Plurality Across Languages:
Class Handouts

Unit 1: The Very Basics

A Quick Refresher on the Semantics of NPs and VPs

The Basics of Plurals, Part 1: The Meaning of Plural NPs and the Nature of Predication Over Plurals

  • Barbara's Discussion Notes on Plurals, Part 1

  • The Basics of Plurals, Part 2: Distributivity and Indefinite Plurals

    The Basics of Plurals, Part 3: Cumulative Readings and 'Grid' in Distributives

  • A Quick Exchange Between Barbara and Seth on Groups

  • A Presuppositional Semantics for Plural: Sauerland (2003) and Sauerland et al. (2005)

    Unit 2: Cumulative Readings

    Remko Scha (1981/1984) "Distributive, Collective and Cumulative Quantification"

    Manfred Krifka (1999) "At Least Some Determiners Aren't Determiners"

    Winter (2000) "Distributivity and Dependency"
    (Handout by Andrew Weir, Seda Kan, and Jason Overfelt)

    Beck & Sauerland (2000) "Cumulativity is Needed: A Reply to Winter (2000)"
    (Handout by Suzi Lima and Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten)

    Unit 3: Number Beyond Plural

    Number Categories Beyond Singular and Plural

    Dvorak & Sauerland (2006) "The Semantics of the Slovenian Dual"

    Final Presentations

    Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten, "Domains and Interaction of Plurality in Navajo"

    Suzi Lima, "Reduplication in Yudja"

    Seda Kan, "Number Marking, Blocking Effects, and Turkish Noun Phrases"

    Jason Overfelt, "Dependent Plurality in English"

    Andrew Weir, "Presentation of Nakanishi & Tomioka 2004"