IIF Invitation

The IIF (Innovative Instructional Fellowship) invitation to submit proposal to develop individual courses or programs (e.g. master’s certificates or C.A.G.S.) that would be offered in online or blended formats in collaboration with Continuing and Professional Education was extended to all full- and part-time faculty in the School of Education by Linda Griffin, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

With the laudable goals of:

  • Providing support to School of Education faculty to design, develop and teach high-quality online or blended courses.
  • Expanding the capacity of the School of Education to offer high-quality, rigorous courses and programs using innovative delivery methods. (These offerings should be sustainable, e.g. designed to be offered on an ongoing basis, not a one off.)
  • Providing the School of Education with increased ability to enhance revenue through high quality innovative mission-driven course and program offerings.
  • Extending the reach of School of Education offerings

The Associate Dean of the School of Education extended an invitation to all full- and part-time faculty to develop online or blended course which would help accomplish these goals. This invitation, if accepted by colleagues, is intended to provide numerous opportunities for faculty to model collaborative knowledge construction for their students while using the promise of technology-mediated teaching and learning devices. This invitation is, therefore, evidence of my desire to adhere to NETS-T-1d standard.

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