Formal Semantics:
Class Handouts

A Review of Extensional Semantics

A Review of the Essentials of Extensional Semantics
  • Some Brief Notes on Pronominal Binding
  • Some Notes on Testing the Existence of 'Strong Readings'

  • The Basics of Intensional Semantics

    The Motivation for Intensions and How to Formalize Them

    The Semantics of 'Believe' and Consequences for our Theory

    The Semantics of Control Infinitives: A First Introduction to De Se Attitudes

    The De Re / De Dicto Ambiguity

    The Scope Analysis and its Problems

    Binding of World Variables in the Syntax

    The Ambiguity with Proper Names

    Eliminating 'Res-Movement': An Introduction to Concept Generators

  • Pearson (2015): The Interpretation of the Logophoric Pronoun in Ewe
    [Student Presentation by Chris Hammerly]

  • Pearson (2016): The Semantics of Partial Control
    [Student Presentation by Erika Mayer]

  • The Semantics of Modals

    Basics of the Quantificational Analysis

    The Modal Base

    The Ordering Source

    Conditionals as Modal Modifiers

  • Rullmann et al. (2008): Modals as Distributive Indefinites
    [Student Presentation by Kaden Holladay]

  • Deal (2011): Modals Without Scales
    [Student Presentation by Shay Hucklebridge]

  • The Semantics of Questions

    Questions as Sets of Propositions

    Questions as (Exhaustive) Propositions

    The Return of Hamblin's Semantics