Letter to Dean

This letter to Dean Christine B. McCormick summarizes my accomplishments during my Spring 2010 Sabbatical Leave. It asks Sabbatical Report reviewers to judge the contents of this report using criteria embodied in the NETS-T standards for teachers (2008).

In my letter to the Dean I indicate that the five NETS-T standards should be used as criteria for judging the success of my sabbatical leave and I indicate that the nine ISTE elements for “emerging learning landscapes” are the elements that should be looked for in all of the materials created for use by my mathematics methodology students. These elements include:

1. Student-centered, performance focused learning;
2. Media-rich, multisensory stimulations;
3. Flexible progressions with multi-paths options to meet objectives;
4. Learner-constructed knowledge from multiple information sources and experiences;
5. Collaborative work on authentic real-world projects;
6. Student engagement in definition, design and management of projects;
7. Creative thinking for innovation and original solutions;
8. Digital literacies and communication skills; and
9. Integrated assessment and learning. (Maloy, et.al. (2011, p. 19)

My entire sabbatical efforts have been focussed on ways to “promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness” as I embrace the “transformative views of teaching and learning with digitized technologies as called for in NETS-T-1a.

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