The twenty-five entry reference list included at the end of this Sabbatical Report does not begin to capture the amount of reading, referencing, and cross-referencing done during this sabbatical leave. The listing basically captures the non-digitized materials that I read. In the section that follows, I will share this list of mostly non-digitized materials as a way of honoring research and writing traditions of old. In addition to this listing, I will share with report readers samplings of the digitized materials read and annotated using Connotea, a social bookmarking software program.

Connotea . . . is an online reference management tool that creates and saves bibliographical information in correct citation formats on articles you are reading. As you read an article of other online resource, Connotea, when instructed to do so, will create and entry in your reference library. You can then add your own keywords as a way to customize how you organize and search your library. (Maloy, et. al., 2011, p.148-149)

By using reference management tools like Connotea,, Diigo, teachers are better able to retrieve and share resources found in web searches. You become part of a community of users interested in the same topics as you are. The “tag clouds” made possible with these management tools produce a “folksonomy” system of resources that is user generated rather than expert imposed.


Simulated “Tag Cloud” created from sabbatical readings