Unpublished Manuscripts

Recently I have writing a number of papers that rely on a large number of color plates to augment the major points made in the text. It would be impractical to attempt to publish these papers in our standard journals due to the cost involved and the inability of most of these publications to include the volume of color illustrations I feel are an integral part of my arguments.

Therefore I have produced these articles in pdf format that can be easily shared. The text and illustrations can be enlarged, and the papers can be downloaded and printed out by those scholars who are interested in using the data in their own research.

However, there is a problem in widely distributing the papers. I have used pictures of pottery vessels as well as other images taken from a wide variety of sources, including museum and private collections as well as various books and catalogs. There could be legal consequences if the papers were put on my web site or published, since it is likely that permissions would need to be obtained if the papers were put on the internet. It is my understanding, however, that a manuscript can be shared with individuals for scholarly or research purposes.

Therefore I am willing to share these papers on an individual basis provided the recipient agrees not to copy or distribute the files without my permission. As with any manuscript, you can cite these in your research and use the data as you wish as long as proper credit is given, the data treated as copyrighted material, and the papers are not shared.

If you wish to receive any of the papers listed below, please contact me by email and I will send it/them to you. proulx@anthro.umass.edu

The papers are available in three different formats: (1) Word document, (2) a large pdf file [best for printing or close study of the illustrations], and (3) small [compressed] pdf file which takes up less disk space. Please indicate which format you prefer. By requesting a paper, you agree to the restrictions outlined above.

Available Papers as of October 2007