Syllabus for Online Course

This syllabus is under construction and is for a proposed revamping of a section of EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics. This artifact was chosen as evidence of my ability to design and adapt authentic learning experiences that exploit the use of Web 2.0 technologies.
EDUC 463 -- Principles and Methods of Teaching Elementary School Mathematics is designed for education minors seeking careers in education but not necessarily teaching. This course in now taught as a hybrid course with some lessons face-to-face and some web-based and virtual. This syllabus is being proposed for the online version of the course that will be taught in “Summers Only” so as not to compete with the hybrid sections that are taught in the Fall and Spring Semesters. The Course Description gives students a sense of the scope of the course. The Conceptual Framework gives students a sense of how this course fits into the framework of the NCATE approved curriculum of the Teacher Education Programs in the School of Education. The Course Objectives reflect the Standards of the following national organizations: NCATE, NCTM and ISTE, while being linked to MA DOE Framework for Preparing Elementary and Early Childhood Teachers. The Readings are appropriate for the study of the Pre-K - 6 school mathematics curriculum. The Policies the govern the course are in keeping with the policies set forth by the University. The Assignments/Assessments reflect a belief in a social constructivist philosophy of mathematics knowledge acquisition.

This artifact embodies the spirit and the letter of NETS-T-2a.