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Smart Growth and HW

Monarch on the Merrimack transforms Lawrence’s massive Wood Mill into New England’s largest eco-friendly residential development. Monarch was designed to blur the line between outdoors and indoors with amenities such as its garden lobby, private waterfront park, and roof terrace with gardens. In keeping with sound environmental principles, Monarch will be powered by geothermal heating and cooling instead of fossil fuel.

When it was built in 1906, the mill was hailed as ‘the eighth wonder of the world.’ It was the largest building of its kind on the planet. With almost 30 acres under one roof and almost a third of a mile long, it is still described today as a horizontal skyscraper.

The historic mill was transformed into modern lofts through a thoughtful redesign incorporating renewable resources, energy and water efficiency, and sustainable development. At Monarch, environmental awareness coexists with sleek design and sophisticated amenities. Residents can reduce their ecological footprint while enjoying modern lofts and a luxury lifestyle.

Monarch has recently teamed up with Harbwood Wholesalers Inc. to restore its 19th floorings. Over the years, the oak hardwood flooring became damaged due to the heavy machinery being used. However, President and Chief Vision Officer Robert Ansin has used green technology to reuse this compromised flooring. The new hardwood flooring, restored by H.W. Inc, will be available in all 600 living units.

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