Formal Semantics:
Class Handouts

Handouts from Thursday Lab Sessions (by Ekaterina Vostrikova)

A Review of Extensional Semantics

A Review of the Essentials of Extensional Semantics
  • Some Brief Notes on Pronominal Binding
  • Some Notes on Testing the Existence of 'Strong Readings'

  • The Basics of Intensional Semantics

    The Motivation for Intensions and How to Formalize Them

    The Semantics of 'Believe' and Consequences for our Theory

    The Semantics of Control Infinitives: A First Introduction to De Se Attitudes

    The De Re / De Dicto Ambiguity

    The Scope Analysis and its Problems

    Binding of World Variables in the Syntax

    The Ambiguity with Proper Names

    Eliminating 'Res-Movement': An Introduction to Concept Generators

  • Keshet (2011): Split Intensionality
    [Student Presentation by Andrew Lamont]

  • Pearson (2016): The Semantics of Partial Control
    [Student Presentation by Leah Chapman]

  • The Semantics of Modals

    Basics of the Quantificational Analysis

    The Modal Base

    The Ordering Source

    Conditionals as Modal Modifiers

  • von Fintel & Gillies (2010): Must...Stay...Strong
    [Student Presentation by Zahra Renani]

  • Lassiter (2016): Must, Knowledge, and (In)directness
    [Student Presentation by Kimberly Johnson]

  • The Semantics of Tense and Aspect

    An Introduction to the Semantics of Tense

    An Introduction to the Semantics of Aspect and Aktionsart

    The Semantics of Questions

    Questions as Sets of Propositions

    Questions as (Exhaustive) Propositions