Introduction to Semantics:
Class Handouts

Handouts from Friday Discussion Sections (by Yangsook Park)

Handouts from Class Lectures:

Unit 1: The Basics

The Conceptual Foundations of Truth-Conditional Semantics

Formal Foundations: A Basic Review of Sets and Functions

The Formalization of 'Meaning'

Unit 2: Expanding The Basic System

Expanding Our Formalism, Part 1

Expanding Our Formalism, Part 2

Unit 3: Adjectives and Modification

Common Nouns and Adjectives in Predicate Position

The Semantics of Adjectival Modification

Unit 4: The Semantics of Determiner Phrases (DPs)

The Semantics of Definite DPs

The Semantics of Quantificational DPs

Unit 5: Conversational Implicature

Conversational Implicature: The Basics of the 'Gricean Theory'

Conversational Implicature: Applying the Gricean Theory to Linguistic Puzzles

Unit 6: Additional Topics

Pronouns and Variable Assignments

A Little Bit on Adverbs and Events

Unit 7: Semantic Theory in the Lab

The Online Processing of Semantic and Pragmatic Content [Slides by Brian Dillon]

Semantics in Acquisition [Slides by Jeremy Hartman]

A Summary of What We've Learned This Term