Course Navigation Guide

This Navigation Guide was prepared to give students encapsulated information about the computer and Internet requirements, the computer skills, time management, academic skills, and Web 2.0 tools that will be needed for successful completion of an online course.
In this Navigation Guide, students find an Introduction that gives them an Overview of the skills and conditions that will be needed for success in an online course. Module 1 covers computer and internet access information. Module 2 will cover basic computer skills needed in the course. Module 3 gives students a realistic view of the time needed for online learning and tips for time management. Module 4 addresses academic skills employed in this course. Module 5 highlights the Web 2.0 tools that will be used in the course. This Guide is provided as rationale for NETS-T-3c because it demonstrates my ability to “communicate relevant ideas” about the course to students and others interested in its content and it demonstrates my ability to use a variety of digital-age media and formats to deliver the content of this course to pre-service teachers.