Principal Investigator

Asst. Prof. Shannon C. Roberts
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department
University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Graduate Students

Shashank Mehrotra, MS (PhD in Industrial Engineering)

Meng Wang, MS (PhD in Industrial Engineering)

If you are a prospective graduate student interested in working in the Roberts Research Group, please email a cover letter, CV, and any relevant publications to Prof. Roberts. Note that you will also have to apply to the UMass Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Program.

Undergraduate Students

  • Jah'inaya Parker (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2022)

  • If you are a current UMass undergraduate student and are interested in doing research in the Roberts Research Group, please email Prof. Roberts.


    Graduate Students

    Yalda Ebadi, MS (PhD in Industrial Engineering - August 2020) - now a Human Factors Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover

    Fangda Zhang, MS (PhD in Industrial Engineering - August 2021) - now a post doctoral scholar at Ohio State University/Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Undergraduate Students

    Rose Kelly (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2017)

    Matthew Fitzemeyer (BS in Mechanical Engineering - December 2017)

    Tyler Bank (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2018)

    Michael Powers (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2018)

    Luiza Masson Pelucio (BS in Mechanical Engineering - December 2018)

    Crystal Lee (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2019)

    Yifei Zhu (BS in Industrial Engineering and Mathematics - May 2020)

    Ian Andinda (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2020)

    Mohammad Sanusi (BS in Chemical Engineering - May 2020)

    Kieto Mahaniah (BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations & Information Management - May 2021)

    Aliecia Bottali (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2021)

    Sakaiza Rasolofomanana Rajery (BA in Statistical and Data Sciences from Smith College - May 2021)

    Alex Partridge (BS in Civil Engineering from University of Virginia - May 2022)

    Anthony Samuel (BS in Industrial Engineering - May 2024)