EDUCAUSE is “a non-profit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology . . .”
With its mission to promote “ intelligent use of information technology,” it has served as a gathering place for scholars and research in affinity groups interested in pursuing intellectual topics via synchronous and asynchronous outlets. As evidence of my willingness to stay abreast of “current research and professional practices,” as called for in NETS-T-5c, I have created a document that will illustrate my foray into the technology research world by way of podcast and Educause Learning Initiatives -- ELI Web Seminars*.

*About ELI Webinars

“ELI webinars, hosted by Malcolm Brown and Veronica Diaz, feature one or more guests who are leaders in their fields with expertise in the topic at hand. The webinars are a series of hour-long, interactive, live web conferences focusing on innovations in teaching and learning that utilize technology. Made available as a service to ELI members, webinars are engaging, synchronous events in which participants can pose questions for the presenters and chat with other attendees. Participants and other members of ELI institutions have access to archived webinars to view at their convenience. Only ELI members can participate in a live webinar and access the archive anytime 6 months from the webinar date, after which point ELI webinar recordings become publicly available.” Retrieved from on June 25, 2010.

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