Invited Talks: Robert B. Hallock

Invited Talks:

Below is presented a list of the institutions or conferences at which invited talks have been presented.

Academic Institutions:

Amherst College*
Boston Univ.
Brown Univ.*
Carleton College
Case Western Reserve Univ.*
Clark Univ.
Columbia Univ.
Cornell Univ.*
Greenfield Comm. College*
Harvard Univ.*
Kent State Univ.
Lafayette College
Lawrence University
Louisiana State Univ.
Mesa State College
Middlebury College
Mount Holyoke College*
Northeastern Univ.*
Notre Dame Univ.
Ohio State Univ.*
Penn State Univ.*
Smith College
Stanford Univ.*
SUNY - Albany
SUNY - Buffalo
SUNY - Stoney Brook*
Texas A&M Univ.
Union College
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley
Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles
Univ. of Calif., Santa Barbara*
Univ. of Cincinnati*
Univ. of Delaware
Univ. of Florida*
Univ. of Illinois
Univ. of Maine*
Univ. of Massachusetts*
Univ. of Michigan
Univ. of Minnesota*
Univ. of New Hampshire
Univ. of New Mexico
Univ. of Oklahoma
Univ. of Oregon
Univ. of Rhode Island*
Univ. of Utah
Univ. of Virginia
Univ. of Vermont*
Univ. of Washington*
Univ. of Wisconsin
Washington State Univ.
Wayne State Univ.
Wesleyan Univ.*
Williams College*
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

(* denotes more than once)

Foreign Institutions:

Ecole Normale*, France
Lancaster University, England
Orsay, France
Queens University, Kingston*
Royal Military College, Kingston
Univ. of Leiden, The Netherlands
Univ. of Nice, France
Univ. of Sherbrooke*, Canada
Univ. of Sussex*, England
Univ. of Tornoto, Canada

Other Institutions:

ATT - Bell labs*
Brookhaven Natl. Lab.
IBM - Yorktown*
Los Alamos Natl. Lab.*
Union Carbide


List of Conference and other Sorts of Invited Talks (excepting seminars and colloquia) since 1990 (dec = declined - typically due to conflict of schedule):

2018 - QFS2018, Tokyo, Japan - Mass Flow thought Solid Helium (dec)
2017 - ULT2017, Heidelberg, Germany - Mass Flux through Solid Helium; kindly given in my absence by Moses Chan (along with his data)
2015 - QFS2015, Niagara Falls, NY - Solid Helium - Mass Flux and the Role of 3He
2014 - Workshop on Quantum Fluids and Gases, Sao Carlos, Brazil - Experiments with Solid 4He and Mixtures
2014 - LT27, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Studies of Solid 4He and Solutions with 3He
2012 - QFS2012, Lancaster, England - Studies of Mass Flux in Solid Helium
2011 - ULT2011, Daejeon, Korea - Mass Flux in Solid Helium
2011 - LT26, Beijing, China - Mass Flux in Solid Helium
2011 - Supersolids 2011, New York - Mass Flux in Solid Helium
2010 - QFS2010, Grenoble France - Fountain Effect and Flow in Solid Heliuim
2010 - Supersolids 2010, Paris Workshop on Supersolids - Flow in Solid Helium
2009 - Banff Canada Workshop on Supersolids, 2009 (talk prepared but deliverd by substitute due to flu).
2008 - International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Supersolid 2008, Workshop on Solid Helium.
2003 - QFS2003 (Albuquerque) - Adsorption to Nanotube Bundles
2002 - LT23 (Hiroshima) - 3He-4He Mixture Films
2001 - Phase Tansitions in Complex Confined Systems (Lyon) - Capillary Condensation, Avalanches (dec)
2000 - Thermophysics Conference (Boulder) - Wetting of Liquid Helium (dec)
2000 - QFS2000 (Minnesota) - 3He-4He Mixture Films
2000 _ NEDO 3He Workshop (Hawaii) - 3He-4He Mixture Films
1998 - March APS Meeting - Helping Students to Give Good Talks
1998 - Aspen Winter Conference (Aspen) - Avalanches in Capillary Condensation (dec)
1997 - Quantum Fluids and Solids-97 (Paris) - Introduction to Helium-Alkali Metal Wetting
1996 - APS Division of Fluid Dynamics (Syracuse) - Superfluid Tidal Waves, Scattering, Coillisions
1995 - Quantum Fluids and Solids-95 (Cornell)- Review of Recent Wetting Experiments
1995 - Bertman Annual Lecture, Wesleyan University - The Magic of Superfluid Helium
1994 - March APS Meeting - Reentrant Wetting 3He-4He to Cesium
1994 - Microgravity Workshop - Thick Films in Space (dec)
1993 - Localization and Metal Insulator Transition Conference - Localization in He Films
1993 - APS New England Section - 4He Films
1993 - April APS Meeting - Helium Films
1993 - Greenfield Community College - Presidents Lecture: Toward Absolute Zero
1992 - Paris/Orsay Wetting Workshop - Two talks on 4He, 3He-4He Wetting to Cesium
1992 - Univ. of Mass Distinguished Faculty Lecture: A Trip to Absolute Zero
1992 - Elba Summer School - 3He-4He Mixture Film Experiments
1992 - NATO Non-Linear Workshop (Crete) - Non-Linear Third Sound (dec)
1990 - NATO Helium Workshop (Exeter) - 3He-4He Mixture Films
1990 - March APS Meeting - Magnetization Measurements of 3He Adsorbed to 4He