Semantics and Generative Grammar:
Class Handouts

Unit 1: The Basics

Formal Foundations: A Basic Review of Sets and Functions

The Conceptual Foundations of Truth-Conditional Semantics

Unit 2: Expanding the Basic System

Expanding Our Formalism, Part 1

Expanding Our Formalism, Part 2

Unit 3: Some More Structures of English

Common Nouns and Adjectives in Predicate Position

The Semantics of Adjectival Modification

A Little Bit on Adverbs and Events

The Semantics of Definite DPs

Unit 4: Conversational Implicature

Conversational Implicature: The Basics of the 'Gricean Theory'

Conversational Implicature: Applying the Gricean Theory to Linguistic Puzzles

Unit 5: Pronouns, Movement, and Relative Clauses

Pronouns and Variable Assignments

The Semantics of Movement and Relative Clauses

Unit 6: Quantificational Determiners and DPs

Quantificational DPs, Part 1: Their Basic Semantics

Quantificational DPs, Part 2: Quantificational DPs in Non-Subject Position and Pronominal Binding

Quantificational DPs, Part 3: Covert Movement vs. Type Shifting

Function Composition, Movement Structures, and Quantifier Scope

Unit 7: Introducing Intensions

An Introduction to Intensional Semantics