cognition of and solution to many of the problems that beset us, but because it is the heart and soul of our liberation itself.

From "Lecture at El Mina,"
Ghana, 2004.



Amilcar Shabazz, Professor
W. E. B. Du Bois Department
of Afro-American Studies

325 New Africa House
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-9289 USA
Phone: 413.545.2751
Fax: 413.545.0628

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NCBS President, 2018-2020

We who believe in Freedom cannot rest..


Here are some of my upcoming and recent lectures and activities:

  • Keynoting the Texas African American Heritage Biennial Juneteenth Summit "Black Texans: Telling Our Stories through History," June 7-9, 2019, Crowne Plaza Dallas, TX.
  • Inaugurated the 13th president of the National Council for Black Studies (NCBS), 2018-2020 initial term. "The NCBS is the leading organization of Africana Studies professionals in the world.  Since 1975, our members have been at the forefront of driving the development of Black/Africana Studies as a respected academic discipline.  Our commitment to putting theory into practice, however, has also led us to the front lines of community issues throughout the African Diaspora. Our guiding philosophy is that education should engender both academic excellence and social responsibility. Our members include top scholars, community leaders and students focused on a variety of issues related to the African World experience.  NCBS supports their efforts by working steadfastly to Establish standards of excellence and provide development guidance for Black Studies programs in institutions of higher learning; Facilitate the recruitment of black scholars at all levels; Promote scholarly Afrocentric research on all aspects of the African World Experience and make this information more accessible to the general public; Assist in the creation of multi-cultural education programs and materials for K-12 schools; Provide professional advice to policy makers in education, government and community development." -- from NCBS website:

<<Photo by Caitlin Coughlan: Jena 6 National Walk-Out Day Rally, Amherst Commons, 10/1/07.
ere are some recent news stories:

"Amilcar Shabazz NCBS Becomes President" in 2019 April : The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

"Dr. Amilcar Shabazz ... President of The NCBS" in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education-Mar 21, 2019

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