QFS98 -- Travel:

Airports: The nearest airport is Bradley International airport (code BDL) which serves Hartford/Springfield, located approximately one hour (50 miles) south by car, with regularly scheduled bus service available (no reservation required) and shuttle bus service available (with advance reservation). Boston's Logan airport (code BOS) is located about two hours (95 miles) east by car, three hours or so by bus. Each airport is served by major carriers. Those coming from the west coast of the United States, or Japan, may find travel easiest through Chicago (code ORD). Chicago has very good service to Hartford/Springfield via several major carriers (especially United and American). Those coming from Europe may find travel through Boston (followed by car or bus) the better route. There are flight connections via commuter size aircraft to Hartford/Springfield through New York and Washington DC. A less convenient airport is the airport at Providence, Rhode Island. Bus connections are available, but they are not very convenient.

From the airports to Amherst: Travel to Amherst form the airport of your choice is relatively easy. Information on major routes routes to and from Amherst is also available. One appraoch for travel through New York is to take an (airport pickup) limousine or bus service (off-airport terminal) from New York to Hartford, followed by a bus through Springfield direct to the University. To get this bus from New York to Hartford, it is necessary to take a shuttle or a taxi from the airport to the New York "Port Authority" terminal, and there to get the bus. For those travelling through Boston, the bus is probably the most efficient method of travel (other than private car). For those travelling to the Hartford/Springfield airport, and from there to Amherst, regular bus service (Peter Pan Bus Line) is available. The bus service cost is about $14.00 one way, 800-343-3999. One does not need advance reservation to use the regularly scheduled bus service. [We have complained to the bus company that the airport-Amherst schedule is not on the internet and they told us they would try to fix that, but we don't see the fix.] Service by the regularly scheduled bus operates roughly every 90 minutes. An alternate and more convenient (but more expensive) method to reach Amherst is to utilize Valley Transporter, a more personalized service which will take you door to door. This service is by advance reservation only, with a credit card deposit required, and a 24-hour cancellation requirement. Pick-up at terminal A (US Airways, Continental, United) is every hour on the 1/2 hour (e.g. 1:30, 2:30 etc.). Pick-up at terminal B (all other airlines) is every hour on the 3/4 hour (e.g. 1:45, etc.). The cost is $28 per person one way. Valley Transporter can be rached by calling 413-253-1350, 800-872-8752. For those who wish to use Valley Transporter, we suggest making a one-way reservation airport-Amherst. For the return trip Amherst-airport on June 14, we expect to be able to arrange a group discount due to the proximity of departure times, or make a special arrangement with the regular bus company. For those who might arrive at Providence, Rhode Island, bus service is available to Springfield with a connection to Amherst, but there are only two such buses per day at 10:00 and 16:00. The bus line for that is Bonanza at 1-888-751-8800.

From the campus bus stop to housing: On June 8th we will provide local transportation from the University CAMPUS (i.e. not downtown Amherst) Peter Pan bus stop to the hotel and the dorm. A campus bus (with a QFS98 sign) will meet each Peter Pan arrival beginning an 12:00 and will continue until the last arrival of the day (about 22:30). This bus will also circulate in a continuous way from 18:00 - 23:00 to include stops at the bus stop, and near the hotel, near the reception, and at the dorm. There is a phone booth and and rain shelter at the bus stop.

Directions on campus: A campus map which can be clicked for changes in gain is available. The Sylvan residential complex (which houses the dormitory) is shown on the upper right-center of the map. The (Lincoln) Campus Center Hotel is just to the north of the campus pond (adjacent to the parking garage and the student union). The reception and registration on June 8, 1998 will be held in room 1033 (10th floor) of the (Lederle) Graduate Researh Center (to the north of the Campus Center Hotel).

Bus schedules leaving Amherst: For those interested in departing Amherst by bus, the following times are departure times for bus travel. Times in ( ) are arrival times at the destination listed. We will provide a shuttle bus from the dorm at xx:15 beginning at 9:15 which will stop at the street stop which serves the hotel, and then go on to the Peter Pan bus stop in time to meet the Peter Pan bus. This shuttle will operate during the morning and afternon on Sunday June 14 only. Bus tickets to the Hartford airport, to Boston and to New York may be purchased in the building connected to the hotel / conference site.

Amherst to New York:
Arrival in New York at the Trailways Plaza (of the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal), with frequent shuttles to JFK and La Guardia airports from there.
Departs UMass at 9:55am (2:45pm), 10:55am (3:30pm), 11:55am (4:30pm), 12:55pm (5:45pm), 1:55pm (6:45pm), 2:55pm (7:30pm), 3:55pm (8:30pm). Note that these arrival times are for arrival at the Trailways Plaza.

Amherst to Boston:
Arrival at the Peter Pan South Station (Boston), from which shuttles are available to Boston's Logan airport.
Departs UMass at 10:55am (2pm), 11:55am (3:30pm), 12:55pm (4pm), 1:55pm (5:25pm), 2:55pm (6:55pm), 3:55pm (non-stop express arrives in Boston at 6:50pm). Note that these arrival times are for arrival in the Peter Pan south Station terminal.

Amherst to Bradley airport:
Departs UMass at 9:55am (11:30am), 11:55am (1:30pm), 1:55pm (3:30pm), 3:55pm (5:30pm). Arrival times are at the BDL airport. (The bus goes through Springfield and may involve a change of bus at the Springfield terminal.)

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