Academic Skills for Online Learning

Critical thinking and persuasive writing are but two of the Academic Skills needed for success in “distributed-learning” communities using online learning tools. The others skills that must be mastery are detailed in this artifact.
To be successful in collaborative computer-mediated distributed-learning environments students must be able to feel confident in their written and oral communication skills. They must be critical thinkers with thoughts to contribute. They must be persuasive writers with something to convey. They must be careful citation recorders to avoid plagiarizing others. They must be willing feedback givers and takers to product “good works.” They must be seasoned proofreaders to produce “best works.” Click on any of the links above to see how particular skills sets can be practiced in on online course. Gaining mastery of these skills will promote “student reflection” and “clarify students’ conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes” as called for in NETS-T-1c.