Urban Wildlife Ecology & Management:

An International Symposium on

Urban Wildlife & the Environment


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

June 21-24, 2009


Field Trips


There are 6 field trips offered on Sunday, June 21. Sign up is through the Conference Services Registration web site at a cost of $25 per person. Details of each trip are on the registration web site, as well as available HERE.


If you have signed up for a field trip, plan on arriving to the University of Massachusetts-Amherst campus either Saturday night or very early Sunday morning, as all the field trips will depart the UMass. campus between 8-9 a.m. You will be back on campus in time for the Sunday evening social at the top of the Campus Center.


Contact your field trip leader soon so you can find out (1) where and when to meet, (2) the local travel arrangements, (3) what to bring, (4) what to wear (e.g., hiking boots) (5) arrangements for lunch (e.g., local restaurant, bring your own, etc.), and (6) other details.


The leaders for each of the field trips are as follows:


(1)  Boston: An Urban Ecosystem -- Eric Strauss, strausse@bc.edu


(2)  The Open Spaces of Springfield -- David Bloniarz, dbloniarz@fs.fed.us


(3)  Quabbin Reservoir and Watershed -- Steve DeStefano, sdestef@nrc.umass.edu


(4)  Montague Plains WMA -- Dave King, dking@fs.fed.us


(5)  Butterflies and Odonates of central Mass. -- Dave Small, dave@dhsmall.net


(6)  Birds of central Massachusetts -- Leader To Be Announced (stay tuned)


Enjoy seeing a piece of the urban-and-rural mix that is Massachusetts!


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