IIF Proposal

The Innovative Instructional Fellowship (IIF) Program (2010-11) is a proposal to convert a face-to-face methodology course to an online course under the auspices of UMASS ONLINE.

The Innovative Instruction Fellowship (IIF) Program (2010-11) Proposal that I prepared was accepted on March 15, 2010. A brief description of my proposal is as follows:

Emerging Web 2.0 technologies and the promise that these media hold for “distributed learning” (Dede, 1996), will be introduced into the Principles and Methods for Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (Educ 463) course that I currently teach to elementary education minors. By using Web 2.0 technologies and by capitalizing on the concept of “knowledge webs” (Dede, 1999), students in this course will have distributed access to experts, archival resources, authentic environments, and shared investigations while extending and deepening their current mathematical content knowledge and while deepening their understanding of the mathematics they have to teach in early childhood and/or elementary learning environments.

The IFF Proposal was selected to demonstrate my desire to be part of a technology leadership team developing a School’s vision for how to infuse technology into the undergraduate and graduate curriculum. interested in exploring creative technology infusions into teaching and it is a testimony to my willingness to continue to develop professionally even as I enter the thirty-ninth year as a mathematics methodology specialist. This document speaks directly to the NETS-T-5b which calls for teachers to participate in shared decision making and community building while developing leadership and technology skill of others.

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