Philosophy 100, Spring, 2009

Philosophy 100A

Introduction to Philosophy

MW 11:15
Bartlett 65
Fred Feldman
Spring, 2009


Administrative Information

Welcome to the on-line document center for Philosophy 100A, Introduction to Philosophy. Here you will find the syllabus, handouts, studyguides, scheduling information, notes and news, some of the readings, and other information for the class. We will try to keep this site up-to-date. However, we make no guarantee that all the relevant material will be here! We encourage students to check this site, but reading this material is no substitute for attending lectures and discussion sections regularly.

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Notes and News

This will be the website for Phil 100 during Spring, 2009. You are welcome to browse around in here if you like, but please keep in mind that the whole website will be reconstructed before the course begins. Be especially cautious about items concerning dates. The dates mentioned here are from some previous semester and do not apply to Spring, 2009.


  • Syllabus 100
  • Missed Quiz Policy
  • Electronic Communications Policy
  • Tutoring Policy
  • Schedule of Discussion Sections for Fall, '07
  • Bales Article for Phil 563
  • Harwood Article for Phil 563
  • Integrity Article for Phil 563
  • Sumner on Desire Theory

  • Quiz #1

  • Wednesday, October 3, 2007, 7:00pm.

  • Schedule Information for Quiz #1 Fall, 2007
  • Scores on Quiz 1, Fall, 2007
  • Final Official Study Guide for Quiz 1, Fall, 2007

    Quiz #2

  • Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 7:00pm.

  • Final, Official Study Guide for Quiz 2, Fall, 2007
  • Schedule Information for Quiz 2, Fall, 2007
  • Scores from Quiz 2, Spring, 2003

    Quiz #3

  • Wednesday, December 12, 2007, 7:00pm.

  • Final, Official Study Guide for Quiz 3, Fall, 2007
  • Schedule Information for Quiz 3, Fall, 2007

    Take Over Day

  • Take Over Day will take place on Thursday, December 20 at 10:30am in Boyden Main Gym. Each student will be permitted to take over one quiz on Take Over Day. When you come to Take Over Day, please bring a valid photo ID. Also a blue or black ballpoint pen.
  • Information on Takeover Day and Grade Calculation


    Course Introduction
  • Handout CI-1 (General Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Handout CI-2 (Arguments, Validity & Soundness)
  • Handout CI-3 (Logic #1)
  • Handout CI-4 (Logic #2)
  • Handout CI-5 (Logic #3)

    Freedom and Determinism
  • Handout FD-1 (The Problem of Freedom and Determinism)
  • Handout FD-2 (Hard Determinism)
  • Handout FD-3 (Indeterminism)
  • Handout FD-4 (Soft Determinism)
  • Handout FD-5 (Libertarianism)

    Philosophical Anthropology
  • Handout PA-1 (Fundamentals of Philosophical Anthropology)
  • Handout PA-2 (Objections to Materialism)
  • Handout PA-3 (Cartesian Dualism)
  • Handout PA-4 (Arguments Pro and Con Cartesian Dualism)

    Philosophical Theology
  • Handout PT-1 (Fundamentals of Philosophical Theology)
  • Handout PT-2 (Cosmological Arguments)
  • Handout PT-3 (The Argument from Sufficient Reason)
  • Handout PT-4 (Ontological Arguments)
  • Handout PT-5 (Design Arguments)
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