Gardenshare is a student-run garden at UMass Amherst that was founded in 2001. This acre of land provides space for students to engage in experiential learning where they can use what they are learning in classes to further their education. We grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers through perennial crop production and follow Permaculture techniques. We are dedicated to spreading knowledge about sustainable food production and cultivating a strong community of people who enjoy eating, growing, and sharing food. Gardenshare is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) and also a one-credit practicum. Please come visit us!

  • Welcome to Gardenshare


    At gardenshare we grow Food, Friendships, Knowledge, and Community.

    the garden
  • Honey Bees


    In 2002, we kept honey bees to pollinate our raspberries, strawberries, and tree fruits. Members learned how to keep bees, sustainably harvest honey, and the integral role pollinizers play in food production.

    Sea Turtle
  • Guest Speakers


    By inviting guest speakers, like Dr. Allen Barker, we have the opportunity to learn about proper techniques in sustainable agriculture such as composting.

    Guest Speakers
  • Food Preservation


    Learning how to preserve the summer's harvest is a wonderful community building activity!

    Food Preservation
  • Playing in the Garden


    Tending to the garden is hard work, but with everyone pitching in we can grow food and friendships.

    Playing in the garden
  • Echinacea


    Understanding the crucial role pollinizers play in our environment is important for sustainable food production. One of our new projects is to attract more native pollinizers to the garden.

  • Seed Starting


    By starting all of our own seedlings as well as herbs for the Student Farming Enterprise, we learn the basics of transplant propagation and greenhouse maintenance.

    Honey Bees
  • Community Building


    After a long, tiring day of working in the garden, it is important to relax, have fun, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We do this by lounging around the campfire or preparing a potluck of veggies from the garden.

    Community building

Gardenshare is also a 1 credit pass/fail course offered every semester (PLSOILIN 298G) taught for students by students.