ILF Membership & Guide

The Inquiry Learning Forum (ILF) created at Indiana University for mathematics and science teachers is an example of a global learning community that explores creative applications of technology to improve student learning in STEM disciplines.
The Inquiry Learning Forum at Indiana University is an exampple of a “distributed-learning community” that Chris Dede believes hold the most promise for meeting the challenge of preparing the “critical mass of skilled teachers essential to achieve major improvements in student learning outcomes, the organizational redesign of schools, and other innovations crucial to education for the 21st century. This web-based forum “contains many support for professional development via distance learning, from video case studies to virtual communities-of-practice. I offer as evidence of my compliance with NETS-T-5a, an e-mail indicating my membership in this Forum . In addition, am sharing the ILF Guide which indicates the work of the Forum to improve student learning through creative applications of technology.

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